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Using of verbal assessment by primary school teachers after distance learning
Tesařová, Martina ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Kadrnožková, Monika (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the use of verbal assessment by primary school teachers before and after distance learning. It is primarily focused on finding out whether and how distance learning has influenced the use of verbal assessment by primary school teachers. The theoretical part of the thesis is concerned with an explanation of the basic terms of the topic, in particular: evaluation, school evaluation, school evaluation in the context of legal standards, verbal evaluation, materials for verbal evaluation, legislation of the verbal evaluation, distance learning, recommendations for distance learning and reference for assessment during distance learning. In the practical part, an analysis of three research studies, which were carried out using the methods of two consecutive questionnaire surveys, was implemented. One questionnaire survey was carried out in 2020 and the other in 2023. In addition, interview methods were used with teachers of the primary school first grade. The surveys were aimed at obtaining the necessary data to analyse the use of verbal assessment by first-grade teachers before and after distance learning. The aim of this diploma thesis has been to find out whether and how distance learning has influenced the use of verbal assessment by primary school teachers in teaching....
Physikal Therapy for Vertebrogenic Pain Syndrome
Müllerová, Vladimíra ; Šlapáková, Kateřina (advisor) ; Tesařová, Martina (referee)
This thesis is focused on problems connected with vertebrogenic syndromes. General part consists of these subparts: diagnosis, occurrence, etiology, anatomy, pathogenesis and clinical manifestation of the disease, processes of diagnostic and therapy. Special part comprises these subparts: comprehensive medical rehabilitation, kinesiotherapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychological and social aspects of disease. Final part of the thesis deals with case study
Work motivation of dental hygienists
Dobrá, Eva ; Tesařová, Martina (advisor) ; Tichá, Michaela (referee)
This work is focused on the fluctuating motivation of dental hygienists. The goal of this work is to find the causes which lead to these dental hygienists to leave this career path, their motivation and demotivation inside their workplace. The theoretical part begins with defining the dental hygienist and describes her work routine and duties. Following part will be devoted to the fluctuation and turnover rate in the workforce, the causes and consequences related to it. The third section of the theoretical part will concentrate on motivation; motivation as a concept, personal fulfilment and financial compensation as a motivation. The empirical part analyzes the motivation of the participating sample group used for this study. Qualitative research methods were used; semi-structured interviews were conducted and then analyzed. The practical output is a description of the motivators and dissatisfactions of the selected test group of dental hygienists. With the help of the interviews, the conclusion to the motivations was reached and recommendations were assembled for dentists, managers and business owners of establishments which use the services of dental hygienists. Key words: dental hygienist, motivation, turnover, job satisfaction.
Ankylosing Spondylitis and its Treatment Options in Terms of Physiotherapy
Dobrovolská, Zuzana ; Šlapáková, Kateřina (advisor) ; Tesařová, Martina (referee)
My bachelor thesis is focused on the disease called Bekhterev's disease, also known as ankylosing spondylitis. In the introduction to this thesis, I focused on my motivation and objective of this work, why I decided to write about this topic. I also mentioned the origin of this disease, its history and it's mechanism of occurence . In the practical part, I focused on the anatomical description of the human body, especially the back muscles, spine and root joints. There are even a detailed examination and diagnosis of the disease. I wanted to point out how the disease is incurable, how it occurs and whether the problems that entails can at least be partially be alleviated. I wanted to especially point out the methods of physical therapy which can be used to reduce progression of bekhterev's disease, teach affected people to live with this disease and be able to fit into the activities of daily life and ultimately find a job that is suitable for patients. I also wanted to compare two completely different stages of the disease: the patients with the fifth degree of disability with permanent movement restriction, and patients who have first degree of disability, which causes far more problems and of course, their individual approach to the disability and mental condition, both of which are very different. I...
Managing the leadership change and related activities during work with long-term clients on a helpline for elderly people in crisis
Borecká, Jana ; Holmerová, Iva (advisor) ; Tesařová, Martina (referee)
BORECKÁ, Jana. Managing the leadership change and related activities during work with long-term clients on a helpline for elderly people in crisis. Prague, 2010. Thesis. Charles University of Prague. Faculty of humanities. Department of management and supervision in social and health organisations. The supervisor: Prim. MUDr. Iva Holmerová, PhD. Key words: helpline, intervention into crisis, elderly people, changes in old age, mothodics of work with seniors on the help line, managing the change, permanent clients, ethics, teamwork, supervision, case study. The thesis concentrates on managing the leadership change dutiny work with long-term clients on a helpline for elderly people in crisis. The first part represents important theoretical base for understanding the second, practical part. The first part is engaged in specification of professional help on a help line - main principals of intervention into crisis that social worker must follow. It also considers problems of old age and the changes that come during this stage of lifetime. First part also introduces permanent clients as a specific group that needs the helpline for an assistance and brings special ethical questions not only for workers who have direkt contact with clients, but also for their superiors. The second part brings reader to...
