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Multicomponent plasma polymers with spatially controlled properties
Pleskunov, Pavel ; Shukurov, Andrey (advisor) ; Čech, Vladimír (referee) ; Tichý, Milan (referee)
Title: Multicomponent plasma polymers with spatially controlled properties Author: MSc. Pavel Pleskunov Department / Institute: Department of Macromolecular Physics/Charles University Supervisor of the doctoral thesis: Prof. Ing. Andrey Shukurov, PhD, Department of Macromolecular Physics / Charles University Abstract: Mixing of two (or more) polymers often leads to phase separation and to the formation of nanoscale architecture, which can be highly attractive in various applications including controllable drug delivery, fabrication of separation and solid electrolyte membranes, gas storage, etc. Different wet-chemistry techniques already exist to produce nanophase-separated polymers; however, capturing the resultant polymeric structure in a predictable manner remains a challenging task. In this thesis, a low-temperature plasma-based strategy is investigated for the production of multicomponent thin films of plasma polymers with spatially discriminated nanoscale domains. Gas aggregation cluster source is used for the fabrication of nanoparticles of plasma polymerized acrylic acid, whereas Plasma-Assisted Vapor Phase Deposition is used for the deposition of thin films of poly(ethylene oxide) plasma polymer. Embedding of nanoparticles into matrices of thermodynamically incompatible plasma polymer as well as...
Zpracování ocelových plechů pomocí počítačem řízených strojů
Tichý, Michal
This bachelor thesis is focused on computer-controlled machines, which process steel sheets of tin while using the method of forming. The thesis is divided into three sections. The first section summarizes the production process of steel sheets focusing on different types of steel. Next section deals with the description of forming machines which form the steel sheets. The primary point of this section is to describe the machines that produce mouldings and burnouts. Third section deals with the temporary anticorrosive protection during the process of stocking and transportation of finished goods.
Analýza provozních a ekonomických ukazatelů pásové sušárny zemědělských komodit
Tichý, Michal
The thesis is focused on an analysis of operational and the economic indicators of belt dryer for agricultural commodities and factors which influence these indicators. In company Agros Haná s.r.o. had measured three consecutive dryings of corn for gains on a dryer line (years 2016, 2017, 2018). On the basis of the measured values were established the energy consuptions and the operating costs of a dryer for each of the years. In additional, the individual factors influencing the amount of drying costs were analysed. The humidity of the corn during harvest proved to be one of the main factors, the temperature of drying dependant on the ambient air temperature was determined to be another decisive factor.
Small Modular Reactors
Tichý, Marek ; Chýlek, Radomír (referee) ; Milčák, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelors thesis is focused on nuclear energy. It describes the generations of nuclear reactors and their representatives. The main goal of this work are small modular reactors which are discussed in more detail. This thesis describes types of reactors, their descriptions and also their use cases.
Business Plan
Koblerová, Eliška ; Tichý, Marek (referee) ; Veselý, Josef (advisor)
The topic of the diploma thesis is „Business plan“. Thesis is divided into three main chapters. First chapter includes theory. In the second chapter a full analysis is processed. Third and the last chapter is focused on suggestions for improvement, which are based on outputs from the previous two chapters. In case of this thesis, the suggestion is business plan for starting beauty salon.
DotVVM to Accelerated Mobile Pages Transpiler
Tichý, Michal ; Polčák, Libor (referee) ; Pluskal, Jan (advisor)
This thesis proposes an extension to the DotVVM web framework that adds support for conversion of DotVVM pages into AMP pages. This thesis describes the current status and inner workings of DotVVM and AMP. The thesis contains an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of both technologies. Second part of this thesis describes implementation of DotVVM.AMP. Final part of this thesis shows integration of DotVVM.AMP into an existing DotVVM application.
New mass spectrometric methods for trace gas analysis of human breath.
Brůhová Michalčíková, Regina ; Španěl, Patrik (advisor) ; Polášek, Miroslav (referee) ; Tichý, Milan (referee)
This dissertation thesis summarizes results of experiments that have been carried out during my PhD studies related to the new mass spectrometric methods for trace gas analysis of human breath. The thesis is divided into the theoretical and experimental part. The chapter at the beginning of this dissertation summarizes the current research in the area of breath analysis. It is describing the common breath metabolites, benefits and challenges of the method for therapeutic monitoring and clinical diagnosis and current applications. The next chapter of the theoretical introduction describes the techniques suitable for this area of research, with a special emphasis on mass-spectrometric techniques (in particular the selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry, SIFT-MS, method that allows accurate quantification of trace gases and vapours in humid air/human breath). All these parts are elaborated via the scientific literature review. The following chapters are then directly related to my own research and describes the conducted experiment, including the results obtained. This experimental part "Results and Discussion" is divided to the individual subsections, which are conceived as the commentaries to the enclosed research papers published in peer reviewed journals. The first is the detailed step by step...
Plazmové opracování porézních povrchů
Vaidulych, Mykhailo ; Hanuš, Jan (advisor) ; Pavlík, Jaroslav (referee) ; Tichý, Milan (referee)
Title: Plasma treatment of porous structures Author: Mykhailo Vaidulych Department / Institute: Department of Macromolecular Physics Supervisor of the doctoral thesis: Prof. Assist. Jan Hanuš, Ph.D., Department of Macromolecular Physics Abstract: The thesis is focused on the implementation of low-temperature plasma for the modification of porous materials. Two main strategies are involved: functionalization through the deposition of functional nanocomposite coatings and low-pressure plasma etching. In the first case, a gas-phase step-by-step deposition process based on the combination of deposition of nanoparticles and thin films was developed to obtain super-wettable nanocomposite coatings on filtration membranes. It was shown that the deposition parameters of thin films and particles of plasma polymer can tune the wetting characteristic of the membranes whereas embedding copper nanoparticles endows them with antibacterial properties. As a result, highly efficient superhydrophobic/superoleophilic and smart superamphiphilic membranes were successfully fabricated for oil/water separation. Plasma processing in the atmosphere of argon, oxygen or nitrogen was utilized to modify hard metal/polymer nanocomposites (Ag/a-C:H) with potential to be used as functional coatings for bone implants. An anisotropic etching...
Probe methods for diagnostics of plasmatic systems for deposition of thin films
Zanáška, Michal ; Tichý, Milan (advisor) ; Dvořák, Pavel (referee) ; Straňák, Vítězslav (referee)
The doctoral thesis deals with an experimental study of several diagnostic techniques intended for plasma diagnostics and diagnostics of thin films during reactive sputter deposition. A relatively novel probe diagnostic technique called Floating harmonic probe for measurement of the ion density and electron tem- perature in technological low-temperature plasma is studied. A Langmuir probe is commonly used, however, its application in conditions where non-conducting films are being deposited can be problematic or unreliable. The floating harmonic probe measurement technique deals with this inherent problem of the Langmuir probe. The Floating harmonic probe results are compared to those obtained by a classical Langmuir probe in non-reactive DC continuously driven discharge, and its applicability in reactive regime during deposition of iron oxide thin films is proved. The work deals also with a modification of the Floating harmonic probe called Phase Delay Harmonic Analysis Method which is intended for diagnostics of pulsed driven discharges. The second part of the thesis is devoted to a new proposed method for in-situ diagnostics of thin films. This method monitors the capacitance and resistance of a thin film during deposition up to the frequencies in the kHz range. This new method could be used for...

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