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Effect of hunting pressure on microhabitat preference of red deer in the Doupov Mts.
Křivan, Lukáš ; Ježek, Miloš (advisor) ; Stanislav, Stanislav (referee)
This master thesis is focused on GPS telemetry of red deer (Cercus elaphus) in the environment of the Doupov Mountains in the Military training Hradiště. In the first part of the thesis are solution of introduction to general issues preferences and the occurrence of red deer and other related ungulates. The second part of the thesis is focused on my own research. The Positional data monitored hind Dorothy was collected in the period 1. 7. 30. 3. 2014. The aim was to determine, if the time hunting have to influence to microhabitat preferences on the hind of red deer and if the selection of posts are accidental or is influenced by the characteristics of the post. The Research conducted of data inventory from GPS using collar and of data, which arised laser air scanning the surface (technology LiDAR). For comparison and finding the preferences of the hind was created the network accidental comparative points. Field exploration and LiDAR technology consider the dependence of the average height of vegetation around of Dorothy positions the period of the year and the time of day. Data was evaluated ANOVA for the non-parametric data distribution (Kruskal-Wallisova) and the program Microsoft Excel. At each station has been carefully identified information about the location including visibility of the hunting-game device and height of stand. The results indicate that the average height of the vegetation was at the stands searched by the hind of red deer during a sunrise and a day. The lowest was in night and at sunset. The hind of red deer prefer, in hunting time during the day, thick scrub and during the night more open spaces with larger views properties, where she actively looking for food. The most preferred visibility at the time of hunting and off time hunting was to the eastern direction. The most least preferred visibility was always to the western direction. Minimum presence of the hunting-game device is in the time of hunting during at the day and sunrise, maximum at night. This behavior was probably caused increased hunting activity. The results of the thesis may be used in forestry management, for forest protection and by planning of hunting management of the red deer populations.
Issue of Shadow Banking and Hedge Funds
Vrána, Jakub ; Ulrich, Milan (advisor) ; Stanislav, Stanislav (referee)
This thesis is focused on issue of Shadow banking and Hedge funds. The first chapters of this thesis are dedicated to analysis of this topic from the perspective of different definitions, entities, instruments, activities or problematic aspects. It may give an own notion to the reader about this topic. Size estimation of Shadow banking in the Czech Republic is done in further chapters of this thesis. According to available sources this estimation has not been done yet by anyone. In connection with Hedge funds is tested a strategy that is considered as one of the most used in this sphere.
Importance of communication elements for management
Valeš, Jan ; Fiedler, Jiří (advisor) ; Stanislav, Stanislav (referee)
This thesis deals with the importance of communication elements for managerial activities. It focuses on the various forms and types of communication, identifies the specific elements that occur in the communication process of managers and determines the specific communication barriers that managers face. Formally, this thesis is divided into two parts. The first part consists of the theoretical background and the current state of the problem and the following part contains the own work based on primary research. Data for the research have been obtained from selected respondents who have participated on the survey. Subsequently, findings have been evaluated in order to determine the importance of the managerial communication elements to their work, meaning and use forms of communication, content of communication as well as communication channels.
Importance of communication elements for management
Holeček, Petr ; Fiedler, Jiří (advisor) ; Stanislav, Stanislav (referee)
The thesis deals with communication in managerial practice. The aim is to identify the importance managers attach to specific elements of communication. Each of us sees communications as natural and normal activity. However, communication should always correspond to what purpose is served and what style should be used. In conjunction with the management of activities is already communicating on a higher level with its specific aspects. Now setting effective communication is essential for the operation of the company, which alone can compete. Communication is also also an important part of company activities, since it is managerial communication significantly affects not only the prosperity of the company and its operations, but also employee satisfaction and the ability to motivate and to achieve the goals. Managerial communication also helps to manage communications managers and develop their skills. Outputs, which can be obtained by processing data can serve seam managers involved in the research, using data which we obtained via questionnaire. They can then apply not only in their work but also for other workers in the company.
