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The comparison of Czech and French employment relationship
Nemčoková, Karolína ; Soušková, Milena (advisor) ; Spirit, Michal (referee)
The topic of my master thesis is the comparison of Czech and French employment relationship. The main aim of this work is to compare the Czech and French regulation of individual labour relations, describe the most significant similarities and differences in commencement and termination of employment relationships and propose how selected countries could inspire one another. Firstly, the work briefly describes the historical development of labour law and defines basic concepts of labour law, its functions and legal sources. Secondly, the work has focused on definition of employment relation with emphasis on individual labour relations and legal entities. The thesis analyses mainly two institutes of Czech and French labour law: commencement and termination of an employment relationship. The main part of this work deals with the comparison of selected institutes of the Czech and French Labour Code in order to highlight their most important similarities and differences. The conclusion includes summary and evaluation of the hypothesis set out in the introduction to the thesis.
Labor Law and Employment agencies
Blažková, Jana ; Soušková, Milena (advisor) ; Spirit, Michal (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on a labor law and employment agencies. The aim of this thesis is to reveal the HR system of selected companies with regards to the employment agencies. Thesis is divided into two parts. Firts part provides a terminological basis and legal terminology for practical part. The practical part deals with analyzing activities of HR departments and systems of addressing potential employees. Practical part also contains working conditions of employers and their motivation systems. There are two types of materials. First of them are in-depth data obtained from interviews made with representatives of the HR departments and second of them are taken from my quantatitative research taken among potential employees. By comparing obtained information there is an evaluation of effectiveness of companies approach.
Financing of the pension system in the Czech Republic and related issues
Cardová, Hana ; Kačírková, Eliška (advisor) ; Soušková, Milena (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the pension system in the Czech Republic and focuses on its financing and related issues. The objective of this thesis is to introduce the pension system, its financing and analyse problems that currently system is facing. The most important issues are demographic trends and deficit financing. The thesis presents proposals of solutions.
The liability of the employee for the damages
Filipová, Kateřina ; Soušková, Milena (advisor) ; Spirit, Michal (referee)
The thesis is devoted to employee s liability for damages. The first chapter describes a system of labour law and its main sources. The successive chapter discusses the employment, defines its subject, object and content, and briefly defines the basic types of employment. Another chapter is devoted to responsibility as such, followed by a chapter focusing on responsibility in labour relations. An important part of this thesis is the types of labour employee s liability for damages and compensation. The work also briefly discusses the possibility of liability s insurance and moderation. The last chapter deals with specific fields examples, which is the basis for evaluation of legislation and recommendations for employees and employers.
Bullying in labour law relations
Žák, Jakub ; Soušková, Milena (advisor) ; Spirit, Michal (referee)
Problematics of bullying in labour law relations is very actual topic. The main aim of this thesis is to demonstrate that presence of bullying in Czech labour law relations is not on retreat but quite opposite despite all efforts to eradicate it. First of all, in first two chapters there are defined basic concepts closely linked to problematics of bullying and then there are examinations of bullying related legislation on international, European and national levels. Result of third chapter is comprehensive summary of available means which victims of discrimination or bullying in work space can use to defend themselves. Practical part based on survey from years 2011, 2013 and 2015 deals with individual occurrences of bullying incidents in Czech labour law relations, average frequency and duration of those incidents and also ways victims of bullying in work space proceed in solving it.
Evaluation and Remuneration of Employees
Faltusová, Denisa ; Legnerová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Soušková, Milena (referee)
The topic of this thesis is evaluation and remuneration of employees. The thesis is divided into two parts. The theoretical part is focused on system of evaluation and remuneration of employees in general, their importance, meaning and continuity. The practical part includes a study of particular company and a questionnaire survey. Its goal is to find out the opinion of the employees and then to analyze the current situation and suggest corrective actions that should contribute to improvement of the system and to satisfaction of the employees.
Termination of employment
Kozel, Jiří ; Soušková, Milena (advisor) ; Spirit, Michal (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to analyse the new Czech civil law reformed by the new civil codex launched in 2012 and its impact on Czech labour law, especially focusing on different methods of the termination of employment. First Chapter is general and deals with determining relations and definitions that the labour law is based on and the principal chapters are to record of recent changes that have occured in the termination of employment and to state its conclusions.
Occupational relations with a foreign subject
Bruzková, Nela ; Soušková, Milena (advisor) ; Marková, Hana (referee)
The Master s thesis presents and summarizes problematic areas of the Czech legislation related to the occupational relations with a foreign subject. Essential literature used for this purpose were Employment of foreigners and sending employees and self-employed abroad. 2nd update. ed. written by P. Boušková and International employment, posting and hiring workers, 1st edition, written by L. Rytířová and J. Teperové. However it was necessary to draw on bilateral agreements and legislation, both Czech and international. The content has been structured into five main chapters, the first one is devoted to the legal regulation of occupational relations with a foreign subject, the second chapter contains analysis of labor migration and its problems. The third and fourth delineated a structure of employment and social security. Final chapter is devoted to the migration of Czech citizens abroad. The various major chapters have been divided into subchapters which followed the different parts of the main topic in detail.
Employee Liability for damage
Tran Thi Thuy, Linh ; Soušková, Milena (advisor) ; Spirit, Michal (referee)
This bachelor thesis adresses the liability of an employee for damage and is primarily focused on liability for the deficit on fiduciary values that the employee is obliged to bill. The thesis comprises of 5 chapters. The first chapter introduces the general term of responsibility and legal liability. Second chapter focuses on liability in labor law and third chapter is already adressing liability for damage. Liability of the employee will be discussed in fourth chapter with a focus on the deficit on fiduciary values that the employee is required to bill. Based on the jurisprudence and professional articles, I will will study to which extent is right to require a liability after an employee and how and under which circumstances can be an employee released from it. In order to fulfill my aims I also analysed the chosen court judgment of the High Court of the Czech republic.
Occupational safety and health
Laurinová, Denisa ; Spirit, Michal (advisor) ; Soušková, Milena (referee)
The theme of this thesis is occupational safety and health. The thesis contains legislation of occupational health and safety, basic concepts related to this topic, occupational health and safety management, risk analysis methods. The second part is focused on occupational safety and health at manufacturing company. In this section, the functioning of OSH in the company through internal documents and questionnaires is analyzed. Also in the conclusion are suggested possible improvements of occupational health and safety.

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