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Value system and attitudes of siblings of disabled children
Slabý, Lukáš ; Šulová, Lenka (advisor) ; Krejčová, Kristýna (referee)
This diploma thesis engages in mapping the value system and attitudes of siblings of children with disabilities. In the theoretical part of the thesis, the concept of values, value system and the main theories of the system are introduced with emphasis on factors influencing the individual value system, especially socialization in developmental periods, family, school and media. Thereafter, the thesis focuses on family with children with disabilities and siblings of such children. The section concludes with several researches done in this area. The empirical part presents a mixed design research, in which 20 siblings of disabled children aged 6 to 15 years participated. A questionnaire was used to collect the quantitative data and a semi-structured interview for the qualitative portion. The results from the quantitative part show life priorities of disabled children's siblings, what they do not tolerate and what they appreciate on others, as well. The results from the qualitative part shows themes often mentioned by siblings of disabled children, what feelings they have regarding their siblings, and their sibling relationship, also.
Archaeological finds as a source for dating and reconstruction of life in medieval castles (Tower gate of outer bailey at the Zlenice Castle by Senohraby)
SLABÝ, Lukáš
A subject matter of the Bachelor´s Thesis is to give an general knowledge about interdisciplinary research and contemporary cognizance situation of the Zlenice Castle in the Central Bohemia. A goal of the thesis is to make a contribution to a reconstruction of living in this castle by the analysis of archeological findings. It also focuses on detailed assessment of the gateway. Basic issues include a reconstruction of a possible design and equipment of the mentioned gateway. Last but not least, the thesis focuses on the downfall period of the Zlenice Castle and its proofs in the material culture. and findings of archeological researches.
Neural correlates of emotional facial expressions perception
SLABÝ, Lukáš
This thesis deals with differences of perception of facial emotional expressions at the neural level. The theoretical part contains information about emotions, their basic theories and six basic emotional expressions. Furthermore, the theoretical part clarifies electroencephalography - the method of recording electrical activity of the brain and event-related potentials (ERP). The practical part is focused on the experiment, whose aim is to describe the differences in the event-realted potentials of perception of facial emotional expressions and neutral expression, to compare the event-related potentials of perception of positive and negative emotions and to compare event-related potentials of two databases of facial emotional expressions (WSEFEP, KDEF) which were used in this experiment. 13 subject participes in this experiment. The subjects were exposed to visual stimuli (facial emotional expressions) and the EEG signal were simultaneously recorded. This signal was further filtered and analyzed in Matlab and its EEGlab toolbox. A paired T-test and ANOVA were used for statistical data processing. Four hypotheses for this research were formed. The first hypothesis, which contended that the perception of facial emotional expressions would differ among each other in event-related potentials, was accepted. The second hypothesis, which claimed that there are differences in the event-related potentials of facial emotional expressions and neutral expressions, could not be accepted for lack of evidence. The third hypothesis, which asserted that there are differences in the event-related potentials of perception of positive and negative facial emotional expressions, was accepted. The fourth hypothesis, which asserted that there is a difference in the event-related potentials between the perception of facial emotional expressions from the WSEFEP database and the KDEF database, was accepted for sufficient evidence.

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