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Free time of clients in an educational institution
SOUČKOVÁ, Kateřina
The bachelor's thesis explores the topic of leisure time for juvenile clients in educational institutions. Leisure time plays a crucial role in the development of juveniles, but limited opportunities can negatively impact their mental and physical well-being. The thesis focuses on providing diverse activities, including sports and culture, to support personal development. The theoretical part defines key terms, while the practical part presents research results with proposals for educational institutions. The thesis provides insights for implementing new leisure programs to enhance the quality of life for clients in educational institutions.
Copyright infringement using cyberspace
Součková, Kateřina ; Gřivna, Tomáš (advisor) ; Richter, Martin (referee)
5 Abstract Copyright infringement using cyberspace The topic of this diploma thesis is copyright infringement within cyberspace. The author aims to define the current approach to the liability of individual Internet users and Internet service providers for copyright infringement, especially in the context of criminal liability. In the introductory chapter, the thesis deals with the concept of cyberspace, its distinction from the Internet, and the development of law therein. The author then expands on the topic of development of the scope of law on the Internet in the following chapter, where she focuses on the applicable law for non-contractual obligations arising from Internet copyright infringement. The current approach to determining the international jurisdiction of courts is then outlined. The scope of criminal law in cyberspace is covered in the next chapter when the relevant provisions of the Cybercrime Convention are discussed. In the next part of the thesis, the author focuses on the crime of copyright infringement, the element of not insignificant interference according to the Czech Criminal Code, and cases of its fulfillment within the Internet network. Concerning the nature of the Internet, the copyright law, its subject matter, content, exceptions, and limitations are then defined. In the...
Discrimination in the Labour Market
SOUČKOVÁ, Kateřina
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to analyse the current state of discrimination in the labour market and to propose possible measures to reduce discrimination and all forms of harassment. At first the work describes the basic definitions of discrimination and different types of harassment in the workplace. The methodology is ensured by a questionnaire survey among 185 respondents of all ages and social groups. To reduce both discrimination and its impact on society, this work results in concrete recommendations such as vocational training to take preventive measures against all forms of harassment and discrimination in the workplace as well as consistent monitoring of work background in the context of job satisfaction, which is important for good performance of workers.
Support for pupils with specific learning disabilities at the 2nd level of a selected primary school
Součková, Kateřina ; Bartoňová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Hádková, Kateřina (referee)
The thesis focuses on the identification of support for pupils with specific learning disabilities at a selected elementary school. The theoretical chapters are focused on defining the terms of specific learning disabilities, their aetiology, defining individual types of learning disabilities, their diagnoses and the possibilities of their re-education and intervention. It also deals with the system of education and legislation in the Czech Republic, basic education with the framework educational programme for basic education, the counselling system in schools and school counselling facilities. It focuses on the personality of a pupil with SLD, their education and types of learning preferences. The thesis presents a research investigation focused on the implementation of support for pupils with SLD, which was carried out at an elementary school for pupils with specific learning disabilities using semi-structured interviews, observations and a questionnaire survey. At the end of the thesis, partial research questions concerning the support and motivation of pupils with SLD at a selected elementary school are answered. KEY WORDS specific learning disabilities, school special educator, supporting measures, education, counselling system, special educational methods
Utilization of Foster Care for Interim Period at Sanitation of Family
SOUČKOVÁ, Kateřina
The thesis has a theoretical section and a practical section. The theoretical part defines the key concepts: family, dysfunctional family, family rehabilitation, social and legal child protection, social and legal child protection tools, substitute family care, and temporary foster care. The practical part analyses statistical data from the Regional Authority of the South Bohemian Region, Substitute Family Care Department, over the six years that temporary foster care has been provided by the Authority. It focuses on clients who returned to their biological families. The objective of the research is to identify and describe efficient tools for successful rehabilitation of children who have been placed in foster care in the South Bohemian Region.
The forest ecosystem in science and biology teaching
Součková, Kateřina ; Řezníček, Jan (referee) ; Skýbová, Jana (advisor)
Inhalt meiner Diplomarbeit ist die Feststellung, inwiefern die Problematik des Waldökosystems in den Lehrplänen der Naturkunde und Biologie an den Grundschulen und in den niedrigeren Schuljahren des Mehrjahresgymnasiums einbezogen ist und wie diese Problematik in den Naturkunde- und Biologielehrbüchern in der Tschechischen Republik und in Deutschland vertreten ist. Nächstes Kapitel meiner Diplomarbeit ist dem eigenen Waldökosystem, der Verbreitung und den Waldtypen in der Tschechischen Republik gewidmet. Im praktischen Teil widme ich mich dem Projekt "Waldschule". Dieses Projekt ist für die Schüler der zweiten Stufe der Grundschule und für die Schüler der niedrigeren Schuljahre des Gymnasiums bestimmt. Es handelt sich um ein langfristiges Projekt der ganzen Schule. Zu seiner Realisierung ist die Zusammenarbeit von fast ganzem Lehrerkollegium nötig. Tragkonstruktion des Projektes, welches in 10 Etappen aufgegliedert ist (nach Monaten des Schuljahres), sind Themen, die den gebildeten Schülergruppen nach ihrer Zielrichtung und Niveau der Kenntnisse vergeben sind. Zum Schluss jeden Monats präsentieren die Schüler Ergebnisse ihrer Arbeit und ausgewählter Projektkoordinator erteilt nach Absprache mit anderen Lehrern Punkte für die am besten geleistete Arbeit. Powered by TCPDF (
Media review of environmental activism during the D8 motorway building
Součková, Kateřina ; Macků, Lucie (advisor) ; Šoltys, Otakar (referee)
Master thesis Media review of environmental activism during the D8 motorway building focuses on media review of longlasting dispute about building the D8 motorway. Using content analysis, it aims to describe how the activists are presented and reviewed by media. Theoretical part focuses on theory of mediation, media effects, news values and construction of reality. Then it concerns with environmental journalism as a branch of journalism practice. Historical overview of D8 construction is also mentioned. The practical part implements the main research - content analysis of the 10 years long period, with regard to 2003 - 2005 and 2011 - 2013 periods. The research has shown that media coverage was really strong during these periods. Media seek for objectivity but nevertheless, the final review is barely negative.
Documentary theatre
Součková, Kateřina ; ETLÍK, Jaroslav (advisor) ; CÍSAŘ, Jan (referee)
Master thesis Documentary theatre, documentary and theatre deals with condracition contained in a term "documentary theatre". It examines, how is the function of "documentary" influenced by being part of a dramatic piece, which is as a piece of art essencially artificiel and based on a duality of original and sign. It investigates documentary theatre based on so called "experts of the everyday", which replaces a professional actor by a witnesses, personally related with a documented reality. This theatre by its changement of a key component of theatre brings a princip of "staging reality" to its certain peak. In the first part of this thesis we characterise a field of examinated topic and we confront it with a related branches (like a realism, a documentary film and an oral history), which helps us to characterise it thourgh a diversity of different perspectives. In its second part we analyse two contemporary czech documentary performances dealing with "experts": Vadí/nevadí of Jana Svobodová and 4. svět of Tereza Durdilová. In its third part we explore our topic from the point of view of czech theory of theatre, represented in this work by Otakar Zich, Jan Císař, Ivo Osolsobě and Jaroslav Etlík, focusing on the problematic of reception of sign and original on a theatre scene.

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