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Mathematical Olympiad
Stehlík, Martin ; Zhouf, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Dvořák, Petr (referee)
This work deals with the Mathematical Olympiad competition, and it is divided into two sections. The first section focuses on the history, organizational structure and the results of pupils in each year, comparing them. Part of this section also discusses and summarizes the International Mathematical Olympiad, mainly the achievements of our competitors. In the second section of the work is my own research on teachers' knowledge of Mathematical Olympiad. The research was focused mainly on the base of the competition at schools, what teachers know about its structure and most importantly what they think about the whole competition, how teachers and their pupils evaluate it.
Soil changes after land use changes
Stehlík, Martin ; Šefrna, Luděk (advisor) ; Janderková, Jana (referee)
Práce se zabývá změnami vybraných půdních znaků a vlastností na plochách bývalé orné půdy přeměněné v lesní plochy ve středočeském Plutonu v dolním povodí řeky Sázavy. Jsou zkoumány časová období 8, 15, 25 - 35, 50 - 55, 100, 160 a 235 let od ukončení zemědělské činnosti. V práci jsou dále hodnoceny dostupné zdroje pro sledování změn v krajině a analyzovány jejich přínosy. Výsledky vykazují pokles hodnot pH ve všech studovaných hloubkách půdního profilu a růst mocnosti humusového lesního horizontu. Podíl půdní organické hmoty (SOM) postupně narůstá v čase v hloubce 3 - 5cm oproti ostatním hloubkám. Znaky dřívější zemědělské činnosti jsou znatelné až 100 let po jejich ukončení. Klíčová slova: Land use, historická geografie, zalesňování na orné půdě, pH, půdní organická hmota (SOM), barva, středočeský Pluton, dolní povodí Sázavy Abstract The thesis concerns with changes of soil features and characteristics on the areas of former arable land transformed to the forest area. The research took place in the region of central-Bohemian pluton in lower basin of the Sázava river. Time periods of 8, 15, 25-35, 50- 55, 106, 160 and 235 years since the abandonment of farming (agricultural activity) are explored. Furthermore, available sources for monitoring of landscape changes and their contribution are also...
IFLA WLIC 2017 Wrocław: A Report from the Conference
Chodounská, Alena ; Krueger, Stephanie ; Minaříková, Pavla ; Skenderija, Sasha ; Stehlík, Martin
The purpose of the business trip was to attend and actively contribute to IFLA World Library and Information Congress 2017 in Wrocław, Poland.
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Before and Beyond Embedding: A Reference Fable from the National Library of Technology in Prague
Skenderija, Sasha ; Stehlík, Martin ; Houdek, Tomáš
Rewind the tape telling the story of reference services at the National Library of Technology (NTK) in Prague to 2009: a closed stacks specialized library with a long, complicated institutional history re-opens its arms to the public with a new “open stacks spirit” in an innovative building—an architectural jewel. Students (80% of all visitors) and the public embrace an inspiring space in the heart of a STEM campus and it rapidly fills with activities ranging from conferences to art exhibitions to concerts. But lost in this mélange are modern academic reference and information services. Despite being governed and financed directly by the Czech Ministry of Education, the narrative of value to academic stakeholders is shyly whispered. “We’re the flagship of Czech librarianship,” we gloat. Nothing, and almost no one, shouts: “We can help you succeed in your academic journey.” Fast-forward to 2017. In our paper, we will relate how we are weaving together the first fabrics of academic value narratives. Our story has not been linear; threads related to internal strategic planning, creation of intranets and reusable staff educational modules entwine with other threads (user-based online development, social media statements, “backward designed” instructional efforts) which we discuss using notable examples. Common to all narratives are themes of academic success, rigor, and individual engagement; internally in relation to ongoing staff development and externally, with intimate involvement (even bowling!) with colleagues and students. While our campus may not yet be fully ready for such approaches, we are now strongly declaring our value as essential players in the successful education of students.
