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Compensatory mechanisms in individuals with lighter forms of autistic spectre disorder in relation to gender characteristics
Semrád, Martin ; Šporclová, Veronika (advisor) ; Šírová, Eva (referee)
This thesis is concerned with compensatory mechanisms used by people with a lighter form of autism spectrum disorder (shortly ASD) in social situations. In terms of ASD, compensatory mechanisms are labeled as camouflage, because they hide symptoms of autism. Camouflage can, according to research results, complicate the diagnostic process and lead to ASD not being recognized, especially in women. The theoretical part of this thesis deals with the description of today's understanding of ASD. It shows information about the diagnostic process and the symptomatics od ASD. It also describes the differences in the severity of ASD and the different symptoms of autism in men and women. The last chapter is concerned with the issue of compensatory mechanisms and camouglage in people with ASD. The empirical part of this thesis includes a quantitative research that explored the level of camouflage in 170 respondents using a translated version of CAT-Q (Camouflaging Autistic Traits Questionnaire), that was distributed online. The results show a higher level of camouflage in people with a mild form of ASD, compared to people without ASD. The research also shows that the level of camouflage in people with ASD is higher in female respondents than in male respondents. The research found a positive correlation...
History and current approaches in Body-Psychotherapy
SEMRÁD, Martin
This bachelor thesis is a theoretical literal research focused on a psychotherapeutic way, which is called body psychotherapy or psychotherapy focused on the body. Psychotherapy focused on the body is a science, which has been evolving during the past seventy years on the basis of the results of researches in biology, anthropology, ethology, neurophysiology, neuropsychology, evolutionary psychology, neonatology and in perinatal studies. It also benefited from it's own experiences and discoveries. The thesis displays the circumstances of and the reasons for the birth of this psychotherapeutic sector and defines it's present status and position within other therapeutic systems. The thesis also states psychological and neurophysiological knowledge clarifying the relationship between human's bodily stability and physical stability, which are important for subsuming work with the body into psychotherapy. The thesis also displays, describes and compares different attitudes, which are within the body psychotherapeutic way used around the world.

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