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Code-switching a code-mixing Česko-Anglických bilingvních dětí v České Republice
Terry, Zuzana ; Halbich, Marek (advisor) ; Samek, Tomáš (referee)
My diploma thesis shows patterns of alternation by bilingual children between their two mother tongues, Czech and English. The patterns are studied in two different types of language alternations; code-switching, meaning switching between language codes in whole ideas and discussed topics, and code-mixing, meaning inserting a word or phrase in language A into speech in language B. The code-switching and code-mixing types and patterns were studied on basis of 12 recordings and observations of a class of pre-school children during one morning of English school activities per week and 14 recordings and observations of a following year class of first-year school children during their after-school English activities. All children attended state education, pre-school nursery and the following year Czech state primary schools. Most of the children's parents are a combination of a Czech and an immigrant from an English-speaking country (with three exceptions) and they both speak with the children exclusively in their respective native languages. By studying the patterns of children's alternation between the languages, I also analyse how socialisation through the use of two languages influences social competences. The rules of the speech community, the school, as well as the family speech communities are...

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