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Myth as a Psychological Phenomenom and its Importance to the Modern Man from the Perspective of C. G. Jung.
Najbrt, Tomáš ; Vojtíšek, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Šusta, Marek (referee) ; Slezáčková, Alena (referee)
UNIVERZITA KARLOVA EVANGELICKÁ TEOLOGICKÁ FAKULTA Dizertační práce MÝTUS JAKO PSYCHOLOGICKÝ FENOMÉN A JEHO VÝZNAM PRO MODERNÍHO ČLOVĚKA Z POHLEDU C. G. JUNGA Tomáš Najbrt Katedra religionistiky Vedoucí práce: doc. PhDr. Zdeněk Vojtíšek, Ph. D. Studijní program: Teologie Studijní obor: Historická teologie a teologie náboženství Praha 2020 Summary This work deals with three main areas: myth, human psychology and Carl Gustav Jung's personality. It deals with the contradiction between the rational evaluation of myth and its actual influence on shaping the ideas of the modern man about the world that surrounds him, and the creation of new myths in modern times. It shows the influence of myths containing archaic symbols and archetypes on the conscious and unconscious psychic processes of man and their interaction on the border of human psychology and psychology of religion. It also presents the possibilities of mythical and religious traditions for understanding the identity of modern man and his life.
Pozitivní psychologie – věda o štěstí
Slezáčková, Alena
Nový směr v psychologii, snažící se na základě poznatků a metod psychologického zkoumání zmapovat souvislosti fenoménu „štěstí“.
Impact of late effects severity of anticancer therapy on subjective quality of life of childhood cancer survivors
Blatný, Marek ; Kepák, T. ; Sobotková, Veronika ; Jelínek, Martin ; Slezáčková, Alena ; Bartošová, Kateřina ; Tóthová, K.
Psychosocial problems of patients who underwent childhood malignancy treatment are together with health problems the most severe consequences of anticancer therapy. In this study, we deal with relationship between severity of late effects and subjective quality of life of childhood cancer survivors. The sample consisted of 95 cancer survivors (47 boys and 48 girls) aged 13 to 19 who were in remission for 2 to 5 years at the time of examination. To measure quality of life we used the Minnesota-Minneapolis Quality of Life Instrument (MMQL), severity of late effects we assessed on 4-point scale in accordance with CTCAE (Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events v3.0). Severity of late effects of anticancer therapy influences negatively physical functioning, cognitive functioning, body image and social functioning. Psychological (emotional) functioning and outlook of life are not significantly impacted by severity of late effects.
Psychological predictors and correlates of subjectively assessed health problems: a longitudinal perspective
Slezáčková, Alena ; Millová, Katarína ; Blatný, Marek ; Jelínek, Martin
The study examines the psychological correlates of health problems in people of middle age and their predictors in adolescence. The sample consisted of 74 participants (32 men and 42 woman aged from 41 to 44 years) who participate in the longitudinal study running from 1961. An analysis of data obtained using the methods EPI, SOC, NEO, TCI, Logo-test and Health questionnaire revealed that the most significant predictor of health problems in adulthood is extraversion at age 16. We found in middle age connections between psychosomatic problems and the degree of extraversion, neuroticism, Sense of Coherence and self-directedness. Specific health problems (pain, shortness of breath) in middle age are also connected to the degree of existential frustration and self-directedness. The results of this study highlight the importance of studying the psychological correlates and predictors of health status of individuals in adulthood.
The 15th European Conference on Personality: Program and Abstract
Blatný, Marek ; Hřebíčková, Martina ; Kouřilová, Sylvie ; Slezáčková, Alena ; Květon, Petr ; Vobořil, Dalibor
The 15th European Conference on Personality (ECP15) was held in Brno, Czech Republic, July 20-24, 2010. The conference was organized by the European Association of Personality Psychology together with the Institute of Psychology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. The programme of the ECP15 included contributions on distinctive personality issues, such as personality genetics, personality and behavioral control, neurophysiology of intelligence, and methodological issues of personality research. Furthermore, presenters introduced their findings about personality and social relationships, developmental aspects of personality, as well as personality and cultural differences. The ECP 15 also hosted dialogues between personality psychology and newly established theoretical approaches such as positive psychology.
Positive psychology – possibilities, challenges, opportunities
Slezáčková, Alena
Positive psychology is an actual and fast-developing movement of current world psychology. It is focused mainly on studying and supporting positive aspects of individual personality and society, and as such contributes on forming a holistic picture of psyche by adding previously omitted positive topics. In this paper, we introduce the foundations and history of positive psychology, we present its prime movers in the world and suggest possible applications of positive psychology in the Czech Republic. We summarise the existing work of Czech and Slovak authors, which is focused on positive psychology topics, and we suggest possibilities of concrete applications of this approach in education, schooling, counselling and therapy. We introduce the goals of a newly created positive psychology working group by Czech-Moravian Psychological Society, and we suggest possibilities of interdisciplinary collaboration.
The effect of child’s oncological disease on parent’s quality of life
Slezáčková, Alena ; Blatný, Marek ; Kepák, T.
We analyzed the impact of child’s oncological disease on parent’s quality of life (QoL). 120 parents of childhood cancer survivors 2 to 9 years after the treatment entered the study within 2006-2009. We used free responses method for description and subjective evaluation of positive and negative influence of child’s illness on particular domains of family life. Content analysis was used for analyzing the statements. Main positive and negative impacts of child’s illness on parent’s QoL were identified. Basic domains of posttraumatic growth PTG (changed self-perception , new possibilities, changes in interpersonal relations and spirituality, greater respect for life) and their bio-psycho-social determinants were distinguished. Statistically significant relations with the predominance of given positive aspects over negative ones were determined with respect to respondents’ age, time lapsed from the completion of active treatment and seriousness of late effects of child’s treatment.
Posttraumatic growth in parents of oncologically ill children
Slezáčková, Alena ; Blatný, Marek ; Kepák, T. ; Vlčková, I. ; Jelínek, Martin ; Pilát, M. ; Navrátilová, P. ; Kárová, Š. ; Štěrba, J.
The study is a part of study QOLOP and analyses positive and negative psychological changes in parents of childhood cancer survivors. Its main goal was to identify main domains of a parents’ posttraumatic growth. The content analysis of parents´ subjective statements of percieved benefits lead to an identification of main domains of PTG (changed perception of self, changes relating to others and changed life-philosophy). Specific categories of positive psychology were distinguished and practical interventions were suggested.
The effect of relaxation training on the quality of life of elder people
Slezáčková, Alena
The paper concerns running research of the quality of life of elder people living in the retirement homes. The ways of extension of psychological care of elder people are under consideration and the influence of the specific relaxation training upon the subjectively experienced life satisfaction is to be verified.

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