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Separation of Luxembourg from the Lands of the Bohemian Crown
Stehlík, Martin ; Starý, Marek (advisor) ; Soukup, Ladislav (referee)
The subject matter of this rigorosum thesis is to provide a description and an analysis of process of separation of Luxembourg (and Chiny) from the Lands of the Bohemian Crown. This topic was chosen for reason that this process of separation was never described and analysed neither by Czech nor foreign historiography so far. Thesis is primarily based on original sources and works with citations of contents of legal documents. The Introduction of this thesis especially outlines the importance of thesis and introduces essential and current literature and other sources. The first chapter which follows the Introduction generally describes the process of incorporation of Luxembourg among the Lands of the Bohemian Crown. Next chapter is focused on takeover of Luxembourg by the King Wenceslas IV for the reason of his succession after Wenceslas I of Luxembourg and afterwards takeover this duchy by Jobst of Moravia and Louis I of Orléans, both for the reason of Lien Agreements. This chapter also highlights origins of Burgundian expansion into Luxemburg based on the marriage contract between Elizabeth of Görlitz and Anthony of Brabant. Third chapter deals with the endeavour of Emperor Sigismund of Luxembourg and King Albert II of Germany to keep Luxembourg for Bohemian Crown and simultaneously the endeavour of Philip...
Reading Don DeLillo (Sociological Interpretation of Postmodern Literature)
Stehlík, Martin ; Paulíček, Miroslav (advisor) ; Balon, Jan (referee)
The relation between sociology and literature opens up a broad field for discussion because of their closeness. The diploma thesis pursues a rather uncommon approach to literature that searches for manifestations of sociological thought in literature in order to use them within contexts of thematically similar sociological theories. A considerable attention is paid to definition of this approach, especially in relation to standard methods of sociology of literature, and to subsequent formulation of its methodological starting-points. Sociological reading as introduced in the text interprets a literary work in the perspective of selected sociological theories to which the interpretation is reversely related in the following step. In the thesis the novel White Noise by Don DeLillo, a classical work of American postmodern fiction, is taken as an object of such interpretation. The theme of effects of the mass media in contemporary society marked out widely in the beginning is specified by selected theories of Jean Baudrillard and Niklas Luhmann. In the case of Baudrillard's theory of hyperreality and simulation, changes in relation between reality and representation, respectively disappearance of their traditional opposition, are concerned. Luhmann's social systems theory is used to explore the...
Incorporation of Luxembourg among the Lands of the Bohemian Crown
Stehlík, Martin ; Starý, Marek (advisor) ; Kindl, Vladimír (referee)
The object of this diploma thesis is the incorporation of Luxembourg among the Lands of the Bohemian Crown. This theme was chosen primarily for the reason that it have not been compiled and analyzed by historiography so far. Available literature usually takes the incorporation of Luxembourg in the Bohemian Crown automatically as a fact without further reasoning. As a result of this approach there is considerable amount of inaccuracies and mistakes in literature. Primary inaccuracy is in a date or in a time period determining the incorporation of Luxembourg in the Bohemian Crown, when literature often indicate the reign of King Charles IV or even the reign of King John of Luxembourg. The purpose of this diploma thesis is not only analyzing the process of incorporation, but also disproves continuing inaccuracies. For this reason the diploma thesis draws and analyzes essential facts primarily from original sources and confront them with available literature. First chapter briefly introduces the institution of the Bohemian Crown for her distinguish from the Kingdom of Bohemia. Further it analyzes the terms "crown" and "incorporation". At last it describes a beginning of the Bohemian Crown and analyzes fundamental documents of this institution. Following second chapter describes the personal union...
Modeling two-phase bubble flow in microfluidics
Stehlík, Martin ; Kozák, Jiří (referee) ; Rudolf, Pavel (advisor)
The goal of submitted thesis is to perform a computer simulation of bubble creation in T-channel. In the first section of the paper, the theoretical applications of microfluidic bubble, micromachines and droplet formation are described. In the second part of the text, author uses cross flowing method for simulation od bubble creation. Furthermore, several settings in computer simulation software Fluent are mentioned. In addition, the influence of velocity at the T-channel inlet on surface tension and on bubble length is presented.
Modern technologies in retailing
The bachelor thesis is focused on modern technologies in retailing. In the beginning is an introduction, than are described selected technologies. Last of all is carried out an analysis of useres experiences with modern technologies in retail stores via a research. The research on this topic is carried out by putting specific questions related to the aims. On the basis of the research conducted I offered some suggestions which relate to an expansion of the self-checkout systems and its promotion as well in a chosen retail store.

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