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Scalable 1-out-of-k Blockchain-Based Voting with Privacy of Votes
Stančíková, Ivana ; Očenášek, Pavel (referee) ; Homoliak, Ivan (advisor)
The main subject of this work is the assessment of electronic voting systems with regard to their required and achieved properties. The goal of this project is designing an electronic voting protocol that satisfies the requirements for privacy protection while also being scalable and fault-tolerant. Existing protocols are examined and compared according to their properties. The design proposed in this work uses smart contracts on blockchain and combines the approaches from the examined solutions. Scalability is achieved by dividing the process of voting between several smart contracts. Each of these contracts carries out the voting in small scale with only a subset of voters and the partial results are then aggregated. The problem of finding a suitable platform for implementation of the proposed protocol is also addressed in this work.
Detection and Recognition of ARMD Disease Impacts to the Human Eye Retina
Stančíková, Ivana ; Semerád, Lukáš (referee) ; Drahanský, Martin (advisor)
This thesis aims to create a software able to detect symptoms of age-related macular degeneration in images of human eye retina. This condition is considered one of the leading causes of vision loss in older adults. Lesions of the macular area called drusen are the first and also the most distinctive sign of developing ARMD. The approach presented in this thesis utilizes methods of image processing and computer vision to recognize retinal structures, in particular the optical disk and blood vessels, and distinguish between these structures and actual symptoms of the disease. The evaluation of the program's success rate was performed on 692 images originating from four databases. The resulting solution has the potential to assist medical professionals with earlier diagnosis of the disease and thus contribute to prevention of severe vision loss.

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