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English optative sentences as translation counterparts of Czech sentences introduced by kéž
Tesař, Jan ; Malá, Markéta (advisor) ; Jančovičová, Ivana (referee)
The thesis explores the syntactic means used in English to express a wish. While in Czech the optative sentences constitute a special sentence type, in English various constructions can be used to perform the same function. A contrastive approach is therefore used to identify the types of English optative sentences. The particle kéž introducing Czech optative sentences is used as a marker of the optative function. English optative sentences are identified in English original texts as counterparts of Czech translations comprising the particle kéž. The material is drawn from the English-Czech fiction sub-corpus of the parallel translation corpus InterCorp. One hundred English optative sentences are analysed with respect to the syntactic structure of the sentence (simple vs. complex) and the form of the verb (mood). The formal features are correlated with the choice of the addressee, time reference and realizability of the wish. The English optative sentences comprise, apart from the most frequent type introduced by I wish, a range of constructions, including 'minor' irregular sentences, which are described in more detail in the analytical part of the thesis. KEYWORDS optative sentences, particle kéž, translation counterparts, parallel corpus, English, Czech
Fabrication and characterization of atomically thin layers
Tesař, Jan ; Kunc, Jan (referee) ; Procházka, Pavel (advisor)
Tato práce se zabývá oblastí dvourozměrných materiálů, jejich přípravou a analýzou. Pravděpodobně nejznámějším zástupcem dvourozměrných materiálů je grafen. Tento 2D allotrop uhlíku, někdy nazývaný „otec 2D materiálů“, v sobě spojuje neobyčejnou kombinaci elektrických, tepelných a mechanických vlastností. Grafen získal mnoho pozornosti a byl také připraven mnoha metodami. Jedna z těchto metod však stále vyniká nad ostatními kvalitou produkovaného grafenu. Mechanická exfoliace je ve srovnání s jinými technikami velmi jednoduchá, takto připravený grafen je však nejkvalitnější. Práce je také zaměřena na optimalizaci procesu tvorby heterostruktur složených z vrstev grafenu a hBN. Dle prezentovaného postupu bylo připraveno několik van der Waalsových heterostruktur, které byly analyzovány Ramanovskou spektroskopií, mikroskopií atomových sil a nízkoenergiovou elektronovou mikroskopií. Měření pohyblivosti nosičů náboje bylo provedeno v GFET uspořádání. Získané hodnoty pohyblivosti prokázaly vynikající transportní vlastnosti exfoliovaného grafenu v porovnání s grafenem připraveným jinými metodami. V práci popsaný proces přípravy je tedy vhodný pro výrobu kvalitních heterostruktur.
Graphene transfer methods for high quality graphene field effect transistors
Tesař, Jan ; Kormoš, Lukáš (referee) ; Procházka, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the influence of different graphene transfer methods on its quality. Graphene layers were grown by Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) method. The quality characterization of subsequently transfered graphene is based on the measurement of charge carrier mobility which has been performed on the field-effect transistors fabricated by transferring of graphene layers onto Si/SiO$_2$ surface. Chemical etching and electrolytic delamination are the transfer methods that are being compared in this thesis. Results of the measurements showed that graphene layers transferred by electrolytic delamination exhibit approximately four times higher charge carrier mobility than those transferred by the chemical etching method.
Coordination of operation of PST transformers in the interconnected region
Tesař, Jan ; Topolánek, David (referee) ; Bátora, Branislav (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with phase-shifting transformers (PST) and coordination of electrically close devices in an interconnected region. Theoretical research is performed in the work, describing methods of power control, function and design of PST, as well as actual methods of PST coordination in the rest of the world. Based on the research there is an optimalisation algorithm designed in MATLAB, which computes recommended tap petting of PST based on the network configuration. In the second part of this thesis there are described components of this algorithm and also presented the results of three demonstrative scenarios. Algorithm is able to solve minor problems in the network; more complex problems are beyond its solving ability. For an improved functionality there is a necessity to further expand this algorithm by a network redispatch solving algorithm.
: The Interpretation of Funeral Rituals in Czechoslovakia in 1950s
Tesař, Jan ; Randák, Jan (advisor) ; Kopeček, Michal (referee)
(in English) The main topic of this thesis is both analysis and interpretation of the relationship between funeral rites, political power and society. Funeral rites are understood as a complex of performative, symbolic social acts, which are themselves comprised of various distinctive phases and signs. The meaning of these acts and signs is important because it can change the features and practice of the collective it is assigned to. The main purpose of this thesis is not only to perform a thick description of different kinds of communist funeral rite in the given time period but to interprate it in the wider social and cultural context as well. The concept of political religion as a heuristic tool was used in the thesis in order to distinguish an ambivalent nature of communist ideology which manifested itself in funeral rites. Funeral rites are analyzed as models for human behavior, which represent key values and norms of communist ideology. At the same time, funeral rites are analyzed as forms of cultural management. That is the reason, why are put under scrutiny not only the rites which are significant for society as a whole but also the funeral rites of individual actors.
Miroslav Kárný. Study about influence of ideology and political power on individual in the years 1919-1974
Tesař, Jan ; Pullmann, Michal (referee) ; Čechurová, Jana (advisor)
The study is about life of Miroslav Kárný in years 1919-1974. The creation of mental maps and influence of ideology on the individual human being was one of the main subjects. In the first part I have explored the life of M. Kárný in ghetto Teresienstadt with special attention to effects of "Endlösung der Judenfrage". Furthermore, the options of possible resistance in the ghetto were studied. The second part is about forming M. Kárný's public opinions under communist ideology, which was accepted by him without hesitation. Lastly, the study is about destruction of fundaments of secular belief in the age of totalitarism
Wood mushrooms in the area Pustý zámek (doupov mountains)
Tesař, Jan ; Čížková, Dana (advisor)
The aim of my work is to explore around the second highest top of the doupovské (Deserted Castle) and to characterize the wood mushrooms their stands.
Electrical installation in family house
Tesař, Jan ; Procházka, Petr (referee) ; Ondrejček, Vladimír (advisor)
This Bachelor Thesis is concerned with the design of the electrical installation of a family house. There are two main parts of the thesis – theoretical basis and the main design. In the theoretical part the reader is at first introduced to a powerline section, in which the electrical installation from the powergrid to a terminal equipment is described. Next part is about a low voltage wiring, where the commonly used types of wiring and devices are described. In the third part the reader can read about a lightning protection and its inner and outer parts. The main design consist of situational designs of devices and wiring in the house, switchboard designs, revision of the electrical protection and the technical report.
Stanovení hodnoty podniku
Tesař, Jan
The subjekt of bachelor's thesis is determination of company value. Bachelor's thesis contains theoretical background of valuation and description methods and attitudes towards determination of market value. Subsequently, the theoretical methods are applied on the data of company FLSmidth spol s r. o. on performed financial, SWOT, strategic analysis and future development. The outcome of thesis is to be used by management of the company.

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