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Approaches to Biology Teaching in Alternative Upper Secondary Schools
Svobodová, Renata ; Pavlasová, Lenka (advisor) ; Skýbová, Jana (referee)
This master's thesis is concerned with biology teaching in alternative schools providing upper secondary education in the Czech Republic. Its aim is to describe and compare the teaching of biology at selected alternative secondary schools based on three case studies. The selected schools are Gymnázium Na Zatlance with alternative programme ALT, Gymnázium Přírodní škola and Waldorfské lyceum Praha. The chosen strategy of the performed qualitative research was a cross-case study, data were obtained by direct observation of the lessons, individual interviews with teachers, group interviews with pupils and document analysis. The concept of biology teaching in selected schools is elaborately analysed, including the description of specific lessons. In addition, the ideological basis, the organisation and evaluation in each school is analysed too. Comparison of selected schools identified common characteristic features such as emphasis on personal development of pupils, non-traditional teaching organisation, evaluation without school grades, frequent excursions, respecting approach towards pupils and deviation from systematics in biology teaching. The thesis provides a deep insight into biology teaching in alternative secondary schools, which is an under-represented area of the Czech education system....
Italian similes of the type "Adj-comme-N" compared to their Czech equivalents
The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to compare Italian similes of the structure "ADJ-come-N" with the Czech language. Therefore it is necessary to describe the basics of phraseology and idiomatic meaning, before we continue with the translation. The main focus in the first part is the theoretical definition of comparisons in general. The second part, theoretically analyzes specifically defined structure of similes. For further practical analysis, an inquiry was created in the questionnaire form of the ItWaC corpus, on the basis of which examples were extracted and 266 comparisons were selected for further study. Consequently, their translations are the most extensively studied part in this work. The proposed translations are based on the Dictionary of Czech Phraseology and Idiom (Part Simale), on the parallel linguistic corpus InterCorp and on the specialized dictionary Dizionario dei modi di dire della lingua italiana. The main aim of the thesis is to outline the possibilities for translation into the Czech language and their evaluation in terms of equivalence and structure of the sentence (where eventually changes are compared to the given construction) and to find out their rate of frequency from the corpus SYN.
The pressure distribution on the soles of feet in the medium parallel turn in the alpine and the telemark technique of downhill skiing
Svobodová, Renata ; Jindra, Matouš (advisor) ; Bačáková, Radka (referee)
Title: The pressure distribution on the soles of feet in the medium parallel turn in the alpine and the telemark technique of downhill skiing Objectives: The aim of this thesis is to compare the pressure distribution on the soles of feet in the medium parallel turn in the alpine and the telemark technique of downhill skiing. Methods: For the analysis of pressure distribution on the soles of feet in downhill skiing was used the pressure measurement system Pedar-X, which works for monitoring of plantar pressure (kPa) moreover. The pressure distribution measuring on the soles of feet was taking place in prepared track of the ski slope in two ways. The first one was the telemark technique and the second one was the alpine technique. For the evaluating and the processing of the results was selected in the right and in the left turn of each testing person in approximately the same part of the track. Results: The results of pressure distribution in the alpine and the telemark position turn have shown the significantly important difference in the intraindividual comparison in every technique. The significantly important difference was detected also in the interindividual comparison in both techniques each other. Keywords: downhill skiing, telemark, Pedar-X, pressure distribution
Analysis of the techniques and methodology of cross-country skiing for the visually impaired.
