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Securing special-purpose loans with a focus on the security transfer of ownership to movables and the right of lien
Fialová, Alexandra ; Dvořák, Jan (advisor) ; Thöndel, Alexandr (referee)
Securing special-purpose Loans with a focus on the security transfer of ownership to movables and the right of lien Abstract This thesis deals with securing claims from special purpose loans in the form of a security transfer of ownership of movable property and in the form of a lien, while the mail attention is paid to the security transfer of ownership. The introduction is devoted to the general characteristics of a special purpose loan and the means of securing it. The special arrangement for securing claims from consumer loans is also emphasized. The main part of the thesis deals with the analysis of the security transfer of ownership according to the regulation valid in the Czech Republic, including the historical development to the current legal regulation according to the Act No. 89/2012 Coll., The Civil Code. A special chapter deals with the issue of recovery of claims secured by a security transfer of ownership in insolvency proceedings. Attention is also paid to the tax context in relation to this security instrument, focusing on income tax and value added tax. The thesis also contains a comparison of the Czech legislation on the security transfer of ownership with the legislation applicable to the Slovak Republic and Germany. Within these comparative chapters, the main differences of the compared...
Modification of community property and third parties rights protection
Jiroutová, Michaela ; Dvořák, Jan (advisor) ; Thöndel, Alexandr (referee)
Modification of community property and third parties rights protection Abstract Community property is one of the fundamental elements of matrimonial law. Currently, the issue of protecting the rights of third parties in connection with the modification of the joint property of spouses, is still growing. That is why I have chosen the issue of modification of the community property and third parties rights protection as a topic of my thesis. The aim of this thesis is to thoroughly analyze and explain the institute of modification of community property, especially with regard to the protection of the rights of third parties. This thesis is divided into eleven chapters. Chapter One defines a concept of joint property by determining its content and listing the ways in which the joint property can be adjusted - legal regime, contractual regime and regime based on court decision. In the following Second chapter, I focus on historical development of the matrimonial property law. The Third chapter refers to the current Czech legislation of joint property of spouses, which is incorporated in the civil code. The mentioned chapter is dividend into several subchapters and mainly describes assets and liabilities, which belong to the community property by law. The Fourth chapter deals with the modification of the joint...
Incomplete adoption and its legal consequences
Vampolová, Gabriela ; Frinta, Ondřej (advisor) ; Thöndel, Alexandr (referee)
Incomplete adoption and its legal consequences Abstract This diploma thesis focus on the analysis of Czech legislation of incomplete adoption and its legal consequences. Incomplete adoption in Czech legislation is understood as a adoption of full age person. This legal institut was adjusted in the Czech legal system until 1950, then it disappeared from the Czech legal adjustment and was re-introduced with approval of Act No. 89/2012 coll., The Civil Code. Contemporary legislation distinguishes between two types of a full age adoption, namely adoption, which is similar to the adoption of a under age person, and adoption, which is not similar to the adoption of a under age person.The distinction between these two types of a full age adoption, in contrast to the distinction between complete and incomplete adoption, is evident from the legal adjustment in The Civil Code, where each of the mentioned types of full age adoption is adjusted in a separate legal provision. The first part of the work deals with the single concept of adoption, its development and possible ways of division, most of which in this part of the work focus on the division of adoption into complete and incomplete. What can be considered as incomplete adoption in the Czech legislation has already been stated, it is therefore necessary to state...
Cancellation and settlement of co-ownership and pre-emptive right of co-owners
Vacek, Aleš ; Thöndel, Alexandr (advisor) ; Frinta, Ondřej (referee)
Cancellation and Settlement of Co-ownership and Pre-emptive Right of Co-owners Abstract The thesis is focused on the cancellation and settlement of co-ownership and pre- emptive right of co-owners. The goal of the thesis is to analyse the situations when one of the co-owners decides to leave the co-ownership. For it there is an institute of the cancellation and settlement of co-ownership or a transfer of co-ownership share in which the co-owner can be limited by pre-emptive right of the other co-owners. The result of the analysis is also a valorisation of imperfections of legislation and a proposal of their solutions. The thesis consists of introduction, five parts and conclusion. It draws information from legal regulations, legal literature, case law and other. After short introduction, the second part of the thesis deals with historical development of co-ownership with a view to the development basic phases. This part ends with the principles of recodification of private law in section of co-ownership. These principles were the way-outs for current legislation. The next part of the thesis deals with general characteristics of co-ownership and its selected basic elements such as subjects and an object of co-ownership. The co- ownership share is also mentioned there. The fourth part and the fifth part of...
Inheritance contract and donation mortis causa as a manifestation of autonomy of will of testator (donor)
Urbanová, Tereza ; Dvořák, Jan (advisor) ; Thöndel, Alexandr (referee)
Inheritance contract and donation mortis causa as a manifestation of autonomy of will of testator (donor) Abstract This rigorous thesis is focused on two institutes, namely the inheritance contract and donation mortis causa from the perspective of a testator's or donor's will. Autonomy of will of a testator is one of the main principles of Czech private law. Goal of this thesis is to found out where there are restrictions for the testator (donor) and if there is enough possibility to fulfil free will in these instruments. Thesis follow the research of possibility to choose contractual party, limitation of the asset that can be included and limitation of disposal with the asset after conclusion of the contract. The aim of this work is to determine whether the current legislation enshrining the contract of inheritance and donation in case of death provides the testator (donor) with sufficient legal certainty, especially with regard to the fact that the legal effects of these legal acts are linked to the death of the testator (donor). This thesis provides introduction to the autonomy of will principle. Further chapters are focused on explanation of notions stated above. Firstly, inheritance contract and -subsequently donation mortis causa. Because of the fact that institutes state above are old-new institutes...
