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Process of nanoparticulate systems purification optimization
Strnadová, Kristýna ; Holas, Ondřej (advisor) ; Smékalová, Monika (referee)
Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of Pharmaceutical Technology Consultant: PharmDr. Ondřej Holas, PhD. Student: Kristýna Strnadová Title of thesis: Process of nanoparticulate systems purification optimization The aim of the diploma thesis was to compare three purification methods - centrifugation, size- exclusion chromatography and dialysis, to find the optimal method and its conditions for purification of nanoparticles based on poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) composed of lactic acid and glycolic acid monomers in a ratio of 50:50. Mentioned purification methods were compared mainly in terms of encapsulation efficiency and recovery yield. Nanoparticles purified by centrifugation were prepared with stabilization of one of the following surfactants: poloxamer 407, poly(vinyl alcohol), cetrimonium bromide (in concentration of 0,1 %, 1 % and 2 %) or sodium cetyl stearyl sulfate (in concentration of 0,01 % and 0,025 %). Purified water and a solution of the stabilizer in the corresponding concentration were used as redispersion media during centrifugation. Centrifugation was performed at 7200 rcf in repeated cycles of 15 min each. Size-exclusion chromatography and dialysis were performed with nanoparticles stabilized with 0,1% poloxamer 407. Silica gel, Sephadex®...
Perceived Inequalities by Immigrant Students in Czechia
Strnadová, Kristýna ; Šanderová, Jadwiga (advisor) ; Grygar, Jakub (referee)
The Diploma thesis presents how teenage students from third countries understand their daily life problems and difficulties which happen to them as a consequence of being a foreigner in a host country. Based on an analysis of ten semi-structural interviews, it is shown that students face several types of problems. The situations mentioned reveal a lack of recognition of their position in the Czech Republic; however, students perceive problems this way rarely. Even though students describe relatively large amount of language and scholastic difficulties, and problems with classmates and unpleasant encounters outside of the school environment, they tend not to see them as inequalities but rather as inevitable situations connected to their status of being a foreigner. They also often understand the problems as individual experiences which do not happen collectively, they see these problems as exceptions and bad luck or as the same problems that Czechs have. Sometimes the problems are seen as inexplicable by the students. Only when an experience is strong enough, they perceive it as a racist behavior or discrimination. Despite the fact that students sometimes demonstrate an inability to react to such behavior, they create several strategies on how to avoid them and how to deal with them. What...
Exhortatio ad canonicos regulares de vicio proprietatis: regular canons and property in late MIddle Ages
Strnadová, Kristýna ; Doležalová, Lucie (advisor) ; Adámková, Iva (referee)
This thesis encompasses an edition of the text Exhortatio ad canonicos regulares de vitio proprietatis, contained in manuscript III D 16 from the National library of the Czech Republic in Prague, which was formerly in possession of the monastery library of regular canons in Roudnice nad Labem. The edition is based on eight manuscripts, and a second edition of a parallel text has been created from another two manuscripts. The thesis includes a description of the manuscripts, a textual analysis examining the text's origin and its connection with other tracts about property of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, particularly the works by Henry of Langenstein, as well as a translation of the tract into Czech.
Representation of Mass Death in MF DNES
Strnadová, Kristýna ; Jirák, Jan (advisor) ; Lütke Notarp, Ulrike (referee)
This diploma thesis focus on a media representation of a mass death which is caused by terrorist attacks. Due to terrorist attacks around the whole world many innocent people die and media write about these affairs in many ways depending on different factors. By combining quantitative and qualitative analysis of six cases of terrorist attacks which took place in different world locations, thus thesis shows how are these events represented in daily newspaper Mladá Fronta DNES. On the one hand, the number of victims appear to be less significatnt factor, on the other hand, the geographic proximity and possible connection to the Czech Republic plays bigger role. Thus, more space is devoted to these attacks. Each event also appear to be framed differently according to the time when they took place. Either, they were framed as attacks against humanity with focus on heroism of the victims, or they were framed as geopolitical conflicts with attention to the consequences and political responses. It is also possible to find narratives which repeat in the articles about terrorist attacks. These narratives use archetypal stories which can be found in acient myths. The usage of these stories helps not only journalists, who do not have to invent their very own stories, but also readers because it helps them to...
Adalbert III. and his time
Strnadová, Kristýna ; Suchánek, Drahomír (advisor) ; Drška, Václav (referee)
This thesis is about a figure of Czech prince Adalbert from Přemyslid dynasty. Its goal is the analysis of his life and actions in the context of the national and political situation in the Holy Roman Empire and Czech lands. There are three thematic areas. The first one is about Adalbert's connections to the Czech environment. The second one is about his post of archbishop of Salzburg and deals with his relationship to the emperor. The last one is about his actions in the Salzburg archdiocese. Given issues were solved by using relevant accessible sources and literature. Biographical, comparative and empirical analytical methods were used. The final outcome of the thesis is creation of comprehensive survey about Adalbert in context of the events of his time. That is also the main contribution of this thesis.