Influence of communication elements on interpersonal behaviour
Rosendorfská, Žaneta ; Fiedler, Jiří (advisor) ; Stanislav, Stanislav (referee)
This dissertation deals with the topic of the influence of communications elements on interpersonal role of manager. One of the managers priority skills is to be able to use communication that serves as the main tool for managing follow-up activities and creates early his entire workload. The dissertation is composed of two parts. Theoretical concepts such as management, managers roles and functions, forms of communication and the use of communication in the managers work are explained by a study of academic literature in the first part of the dissertation. The practical part of the dissertation is based on qualitative research using a questionnaire aimed at managers in the chosen organization Service Centre for Road Transport. This method was chosen because of the possibility of gaining a large amount of information and data in a very short period of time, maintaining anonymity and speed in analysing the information obtained. Outputs are evaluated and graphically processed.
Importance of communication elements for management
Fidlerová, Iveta ; Fiedler, Jiří (advisor) ; Stanislav, Stanislav (referee)
The importance of communication elements for management is a diploma thesis consisting of two parts: literary recherche, and pratictal part. The first part is about mastering theory and knowledge of the given matters. The literary recherche sets the matter within a broader theory frame - human communication and management chapter. These chapters are dealt with from general definitions to more specific work interdepartmental communication, manager's aptitude etc. The second part is practical. For its purposes a quiestionnaire covering the contents of the literary recherche was formed. This questionnaire was given to 33 respondents performing managerial roles in the researched company. The overall conclusion was based on the respondents' answers.
The Management of Credit Risk SME Segment
Ježek, Michal ; Ulrich, Milan (advisor) ; Stanislav, Stanislav (referee)
Diploma thesis Credit risk management of SME segment is engaged in the credit process in the segment of entrepreneurs and small business owners, and also part of the segment of the public and nonprofit sectors in an existing bank operating in the Czech market. In the theoretical part there are defined basic approaches in bank risk management and their divisions. Follows overview of the different approaches. Another part is more detail devoted to credit risk. Credit risk is then solved by the credit case, incl. analysis of the credit approval process. Emphasis is also placed on the rating process by which the credit approval begins and ends. The practical part of the work is focused on the analysis of product portfolio of the bank. The work deals with various credit products of the banks in this segment, in terms of supportability, delinquency, and overall risk. The second part is an analysis of the portfolio in terms of individual sectors, where are evaluated selected risky and less risky sectors.
Importance of communication elements for management
Nováková, Zdeňka ; Fiedler, Jiří (advisor) ; Stanislav, Stanislav (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the importance of various elements of communication for work of manager. Communication is important and we use it in private and in working life. This thesis is divided into two main parts. The first main part includes an overview of the solved problem that is treated on the basis of scientific literature listed in the bibliography. It contains an explanation of the concept and its management, management level, manager, managerial functions, managerial roles and leadership. Next is analyzed in detail the concept of communication, verbal and nonverbal forms and their further division. Finally there are elements of an effective communication, communication channels and the most frequent mistakes in communication. The second main part includes data obtained from a questionnaire survey of managers. Follow their analysis and statistical surveys. In conclusion these results are evaluated.
Importance of communication elements for management
Pensdorfová, Tereza ; Fiedler, Jiří (advisor) ; Stanislav, Stanislav (referee)
The diploma thesis Importance of communication elements for management is divided into four main part. The first part is defines aims of the diploma thesis and methodological approach to reach these aims. The second part is based on theoretical knowledges mainly of management. This part analyse in detail about manager work and especially about interpersonal communication. The third part contain quantitative research among selected managers and processing primary data. This part provides summarized opinions and experiences of respondent. The final part compile results of survey. Evaluation is completed by recommendation.
Importance of communication elements for management
Kopeckij, Alexandr ; Fiedler, Jiří (advisor) ; Stanislav, Stanislav (referee)
The thesis Importance of communication elements for management focuses on finding the importance of communication and communication elements, importance and use of communication forms, communicated content and channels of communication in the work of managers. The thesis is divided into a theoretical solutions and actual own work. In the first part, which deals with the literature review, there is information related to communication and management. theoretical solutions obtained in the literature research are subsequently reflected in the actual processing of the own work. Own work is processed to determine the role played by communication and its elements in the work of managers. To obtain the necessary information has been compiled questionnaire, in which the questions were based on the findings obtained in the literature research. The data obtained were subsequently analyzed.

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