Vliv zahřívání vajec během dlouhodobého skladování na líhnivost kuřat masného typu
Tesařová, Martina
Longtime storage of fertilized eggs have negative effect on hatchability, length of hatching and quality of one day old chikens. Preincubation of fertilized eggs during storage is way to eliminate its negative effect. During preincubation the stage of embryonic development was shifted. The goal of this thesis is to determinate, if the repeated preincubations of fertilized eggs during storage time period of 2x4 and 2x8 hours (35° C) can help to increase hatchery of fertilized eggs during storaged at temperature of 15° C. During the experiment was used 14 400 fertilized egs of ROSS 308 hybrid, which was splitted into three parts sorted by age of paranting flock, 30, 46 and 58 weeks. On the seventh day of incubation the egg was lighted through to derminate if it is early embryonic mortality or unfertilized eggs. At the ond of hatching (21st Day) were the nonhatched eggs tested for early embryonic mortality. Statistically conclusive positive effect of preincubation (P < 0,05) was reached at parenting age of 30 weeks. Statistically nonconclusive effect of preincubation (P > 0,05) was reached at parenting age of 45 weeks. Statistically conclusive negative effect of preincubation (P < 0,05) was reached at parenting age of 58 weeks. During the dermination of embryonic development depending on the parenting age of the flock was used 900 eggs, 60 for every group. After laying the eggs every group was at the same stage of embryonic development at stage X (79,3 %). Most of the other (20,7%) at stage XI. Fertilized eggs from parrent flock at ages 45 and 58 weeks were because of the repeated preincubation shifted to stage XIV, 2, 3 and 4 due to longer time expousure of egg to biological minimum temperature.
Leveraging conversational map in terms of diabetes education
The purpose of the thesis is to describe usage of Conversational maps in educational process with diabetic patients. Furthermore, the thesis compares standard education and usage of Conversational maps in education in terms of effect in cognitive, psychomotor and effective area. Theoretical part of the thesis describes diabetes mellitus and its distinction. World epidemiologic data and statistics in Czech Republic are described. Education and education using Conversational maps is outlined. Communication between nurse and diabetic patient is another topic the thesis focuses on as well as on theory of taking care of diabetic patients and education of the nurses in this field of medicine. For research qualitative approach was used. Data were collected by interview with nurses and patients. Action research was used to implement group and individual education for patients with diabetes mellitus. Information from the interview were collected on piece of paper with "paper - pencil" method. Transcribed texts were subdued to segmentation, coding and categorization. Categories were made based on similitude of relationships between codes. First group of respondents included five patients and five nurses, both from a diabetic consulting room. Second group of respondents consisted of five nurses from a diabetic consulting room. Action research was used for education of the nurses. Education was provided to groups or individuals, for patients from diabetic clinic and for those who shown interest in it. Concrete aims were taken in consideration of every education plan. The research took place from December 2018 to March 2019. The aim of the thesis is to introduce the problematic of education using Conversational maps and to distinguish between this method and regular methods that are usually used. Health care workers meet diabetic patients every day. Therefore, we wish to make the education more efficient moreover to compere effect in cognitive, psychomotor and effective area. Based on implemented research it can be said that most patients find the usage of Conversational maps in education helpful, understandable and easy to remember. Me as an author of this thesis and interviewed nurses share the same opinion. Most patients in our research were educated in the problematic of diabetes mellitus. Having said that, they still expressed interest in Conversational maps to deepen their knowledge. It would be beneficial to get better access to Conversational maps to provide better education. To make progress in this area we made educational plans which consist of steps and action research that can be used in education. Distinct differences in this area would be made with higher number of educational nurses which would be using this method. The results of this thesis can be used for education´s improvement.
Conditional discontinuance of criminal prosecution as a form of diversion of criminal proceedings
Tesařová, Martina ; Gřivna, Tomáš (advisor) ; Krupička, Jiří (referee)
The object hereof is the analysis of diversions in the Czech Criminal Law with a focus on conditional cessation of prosecution, which represents the most significant facultative alternative to the standard trial. The idea of procedural alternatives to traditional criminal procedure has become relevant in Czech legal system especially after 1989, when the ideas of restorative justice have begun to resonate also with the general public along with it new ways of decisions in criminal proceedings. Given that criminal policy is mainly controlled by the principles of restorative and retributive justice, it was necessary, in the introduction of this thesis, these two social movements define and analyse. In this sense was crucial to define the concept of diversion sufficiently, because is not legally handled, even defined. Using the deductive method was then possible to proceed to individual types of diversions and then to focus on the institute of conditional discontinuance of criminal proceeding. For the purpose of comprehensive view of possible alternative procedures, the part of thesis was devoted to juvenile offenders, where special institutes and principles are applied. The final part is devoted to the analysis of the Austrian legislation diversions that might represent an inspiring source of...
Současná situace chovu fretek v České republice
Tesařová, Martina
This thesis on the topic: Current situation of breeding ferrets in the Czech Republic contains a summary of breeding ferrets. I describe the history, use, biology, nutrition, reproduction and breeding ferrets, including breeding farm. Special focus on nutrition ferrets, mainly due to the ever increasing interest in ferrets and very frequent errors in their diet, which makes large amounts of breeders think it is consistent with nutrition cats.

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