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Podmínky pro živnostenské podnikání v České republice
Smutná, Jana
Smutná, J., Conditions for licensed trade in the Czech Republic. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2017. Bachelor Thesis The conditions for the licensed trade in the Czech Republic focuses on the complexity of the business in the Czech Republic compared and other states. The comparison is based on Doing Business report 2017 The chapter Survey of literature focuses on the history of business in the Czech Republic, explains the basic concepts of business and analyzes the Doing Business report. The chapter Authors work is divided into three parts. The first part focuses on comparison of the complexity of the business in the Czech Republic to other states. The second part contains analysis of the econometric time series of the amount of tradesmen in the Czech Republic between years 2010 and 2016. And the last part deals with the cost and mainly comparison of the tax burden on the trader and on the limited liability company.
Omezování obchodní činnosti prostřednictvím zakázaných dohod
Smutná, Jana
Smutná, J. Restricting business through prohibited agreements. Diploma thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2020 The thesis deals with the issue of protection of competition. Particular at-tention is paid to prohibited agreements. In the first part of the thesis are defined the basic concept of competition. The second part describes practical examples. Based on the information obtained, recommendations are proposed and risks of prohibited agreements are identified.
Forms of provision of pre-hospital emergency care applied to the foreign missions by the Army of the Czech Republic
The thesis deals with the forms of provision of pre-hospital emergency care (PEC) by paramedics of the Army of the Czech Republic (ACR) and this means above all those forms of PEC which are provided by Combat Medic and Combat Lifesaver (a Combat Lifesaver trained soldier). With regard to the terminology and conception of the thesis comprising the areas of providing PEC, the thesis deals with the levels 1 3 outfeed chain, consequently with the care of the patient to the relevant Role 1 including. The aim of the thesis was to show the basic differences in providing PEC by the Army of the Czech Republic in comparison with the system of emergency medical services of the Czech Republic and then to find out what the specific qualifications for a paramedic´s profession are. I tried to demonstrate this knowledge both by the practical part of the thesis and by its theoretical part.The theoretical part deals with the problems of reaching the paramedic post of the ACR either the Combat Medic or Combat Lifesaver, by required education and necessary courses. Then the thesis deals with providing PEC in the battlefield, up to Role 1, when the wounded person is given the first aid by paramedics. The practical part meant the qualitative research in the form of semi-structured interview and research questions. There I managed to achieve particular aims of the thesis thanks to the interviews with the respondents of the medical personnel of the ACR and the respondents of emergency medical services. All the inverviewed medical personnel of the ACR had to participate in at least one foreign mission. Among the respondents were both the CLS trained soldiers, Combat Medics, and even one medical corps doctor. The thesis is a contribution to the paramedics of the ACR and paramedics in general who could learn more about the problems of providing PEC in extreme circumstances or possibly consolidate the knowledge they have. The research showed that the basic differences in providing PEC between the interviewed groups (it means the military paramedics and paramedics) are above all external factors, the terrain, and material or even the kind of wound or the hierarchy of the medical personnel of the foreign mission. The research also outlines the specifics necessary for exercising an ACR paramedic´s profession, and those are the courses they take before a foreign mission.
Imigrace do Švédského království
Smutná, Jana
The aim of this Master thesis is to evaluate the development of immigration on the basis of available statistical data in the Kingdom of Sweden from the period between 2005 and 2014. From the statistical data, i. e. graphs and tables, evaluates questions mainly about the source countries of immigrants, the number of immigrants in the Kingdom of Sweden, illegal immigration, the historical development of immigration and the residence permits and work permits issues. The thesis also deals with the forecast of immigration to the country, using a linear trend. The descriptive method and interpolation were also used. Based on the analysis, it was found that the number of immigrants to the Kingdom of Sweden is increasing and will exceed 2 million inhabitants in 2024. Most immigrants come in recent years from African countries, especially from Syria. Residence permits are mostly issued for the purpose of family reunification. Males outweighs in the number of asylum applications. Immigration can have both positive and negative impacts. To the positive impacts belong population growth, especially in the working age population, to the negative increase of unemployment and the costs of social benefits.

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5 SMUTNÁ, Jana
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