Unilateral set-off
Veselý, Martin ; Thöndel, Alexandr (referee)
The subject of the diploma thesis is the legal institute of one-sided credit and comparison of its adjustment from several levels; comparison of legislation in the Civil and Commercial Code, comparison with the Czech version, which in 2012, after the recodification of private law, underwent a fundamental change, thus deviating from the modification until then identical with the Slovak Republic and last but not least with the proposal of a common frame of reference as a unifying platforms for the convergence of the private law adjustments of individual Member States of the European Union. The aim of this work is not only to describe the differences in the legislative approach to adapt this institute across the above mentioned levels, a description of the evolution of this legal regulation, but also the definition of lege de ferenda. The work points to the need for a change in the adaptation of this institute; in particular, the need for a clear definition of the conditions for offsetting the outstanding claim, including the moment of its effect. Only in this way will the legal regulation more converge with the requirements of unifying the platform of the common frame of reference, thus eliminating current interpretative discrepancies or imperfections in the case law. In the lege de ferenda...
Common property of spouses and entrepreneuship
Pavlorková, Darja ; Thöndel, Alexandr (referee)
Common property of spouses and entrepreneurship Abstract Presented diploma thesis on common property of spouses and entrepreneurship aims to provide a comprehensive overview of current national legislation of common property of spouses with a particular focus on entrepreneurship issues with subsequent evaluation of legal regulations, criticism of identified legal defects and proposing solutions. Sufficient space of a diploma thesis is also devoted to de lege ferenda considerations in connection with the comparison of national law with the legal regulation of matrimonial property law in the Federal Republic of Germany. The legal regulation of the institute common property of spouses in the Civil Code does not give answers to all questions arising, therefore, the case law of the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic is widely used in the thesis. In the text of this diploma thesis are proposed legislative changes which it would be appropriate to think about in the future. Case-law of the courts of the Federal Republic of Germany and the case-law of the European Court of Justice is also not omitted. To achieve the proposed goals is the text of the submitted diploma thesis next to the introduction and conclusion structured into seven chapters. First of all attention is focused on the historical development of...
Prerequisites for damage compensation liability
Kudláček, Michael ; Šustek, Petr (advisor) ; Thöndel, Alexandr (referee)
This rigorous thesis deals with the delict law sector which concerns prerequisites under which the infringer has the obligation to compensate the damage to the aggrieved. The damage must occur under the causal relation with the illegal act of the infringer which must usually be also based on fault. Main chapters copy these basic prerequisites of this thesis. The basis of this content can be found in the civil code. As wrongful is regarded such act that contradicts the law and order norms. In the civil code context it applies mainly to the breach of good manners, absolute right infringement, protective rules violation, as well as breach of contract. The mutual relation between act and consequence must be connected with a causal link. This prerequisite splits into two relatively independent parts, thus factual (causality) and legal (imputability). Causality stems from natural patterns of existence and tries to describe them. The condition theory (conditio sine qua non) is dominant here and according to it, causal connection is present between a particular act and consequence when the consequence would not have arisen but for the act. Imputability deals with a concrete case by the method of justice and political consideration. The means which help to find out imputability, are the adequacy theory and...
Damage caused by a defective product - Analysis of the European union regulation in the light of its Czech and French transposition
Mocek, Ondřej ; Thöndel, Alexandr (referee)
This diploma thesis quite thoroughly deals with - at present a very topical - theme "liability for damage caused by a defective product"; thus, with an obligation to compensate for the damage caused by the defective product to its user (or third party), generally imposed on the person who is designated as the "producer" of the product, originally based on the Council Directive of 25 July 1985 on the approximation of the laws, regulations and administrative provisions of the Member States concerning liability for defective products (85/374/EEC) (hereinafter 'Directive 85/374/EEC'). However, this work is not limited only to the (thorough) description of the currently valid and effective Czech implementing legislation. The thesis also compares the Czech legislation with the French implementing regulation, which is of a significantly higher legislative quality and much more faithful to its Union model. In fact, it was specifically France which shaped the final form of this responsibility regime, since it was the French transposition, and the French decision-making (judicial) practice, which was most often the subject of the Court of Justice's, as it ruled on the interpretation of the individual provisions and principles in the text of the previously mentioned directive contained. Nevertheless, France,...
Statutory inheritance
Rutar, Radka ; Thöndel, Alexandr (referee)
Statutory inheritance Abstract This thesis discusses the legal regulation of inheritance law with emphasis on the institute of statutory inheritance, from the point of view not only of Czech law but also in comparison of the individual legal institutes with their foreign regulation. The aim of this thesis is to answer the question whether the current Czech legislation can provide a prudent, safe and predictable framework for the valid adjustments of property relations of the decedent and the participants of the inheritance proceedings after the death of the decedent The submitted thesis is structurally divided into three larger parts which further separate into a total of fifteen chapters. The first part of the thesis briefly discusses the gradual historical evolution of inheritance law and its codification on the territory of Czech lands and of historically related countries. The first part also includes the introduction of the purpose of inheritance law and its controlling principles, formulated at the beginning of the 20th century by the outstanding Czech lawyer Prof. Emanuel Tilsch. The individual institutes such as statutory classes of heirs, forced heirship or escheat are logically organised and described in detail from a historically-comparative perspective as well as from the perspective of foreign...

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