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Impact of Climate Change on Czech Bird Populations
Telenský, Tomáš ; Reif, Jiří (advisor) ; Morelli, Federico (referee) ; Gamero, Anna (referee)
Charles University, Faculty of Science Institute for Environmental Studies Doctoral study programme: Environmental Sciences Summary of the Doctoral thesis Impact of Climate Change on Czech Bird Populations Vliv klimatické změny na ptačí populace v České Republice Mgr. Tomáš Telenský Supervisor: doc. Mgr. Jiří Reif, Ph.D. Prague, 2018 Abstract Climate change is one of the most important drivers of biodiversity. If it proceeds at current pace, it will lead to homogenization and pose a serious threat to biodiversity. Birds, as one of the most researched taxonomic groups, are successfully used as indicators of biodiversity of the whole ecosystems, and thus offer an excellent opportunity to study the overall impact of climate change. We use data from repeated annual monitoring programmes in Czech Republic, Breeding Bird Monitoring Programe, based on point counts, and Constant Effort Sites mist- netting ringing programme, capture-mark-recapture schema. We found that: 1. Population growth of 6 out of 37 resident species responded negatively to seasons with lower winter temperatures. The response was stronger in species feeding on animals. 2. Long-distance (LD) migrants' breeding productivity responds negatively to higher spring temperatures and advanced spring as indicated by earlier leaf unfolding of three tree...
How to efficiently count birds in tropical rainforest?
Hrdý, Tomáš ; Sedláček, Ondřej (advisor) ; Telenský, Tomáš (referee)
Tropical rainforest has one of the richest diversity on Earth. At the same time it is a complex and confusing enviroment, which makes estimation of lokal diversities and species abundance very hard. This literature review compare frequency, effectivness and suitability of each metod, which are used to detect diversity and abundance in tropical rainforest. It compares autors reasons why do they use a specific method, in what kind of enviroment and what for was that methodology used in their study. Review presents even a few tropical rainforest specifications, which are not taken into account by current methods, eventhough they could have an large effect on quality and completeness of data sample. At the end it compares the most commonly used techniques (point - count and mist - net) and justifies their possible combinations. In conclusion it mention the usage of recording devices as a suitable completion to research. Key words: Birds, point-count, line transect, mist-net, methodology, tropical forest

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