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The Development Of The Model Of PV System For Electric Water Heating
Sochor, Tomas
Generally, this paper informs about a concepts of the system for electric water heating which contains photovoltaic (PV) panels. Furthermore, the paper describes chosen concept in detail and it shows proposed model in software PSCAD. Finally, it brings and discusses first acheived results of the simulation of PV subsystem for different operational conditions.
Design of Protection Relays for MV Distribution Grid
Sochor, Tomáš ; Bukvišová, Zuzana (referee) ; Toman, Petr (advisor)
The master´s thesis deals with the design of medium voltage power line protection and the calculation of reliability indicators. First, it deals with the possibilities of power system operation. Subsequently, it divides the networks according to the grounding of the transformer node and the switching elements and devices occurring in the MV distribution network are mentioned. It presents the basic classification of power line protection and its use, especially it focuses on overhead and cable MV power lines. It also discusses the reliability of the power supply and lists the basic reliability indicators and their possible calculation. The practical part describes the changes in the considered area of the distribution network, where the reconstruction of the power line VN872 and a new way of powering the village Drnholec will take place. The impact of this change on the reliability of the supplied energy is also calculated. Furthermore, the protection of the power line is designed and the correctness of its setting is then verified on the model in the PSS Sincal software.
Formal and spatial properties of pottery findings from the archaeological research in Hvožďany (Tábor district) from 2009.
Annotation The aim of this bachelor thesis is to process the archaeological material from the archaeological site in Hvozdany. All the material is processed in a database which is a part of the attachment. This thesis compares the results of my database with the results of the plant macroremains analysis and charcoal analysis. The descriptive system from O. Chvojka was used for the analysis of ceramic fragments.
The development of the model of PV system for electric water heating
Sochor, Tomáš ; Radil, Lukáš (referee) ; Ptáček, Michal (advisor)
This thesis deals with designing of a model of a photovoltaic system for domestic water heating in program PSCAD. In theoretical part, an analysis of photovoltaic systems regarding their connection to electrical grid is made. Then a description of chosen concepts of photovoltaic systems for domestic water heating is made. Furthemore, a photovoltaic cell is described with regard to its mathematical description and influence of different parameters on its volt-ampere characteristics. Also, a common topologies of DC-DC converters are described. Control is also related to these converters, that is why a fundamental MPPT algorithms are described. Practical part deals with designing of chosen concepts of photovoltaic systems for domestic water heating in program PSCAD. A basic simulations with regard to behavior of these systems are performed, especially a relationship with respect to irradiance and temperature. Simulations are then discussed in the conclusion.
VAT fraud elimination
Sochor, Tomáš ; Moravec, Lukáš (advisor) ; Iveta, Iveta (referee)
This dissertation is about problems of tax evasion on VAT. The aim is to confirm hypothesis that subjects which are committing fraud on VAT have many of the identical characteristics. Another goal is to determine this identical characteristics. The theoretical part of this dissertation contains introduction into VAT problematic with emphasis on carousel fraud, where are presented individual parts of carousel chain and approaches which administrators of tax are using. In Analytical part of dissertation, which form a basis of this work, are analysed data from 50 real tax control. This data are analysed and searched for identical characteristics of VAT fraud. By using regression analysis is searched bond strength of this characteristics to amount of assessed tax. In conclusion are evaluated results from analytical part of this dissertation.
Bucket elevator
Sochor, Tomáš ; Malášek, Jiří (referee) ; Jonák, Martin (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is a design of a vertical bucket elevator which is to be used to transport cereal. The transport height is nineteen meters and transport capacity one hundred tons per hour. This thesis consists of a description of the vertical bucket elevator and its main parts which are mentioned in the introductory list. The thesis deals with functional and capacitive calculations, determining a drive and a tensioning device. Another calculation has the function of control a drive shaft, calculation of spring, lifespan of bearings and a calculation of the tensioning device. In addition, there is a design study according to the assignment.

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