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Electrochemical Detection of p53 Protein Interactions with Plasmid DNAs Modified with Cisplatin Using Immunoprecipitation at Magnetic Microbeads
Pivoňková, Hana ; Tichý, Vlastimil ; Orság, Petr ; Šebest, Peter ; Fojta, Miroslav
Antineoplastic drug [cis-diamminedichloroplatinum(II)] (cisplatin) forms covalent adducts with DNA. Cisplatin-modified DNA can be determined sensitively using square-wave voltammetry at mercury electrodes. Tumor suppressor protein p53 binds to DNA in different modes, including sequence-and structure-specific ones and these interactions are influenced by modification of the DNA with cisplatin. In this contribution we present a simple immunoprecipitation technique with magnetic beads, followed by voltammetric determination of recovered cisplatinated DNA, for the evaluation of p53 protein binding to DNAs containing various target sites differing in their proneness to being internally modified with the platinum complex.
Adámik, Matěj ; Holanová, L. ; Navrátilová, Lucie ; Nygrinova, J. ; Pokorova, J. ; Petr, Marek ; Tichý, Vlastimil ; Brázdová, Marie
DNA-protein interactions of core domains of p53, p63 and p73, members of tumor suppressor p53 family, were investigated by multiple methods with regard to verifying the sequence specificity with which short target oligonucleotides/long DNA fragments can be recognized. The sequence specificity of core domains and wtp53 full protein binding to specific sequence in both types of DNA substrates was confirmed in solution, on surface and in gels by ELISA, slot-blot and EMSA.
Marketing Plan of the HR Information System Kompas2
Gultová, Pavla ; Tichý, Vlastimil (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
The diploma thesis focuses on creation of the marketing plan for the HR information system Kompas2 that is produced and distributed by PC HELP, a.s. The theoretical part also deals with mapping of modern marketing trends. When designing marketing activities, great attention is paid to Internet marketing, with an emphasis on content marketing.
The characterization of adenosine signal pathway in \kur{Drosophila} imaginal disc cells
TICHÝ, Vlastimil
The aim of this work was to characterise the influence of adenosine on imaginal disc cell line Cl8+ of Drosophila. I prepared stable cell lines with the overexpression or RNA interference of genes coding adenosine receptor AdoR (CG9753) and adenosine transporter DmENT2 (CG11045) in D. melanogaster. These cell lines were subsequently used to test their response to extracellular adenosine signal by the measurement of cell viability and level of second messengers cAMP and Ca2+ in Cl8+ cells.

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