Svobodová, Renata ; Hruša, Jan (advisor) ; Šafránek, Jiří (referee)
Title: Analysis of the techniques and methodology of cross-country skiing for the visually impaired. Aim: The aim of this thesis is to create a set of training exercises in the snow for practicing the classic technique of cross-country skiing for the visually impaired. Methods: It is an empirical and theoretical work, which is based on an analysis of the movement of the visually impaired in cross-country skiing of classical technique. The structure of the work is led as qualitative research. To achieve the objective, we used observations, field measurements, photo and video documentation through digital cameras GoPro brand. Based on the analysis of movement each proband was evaluated from particular monitored exercises and based on the evaluation they got recommendations for training exercises on the snow. Results: With processing and subsequent evaluation of equilibrium and coordination exercises control, we found that visual impairment has a decisive influence on the balance on one ski and coordination of arms and legs which is the source of technical shortcomings. Conclusion: Based on the results of our work, we proposed a supplementary preparatory equilibrium and coordination exercises. Keywords: visual impairment, classic technique, cross-country skiing
Development of the Hindi short story. Psychological short story on its way from pre-nayi kahani to nayi kahani
Svobodová, Renata ; Marková, Dagmar (advisor) ; Knotková, Blanka (referee) ; Kostič, Svetislav (referee)
The subject matter of the dissertation is the development of the Hindi psychological short story from the 1920s till the 1960s. For the purpose of this work I have divided the short story texts into three groups. I call the first one, represented by Premcand, Sudarśan, and Prabhkar the "older" period, the 1930s and 1940s - the story writing of Jainendrakumr, Ajey, Yaśpl, and Amt Ry - is seen as a transitory period, and the work of the younger authors: Rkeś, Ydav, Kamleśvar, Varm and Shn is called in accordance with the usual terms as the New Short Story - nay kahn. There is no strict border line between the nay kahn and pre-nay kahn writing. Some of the 1930s and 1940s short stories show in some respects features present in both the periods. That is why I decided to put these stories into a special group, which I call "the stories on their way from the older to the new one." The aim of the theses is a comparison of characteristic features of nay kahn and pre-nay kahn writing. I have compared the stories on the basis of the analysis and interpretation of the collection of representative Hindi texts of the period. I have researched into the subject matter and narrative structure and searched for the differences between the way of writing of the older authors and those, who started to write after the...
Issues of criminal sanctions regarding juvenile
Svobodová, Renata ; Jelínek, Jiří (advisor) ; Vanduchová, Marie (referee)
This thesis describes the differences created by the enactment of the new juvenile justice law (Law on the Responsibility of Youth for Criminal Acts and on Justice in Juvenile Matters) as opposed to the general legislation contained in the Penal Law no. 140/1961 Coll. and in the Criminal Procedure Act no. 141/1961 Coll. Relationship between the new law and the general legislation is that the new piece of legislation prevails over provisions of the general legislation as it is expressly stated in section 1 paragraph 3 of the new. The new juvenile justice law is based on the principle not to punish young delinquents in a repressive way, but to protect them from harmful influences and to create better conditions for their intellectual and moral development and thus at the same time to prevent their future criminal activity. The new legislative system stands on the principles of the restorative justice theory that focuses more on future reparation of losses suffered. Therefore the attitude of judges, prosecutors and other officials active in criminal cases of juveniles differs from the traditional ways when dealing with criminal offences committed by adults. Everyone involved with proceedings in juvenile cases should undergo special preparation on how to treat juveniles, and a close co-operation of bodies...
Analýza ztrát selat v užitkovém chovu prasat
Svobodová, Renáta
The aim of this thesis was to analyze the losses of piglets in pig utility breeding. On the selected farm was made the following experiment: for 4 hybrid combinations was assessed a total of 117 litters of sows. There were monitored basic statistical characteristics (number of all born piglets, number of live born and also number of weaned piglets). The effect of hybrid combination, the litter order and boar impact were evaluated for them. The best results in number of all born piglets (11.00 pc) were achieved for the hybrid combination number 2. The highest number of live born and surviving piglets (10.6 pc and 10.4 pc) was for the hybrid combination number 4. The lowest results in all measured categories (10.08 pc, 9.9 pc and 9.2 pc) were achieved for the hybrid combination number 1. The highest number of all born piglets per litter order for all the hybrid combinations was achieved at the fifth litter order. The highest number of live born and surviving piglets was at the third litter. The lowest number of all born piglets was at the tenth litter. At the eighth litter was the lowest number of live born and surviving piglets. The highest number of all born piglets was recorded with the boar AEG 26, that belongs to the hybrid combination number 1. Moreover that boar had the highest number of live born piglets. However, the highest average number of all weaned piglets is achieved with the boar HYB 140 from the hybrid group number 2. The lowest average number of all born, live born and weaned piglets is with the boar ALT 163, that also comes from the hybrid combination number 1.

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