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Pardon in constitutional law
Stejskal, Jakub ; Kysela, Jan (advisor) ; Hřebejk, Jiří (referee)
Pardons in constitutional law Abstract This thesis is focusing on the constitutional institute of pardon both in its individual and collective form. The highest attention is paid to the legal framework of the Czech Republic. The thesis is divided into five sections. The first one deals with the theoretical term of mercy and its origin. In this section are also described four forms of pardon, namely suspension of a criminal proceedings, mitigation and pardoning of a sentence, remission of its legal consequences and amnesty as a pardon granted collectively. In this section are also outlined legal provisions of chosen states. Arguments in favour of a future existence of pardon as well as arguments against are also introduced. The second part elaborates a development of constitutional pardon in the Czech legal history starting from the first constitution declared in 1848 to the separation of the Czech and Slovak Federative Republic. Besides of historical constitutions, provisions of ordinary statutes are also mentioned as well as examples of granted pardons which performed an important historical role. The third part focuses on current legal provisions in the Czech Republic and the distinction between the article 62 and 63 of the Constitution. Besides, the relation between constitutional provisions and other...
Creating an Accounting Procedure for Fixed Assets
Stejskal, Jakub ; Svirák, Pavel (referee) ; Pěta, Jan (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is focused on internal guidelines of the company BZCompany international s. r. o. The first part is focused on internal guidelines, accounting, accounting and tax depreciation and legislative aspect of the matter. The second part is introduce BZCompany international s. r. o. and examines the optimal solution for internal guidelines with regard to problematice with long-term tangible assets. In the last part of the bachelor thesis indicate optimal design for internal guidelines.
Performance Testing and Analysis of Qpid Dispatch Router
Stejskal, Jakub ; Rogalewicz, Adam (referee) ; Fiedor, Tomáš (advisor)
Výkonností testování aplikací nabírá v poslední době na důležitosti během vývoje všeho druhu. Tato práce mapuje základy testování výkonu, které jsou aplikovatelné na libovolné aplikace a následně analýzuje testování výkonu komponent používaných v Messaging systémech a to konkrétně Apache ActiveMQ Artemis a Qpid-Dispatch. Využívané metody testování výkonu je zaměřeno zejména na Apache ActiveMQ Artemis pomocí systému Messaging Performance Tool s názvem Maestro. Práce navrhuje vylepšení této aplikace o rozšíření testování systému Qpid-Dispatch a její možnosti při automatizovaném testování. Řešení je demonstrováno na sérii experimentů s různými topologiemi. Výsledná zpráva závěrem vyhodnocuje navržené rozšíření systému Maestro, zhodnocuje výkon komponenty Qpid-Dispatch a rozvíjí myšlenky pro další rozšíření.
States of crisis in the legal order of the Czech Republic
Stejskal, Jakub ; Kudrna, Jan (advisor) ; Hřebejk, Jiří (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to summarise the legal framework of states of crisis in legal order of the Czech Republic, to point at the main shortages and provide possible solutions. The thesis is divided into five chapters. The first chapter firstly takes a closer look at the general conception of states of crisis defined by legal theory. Then follows the topic of states of crisis and their functioning in ancient Rome, England till the 19th century and in France and Germany during the last 150 years. The second chapter is focused on the types of states of crisis which were known in the previous Czech legal orders. Attention is mainly paid to the state of war and declaration of war. The next part deals with the other historical states of crisis, such as those which arose originally from Austrian Emergency Measures Act, till the legislative proposals antecedent to current Security of the Czech Republic Act. The third chapter is firstly defining current legal terms and analysing states of crisis which are regulated in the Czech legal order. The text starts with the state of danger and then proceeds to the state of emergency, state of threat to the state and to the state of war. The subchapters expound who and under which circumstances, is entitled to declare each single state. The position of selected...
Vzdálené řízení modelu radiolokátoru
This dissertation is looking at the proposal and redesign of a remote control of a radio locator. This system is based on the use of Arduino microprocessor platform. The practical part includes the realistic physical model of a radio locator including implementation of the remote control system.
Aby M. Warburg and the term of pathos formula in context of his thought
Skopalová, Eva ; Stejskal, Jakub (advisor) ; Váša, Ondřej (referee)
(in English): These presented papers focus on "pathos formula" and its evolution in Aby Warburg's thought. Warburg's considerations are complex; he does not focus on a precise time period, but history as a whole, using "Nachleben", a survival of picture schemes, gestures and concepts. Pathos formula oscillates between two polarities: apollonian and dionysian. The Apollonian side stands for sublime Antique while Dionysian stands for ecstatic, instinctive, irrational. It also includes a form of neokantism, inspired by Ernst Cassierer's philosophy. These two polarities have been transformed into his opus magnum, Atlas Mnemosyne. He develops the idea of relationships between human and world as such through the symbol. One of the central aspects of pathos formula is the tension between myth and rationality. The tension of history is represented by images. Atlas Mnémosyné is Warburg's greatest work, made up of 79 plates using the pathos formula. Through images he articulated the tension of history, by gesture and concepts he revealed a suppressed or unconscious memory, which the culture carries with. The pathos formula is highly emotive, expressive, gesture forms, which we can observe through time, Nachleben, and space by migration. Memory is preserved and defines our quotidian.
Archeology of enchantment by new technologies in science discourses
Veselská, Jindra ; Kandert, Josef (advisor) ; Skovajsa, Marek (referee) ; Bulvas Stejskal, Jakub (referee)
v anglickém jazyce The theses focuses on enchantment by new information technologies which occurred in humanities and social science discourses at the turn of twentieth and twenty-first century. Using archaelogical method of Michel Foucault and its recent inspirations historical epistemology and ontology it investigates the conditions which built the term enchantment in aesthetics. Based on examinig Max Weber's thesis about the disenchantment of the world the work finds that the concept of enchantment implies epistemological and ontological contradictions. These tensions can be traced also in contemporary interpretations that use the concept of enchantment in connection with new information technologies. In conclusion, the theses consideres the possibility of using the concpet of sublime discourses for the description and explanation of the phenomenon, which do not imply the contradictions present in the notion of enchantment.
Moral Responsibility of Art
Bolková, Anežka ; Stejskal, Jakub (advisor) ; Hlobil, Tomáš (referee)
In my work I survey the debate about the legitimacy of moral criticism of art, which has developed in the 1990s in the field of analytic aesthetics. In three sections, I examine three basic positions in the debate - autonomism, moralism and immoralism - which, each in its own way, answer the basic question that motivates the whole debate, namely: what is the influence of the moral value of the work on its aesthetic or artistic value. I point out that the concepts of aesthetic and artistic values are not properly defined, which is the reason why the proponents of the various positions not only cannot come to an agreement, but they also cannot agree on the point of their disagreement.
Theories of Modernism and Visual Arts
Koupilová, Kristýna ; Stejskal, Jakub (advisor) ; Ševčík, Miloš (referee)
Theories of Modernism and Visual Arts Abstract: The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to outline the theory of modernism in relation to visual art as seen in three authors. Firstly, the work will describe Clement Greenberg's opinions (his views of the issue of modern art and its development), based on which he tries to support the legitimacy of modern art. The next author discussed in this work is Michael Fried, who was inspired by C. Greenberg. The last author mentioned is Timothy J. Clark, who is radically opposing the modernist way of mapping the visual arts - and he is opposing both of the above mentioned authors as well. In the end, all views will be summarised and then compared. Key words: Art, modernism, avant-garde, criticism

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