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Transactional Analysis Approaches Aplicable in Working with Clients in Low-Treshold Addictology Services
Staňková, Nora ; Šulová, Lenka (advisor) ; Šípek, Jiří (referee) ; Kalina, Kamil (referee)
Te aim of the research dissertation thesis is to introduce transactional analysis as a practi- cal tool applicable for efective communication with clients in low-threshold addictology services. Te main objective is the discovery of ego-states that clients use in communication with employees, determining the representation of individual ego-states at both client and employee side. A partial goal is to observe the methods of communication with the client, which lead to the provision of services in the framework of Adult to Adult transactions. Te output usable in real life is a manual of communication between employees and clients using principles of transaction analysis. Te research group consists of 88 observed, recorded and evaluated interviews between employees and clients of the low-threshold addictology service Drop In Prevention and Treatment of Drug Addiction Center, specifcally in the Drop In Low-threshold Center. Tey were active users of illegal addictive substances who have requested some service from the spectrum of harm reduction services at the time of the research. Te thesis uses qualitative research in the form of text and word analysis used in the com- munication of clients and employees in the Drop In Low-threshold Center with the aim of capturing the usual communication...
The attitude of youth towards marihuana and it's usage
Nulíčková, Petra ; Niederlová, Markéta (advisor) ; Titman Staňková, Nora (referee)
This bachelor thesis is dealing with a change in attitude towards Cannabis and its consumption among young people in the Czech Republic. Primarily, it is derived from addictological texts and studies which were published in the last twenty years and which are converted into the field of psychology. The thesis contains a theoretical part represented by chapters about adolescence, cannabis, attitudes and a summarizing part compiled on the basis of survey research. The practical part of the thesis is mostly aimed at the affective component of the attitude related to Cannabis and its consumption, from the point of view of people aged between 14 and 17 in the region of Havlíčkův Brod. The research proposal is approached by the qualitative research interview or by the use of focus groups, on which basis the composition of the questionnaire, as the quantitative method for the final collection of data, is planned. The contribution of this thesis is bringing addictological studies closer to psychology and mapping of the affective component of the attitude towards Cannabis and its consumption. The identification of emotions can help with the integration of the affective component into current research and it can also be instrumental in understanding the reasons of young people for a repetitive taking of this...
Analysis of communication of clients in Low-Treshold center Drop In with transaction analysis approach
Titman Staňková, Nora ; Kalina, Kamil (advisor) ; Libra, Jiří (referee)
5 Abstrakt Objectives of the Paper Description of typical communication patterns amongst employees and different types of clients in Low-threshold Centre Drop In o.p.s. displayed on individual case studies; analysis of sub- sequently recorded communication using the methods and concepts of Transactional Analysis. Recommendations for more effective communication between staff and the clients. Integration of the paper as an annex to the Operational Manual of Low-threshold Centre Drop In o.p.s. as an educational document, examining specificities of communication, its pitfalls and difficulties, including promises and possibilities in the organization. Sample File Ten individual case reports, described in a form of multiple case studies, that represent the kinds of clients with whom staff of Low-threshold Centre Drop In o.p.s. often come into contact. The specific content of each case was shaped by compiling many real-life situations, showing particular clients' position. Data Processing Methods Content and form of communication was analyzed using the methods of Transactional Analy- sis, monitoring specific communication patterns, presented in a form of multiple case studies. Individual case reports were situationally analyzed using Transactional Analysis concepts and data were inserted into spreadsheet. Each...
Fetal hemoglobin in myelodysplastic syndrome patients.
Staňková, Nora ; Beličková, Monika (advisor) ; Brdička, Radim (referee)
5 Abstract Aims Determination of gene expression of HBG1 gamma globin in myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) patients in CD34+ pluripotent hæmatopoietic cells and connection of HBG1 gene expression with various subtypes of MDS. Furthermore, detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms rs 4671393 and rs 11886868 in these patients and in healthy Czech population donors and to determine whether a connection exists between the occurrence of the above polymorphisms and HBG1 gene over-expression, as demonstrated in some hæmatological disorders. Samples The source of genetic material to identify gene expression were 80 HBG1 RNA samples isolated from the pluripotent hematopoietic CD34+ cells of MDS patients. As a sample of healthy controls, 6 samples of commercially purchased CD 34+ cells from the Lonza com- pany were used. The source of genetic material for the detection of polymorphisms were 140 DNA samples isolated from purified granulocytes of MDS patients and 49 samples of DNA isolated from peripheral blood granulocytes from healthy Czech population donors. Methods Real-Time PCR was used to determine HBG1 gene expression and detection of single nu- cleotide polymorphisms. Taqman Gene Expression Assay was used to determine the level of expression and the results were evaluated using the comparative ΔΔCT method....

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