Language Tamers: Methods of Overcoming Language Barrier by Immigrant Students at Czech Schools
Strnadová, Kristýna ; Kabele, Jiří (advisor) ; Gorčíková, Magdaléna (referee)
Kristýna Strnadová Thesis name: Language tamers: methods of overcoming language barrier by immigrant students at Czech schools Abstract The thesis 'Language tamers: methods of overcoming language barrier by immigrant students at Czech schools' deals with a phenomenon of overcoming language barrier through acquisition of the host language for immigrants who move to a new country. The aim of this work is to monitor the progress of overcoming language barrier from the perspective of immigrant students with regard to various factors that affect the process (cultural and social capital, language, age etc.). The theoretical part describes the fundamental importance of the host language as a means of communication in the context of immigrant integration to the new society, outlines the specifics of the intercultural communication between people of different nationalities, summarizes the factors which influence the acquisition of the host language, and acquaint with the situation in Czech schools in conjunction with the language barrier. The empirical part is based on semi-structured interviews with immigrant students of three different nationalities (Ukrainian, Vietnamese and Romanian). Collected interviews are analysed via descriptive and evaluation coding and on their basis are reached characteristics of the...
Made of three dimensional teaching aids
Strnadová, Kristýna ; Řezníček, Jan (advisor) ; Novotný, Petr (referee)
This work deals with vertebrates bone preparation of birds and mammals to enrich the science classes at secondary school. It also expands the collection of vertebrate skeletons at the department of biology and enviromental studies. The display would be enriched by Talpa europea, apodemus sylvaticus, rattus rattus, alectoris rufa and skulls of octodon degus. In this work there are described ways how to prepare taxidermy and bone preparation is described from the beginning of collecting vertebrates, then methods of preparation (maceration, hot water maceration, dermestidae bettles and more) including degreasing and bleaching and final treatment not the get it damaged by insect. This work is completed by survey. There are involved teachers of biology at elementary schools. The idea of questionnaire was to find out what's equipment like and how often do teachers use nature products to enrich the lessons. Key words - taxidermy, osteological preparation, birds, mammals
Victor IV and his successors: Church politics during the Papal Schism (1159-1180)
Strnadová, Kristýna ; Suchánek, Drahomír (advisor) ; Drška, Václav (referee)
This thesis focuses on the politics of Antipope Victor IV and his successors Paschal III, Calixtus III and Innocent III, who were the opponents of Alexander III since the schismatic elections of 1159. The aim is to analyse the political thinking and actions of the antipopes, with an emphasis on the political relations of Victor IV. The thesis is divided into six thematic sections. The first deals with the pre-election developments and the election of 1159 itself. The second considers their position in relation to Alexander III, while the third turns to the papal-imperial policy and examines the relationship between the antipopes and Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. The fourth section discusses the status and relations of the antipopes outside the Holy Roman Empire. The penultimate chapter examines the attitude of the imperial clergy to the pontificates of the antipopes as well as the obedience of the imperial monasteries, according to papal documents. The final chapter constructs biographies of the antipopes, focusing on the period before their pontificates.
Changes in functional morphology of reproductive organs in MeLiM sows
Strnadová, Kristýna ; Chmelíková, Eva (advisor) ; Vilma, Vilma (referee)
A melanoma is a tumor disease, which can attack besides the skin also other organs, for example eye, gastrointestinal and urogenital tract. Aggressive progression and therapy resistance are characteristic for the melanoma. There is a continuous growth of the incidence of this disease in the world. That is one of the reasons why there is a growth in number of studies conducted on animal models, which are affected by this disease. MeLiM (Melanoma-bearing Libechov Minipigs) is great example of suitable animal model for studying this tumor disease. In these pigs occurs a hereditary melanoma. The peculiarity of this pig strain is, that there is described a complete spontaneous tumor regression usually within three months after birth. Complete spontaneous tumor regression is very rare in humans. However, there were discovered similarities between melanoma occurring in this pig strain and melanoma affecting humans in biochemistry and histopathology. The animal model MeLiM is very suitable for tumor disease research because of these similarities. Reproduction in the animal model MeLiM is not well understood. It can be assumed, in the MeLiM strain sows with hereditary melanoma occurs changes in the functional morphology of the reproductive organs and there are abnormalities in meiotic maturation of oocytes. The aim of this study was to determine if there are changes in the functional morphology of the reproductive organs in the MeLiM strain sows and if there are abnormalities in meiotic maturation of oocytes. We confirmed in our study that the reproductive organs in MeLiM strain sows are smaller than the reproductive organs in common strain of pigs described in the publications. On the ovary of sows were observed ovarian cysts, but there were no abnormalities in meiotic maturation of MeLiM oocytes, even when the number of oocytes was smaller.

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