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Technical autid of water supply infrastructure
Straková, Eliška ; Ručka, Jan (referee) ; Tuhovčák, Ladislav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the topic of evaluating the technical condition of selected elements of water supply infrastructure. In the theoretical part of the thesis are listed the legislative requirements for evaluating the technical condition of water infrastructure, factors affecting the technical condition and methods used for evaluation in the Czech Republic and in the other countries. The methodology of technical audit and software application TEA Water were used for the elaboration of the practical part of thesis. Specific modules are described in thesis in more details and then applied to a selected drinking water supply system.
Current status and challenges of the German economy
Ledinská, Monika ; Bič, Josef (advisor) ; Straková, Eliška (referee)
The main aim of this theses is to show possible economic challenges for the German economy. Another aim is to evaluate the individual economic indicators with an impact to possible future developments, to point out to the current political situation in the world and its influence on the economic situation of Germany. It should be with accordance to the historical development of the German economy since World War II.
The Role of Visegrad Group in the Energy policy of the EU
Ostříž, Matyáš ; Němcová, Ingeborg (advisor) ; Straková, Eliška (referee)
This thesis focuses on energy self-sufficiency of Visegrad countries in the Energy policy of the EU and their dependance on the main suppliers of energy sources, mainly Russian Federation, further more on the role and importance of the Visegrad Group in the energy policy of EU and their energy security.
The Czech Textile and Apparel Industry in the World Context
Špírková, Petra ; Jiránková, Martina (advisor) ; Straková, Eliška (referee)
This bachelor thesis aims to create an overview of the development in the world textile and apparel industry between the years 1993 and 2015. The first part describes the history of these two sectors and provides theoretical information essential for understanding of the following chapters. The second part of the bachelor thesis provides data regarding the most significant textile and apparel exporters. The last chapter characterizes the position of the Czech Republic and the situation in this country - the development of exports, the global 2008/2009 crisis from the perspective of local textile manufacturers and strategies how to preserve textile and apparel industry in the Czech Republic.
The activity of EGAP Company focusing on Czech export to the Russian Federation
Grygorenko, Anastasiya ; Procházková Ilinitchi, Cristina (advisor) ; Straková, Eliška (referee)
The aim of my thesis is to evaluate the mutual business relationship between the Czech Republic and the Russian Federation, focusing on Czech export and its support on the Russian market. My bachelor thesis deals with the analysis of the insurance Company EGAP that enables export of goods and services to the risky parts of the world. The first part of my thesis describes the economic situation of the countries, their current situation and the position within the world market. The second part is focused on the development of business relationship, characteristics, specifics and the risk of Czech export to the Russian Federation. Moreover, the part also discusses about the development of the most exported commodities. The third part introduces the EGAP Company and shows its main activities, offering services, successful projects but also those not so successful ones. The final part of my thesis evaluates a position within the foreign market and business results of the company.
Economic migration to the EU in the context of globalisation
Pustovalova, Anastasie ; Procházková Ilinitchi, Cristina (advisor) ; Straková, Eliška (referee)
This bachelor´s thesis focuses on the interdependencies between globalization and economic migration into member states of the EU. It reveals which specific aspects of globalisation have an impact on the way economic migration evolves. The thesis describes recent characteristics of migration into the EU. It tackles both intra-EU and extra-EU migration. There is a special focus on migrant communities which are present on territory of the EU. It specifically elaborates how globalisation influences those groups. It also describes the incentives that evolution of globalisation provides to the migration. It shows which groups of migrants are favoured and by which ways this could influence future economic migration.
Labour Migration from the countries of the former Soviet Union - Russia and Belarus
Kazimirovich, Viktoryia ; Procházková Ilinitchi, Cristina (advisor) ; Straková, Eliška (referee)
Nowadays labour migration is a very discussed issue, that in the context of increasing international migration is gaining momentum. The impact of labour migration is mainly reflected at the economic level of the individual countries, where unemployment is falling in case of the recipient countries, with other words labor migration covers the labor shortage, while the outgoing countries benefit from remittances, which became a valuable financial asset for the outgoing countries. This bachelor thesis is divided into three chapters. The first chapter characterizes migration and its reasons, followed by an analysis of the migration situation in individual countries of Belarus and Russia. The second chapter deals with migration patterns in three economic factors identified separately for each country, more specifically, employment / unemployment, remittances and wages. The last chapter is aimed at showing the position of Belarus and Russia on labor migration, and what measures are the countries pursuing in relation to migration.
The impact of the financial and economic crisis on Germany
Kremerová, Kristýna ; Jiránková, Martina (advisor) ; Straková, Eliška (referee)
This thesis focuses on interpreting the impacts of the financial and economic crisis (2008/2009) on the Federal Republic of Germany. With the help of selected macroeconomic indicators, it compares the situation in the country before the crisis, its course and the state in which Germany emerged from the crisis. Additionally, this development is compared with the selected world economies. It also focuses on content analysis of anti-crisis measures of the state, especially the so-called "Konjunkturpakete", and necessary interventions in the banking sector. It then evaluates the amount and evolution of public gross debt. In conclusion, the thesis focuses on the analysis of the country according to the "Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedure" method. Conclusions in our work suggest that the Federal Republic of Germany managed to recover relatively quickly from the crisis, but still suffers from macroeconomic imbalances.
Investment climate of the Netherlands
Fedoranyč, Maria ; Jiránková, Martina (advisor) ; Straková, Eliška (referee)
The aim of this Bachelor thesis is to analyse the investment climate of the Netherlands from the perspective of foreign investors. It contains information on the history of the country, its population, geographic location, environment and above all, its economic sectors: agriculture, industry and services, and foreign trade. The main objective of this thesis is to select the factors and characteristics of the Netherlands that can influence decisions made by foreign investors when considering the market entry in the Netherlands, to clearly structure them into categories and describe them. This objective is achieved by the application of PEST analysis using information obtained predominantly from Dutch and European sources. The related objective is to create a coherent image of the country, a description of its basic characteristics and history and its attractiveness for the reader who has no deeper knowledge of international trade, investment or of the Netherlands itself.
The Position of Cyprus in the EU
Honsová, Eliška ; Jiránková, Martina (advisor) ; Straková, Eliška (referee)
This bachelor's thesis researches the position of the Republic of Cyprus in the European Union. It consists of three chapters. The first chapter describes Cyprus as a country that is divided into two parts, yet has become an EU member state. The chapter focuses on previous and current efforts for reunification of Cyprus; the process of adoption of the euro in Cyprus and the Cyprus presidency of the Council of the EU are mentioned as well. The second chapter compares Cyprus and the other EU member states using geographic, demographic, political and primarily economic indicators from before the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008. The last chapter studies changes in these indicators after 2008, and briefly describes the Cyprus' macroeconomic adjustment programme.

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