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Image of the Czech-Australian settlement in 1871 on the site of the Viennese press
Skálová, Monika ; Sekera, Martin (advisor) ; Köpplová, Barbara (referee)
The thesis "The image of Czech-Austrian settlement in 1871 in media coverage by Viennese press" is focused on the view of German Austrians on the constitutional negotiations between the government in Vienna and the Czech political representation. The settlement consisted of a several media events reflected by major European dailies. The work examines the sight of two important Viennese newspaper - Die Neue Freie Presse and Die Presse, which were located in the center of the political focus. The research depicts period when constitutional negotiations culminated - from August to September 1871. Prior the analysis of dailies is the theoretical part describing the development of Czech-German relations, with emphasis on German nationality within the Habsburg monarchy, the development of censorship in the monarchy in the second half of the nineteenth century and the history of the examined periodicals.
Thomas G. Masaryk's journalistic activity
Marek, Jiří ; Köpplová, Barbara (advisor) ; Sekera, Martin (referee)
The Diploma thesis "Thomas G. Masaryk's journalistic activity" aims to analyze Masaryk as a journalist. The thesis describes the process of Masaryk's evolution from childhood and school years through his university studies in Vienna and Leipzig till his move to Prague, where he worked at the local university. It emphasizes all the major aspects that formed his personali-ty. It focuses mainly on his position in the magazines Athenaeum, Čas and Naše doba, which then influenced many events. The issue is settled in the historical and cultural social context of the second half of the 19th century.
Jiří Pichl-journalist and politician (1872-1952)
Kabátová, Veronika ; Köpplová, Barbara (advisor) ; Sekera, Martin (referee)
This thesis represents the first complete biography of Jiří Pichl, a journalist and politician who was born in 1872 in Česká Třebová. Pichl started writing for a regional newspaper after finishing high school, in the times of progressive movement that was calling for a change in the status of Czech lands within the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, and expansion of voting rights. In the beginning of the 20th century he became the reporter in charge with a Czech National Social Party newspaper in Prague. He was also working with several papers published by the Melantrich publishing house. His journalism career peeked when he became a chair of the Czechoslovak Journalists Syndicate where he achieved pension insurance for journalists. During the First Republic, Pichl also started his political career. He became the first mayor of Královské (Royal) Vinohrady after the political overturn. Later he also became a senator of the National Assembly. As a politician he was also looking after the interests of journalists. He was very vocal in calling for a new press law. For many years, he was also a chair of the Central Workers' School. He lost all of his functions during the World War II as he never collaborated with the Nazi regime. The media at the time were celebrating Jiří Pichl. He was portrayed as friendly,...
The structure of trade-unionistical press between 1945-1948
Seemanová, Petra ; Köpplová, Barbara (advisor) ; Sekera, Martin (referee)
This diploma thesis "Structure of Trade-Unionstical Press Between 1945-1948" is focused on the period from May 1945 till 25th October 1948. The first part is mainly concentrated on the situation within this period. At first it was needed to mention the political background and afterwards the proces of the formation of "ROH" (Revolutional Trade-Unions) itself. There are introduced the heads of "ÚRO" (Central Council of the Trade-Unions), who had influence in shaping the trade press. In particular there is noted the charakter of Otakar Wünsch - editor URO and President of the Association of Czech contemporary journalists.On his example here is shown the influence of KSČ (Communist Party) on the members of another political parties going through Trade-Union as well. This work is also trying to highlight the links with trade union politics, specifically the policy of the Communist Party and their influence on post-war press. The following are mentioned as well the problems that accompanied the beginnings of print publishing of trade press. They concerned mainly the lack of qualified journalists, the economic situation of individual journals and their readers. The second part describes the structure of the Trade Union's press. The press was divided into basic categories: newspapers, press for officers,...
Election of president Emil Hácha and his image in the media in contemporary newspapers at the turn of 1938-1939
Zdeňková, Aneta ; Bednařík, Petr (advisor) ; Sekera, Martin (referee)
Bachelor thesis "Election of president Emil Hacha and his media image in period newspapers at turn of 1938 - 1939" deals with the acceptance of Munich Agreement which meant passing our border territory on to Nazi Germany. The thesis deals with Edvard Benes abdication and with factors of the nomination, vote and presidential work of newly elected president Emil Hacha. The thesis shows Hacha's election, his media image in the period newspapers and the circumstances and effects of his leading political position in Czechoslovakia from December 16, 1938 when Hacha became a potential presidential candidate to March 16, 1939 when the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia was formed. The articles for the analysis were taken from daily newspapers Pravo lidu, Narodni prace, Lidove noviny, Venkov a Ceske slovo.
Rural section of the Bohemia bewspapers up to 1850s
Vodičková, Radka ; Sekera, Martin (advisor) ; Köpplová, Barbara (referee)
The bachelor thesis "Rural section of the Bohemia newspapers up to 1850s" analyses the thematic content and news frequency from the countryside and places that the German written newspapers Bohemia published during the introduced period. In the beginning the thesis describes the historical, cultural and political connection in the Czech countries, shows the bourgeoisie life and its customs and social changes. It introduces the media area of this period. It focuses closely on progress of the Bohemia newspapers, its content, interest and activity. It focuses on the rural section of Bohemia, which started to appear in a separate section from the year 1837. The quantitative analysis of the rural section describes the gradual frequency and the changes of the medial contents depending on the political and social situation.
Activity of german journalist organisation "Reichsgewerkschaft der deutschen Presse in der Tschechoslowakischen Republik" in Czechoslovakia in 1919-1943
Bendlová, Petra ; Köpplová, Barbara (advisor) ; Sekera, Martin (referee)
Bachelor thesis "Activity of German journalist organization Reichsgewerkschaft der Deutschen Presse in der Tschechoslowakischen Republik in Czechoslovakia in the years 1919-1943" is focused on the activity of German largest journalist organization in the interwar Czechoslovakia. The theoretical part describes the historical context of Czech- German relations and circumstances of creation of the journalists' organizations in the Austro- Hungarian Empire. For completeness, the work deals with the press laws and the impact of new technologies on development of printing in the second half of 19th century. A special chapter is devoted to the German press in Bohemia and Moravia by the year 1945. The second part of this work is based on the study of archival papers. The attention is focused on introduction of activities of Reichsgewerkschaft der deutschen Presse, especially trade union activities. The conclusion of this work is to evaluate this journalist organization and its contribution to improving the social status of journalists in Czechoslovakia.
Re-creation of French Media System after the Second World War
Soběslavská, Zuzana ; Cebe, Jan (advisor) ; Sekera, Martin (referee)
This thesis describes the situation of French media during World War II and after its end. It compares the degree of collaboration in the territory occupied by Nazi Germany and in the area administered by Vichy government with Marshall Pétain as its head. The work notes that the Vichy government gradually becomes pro-German. It also emphasis on the Resistance movement as the new French media arises just of Resistance press. After the Liberation extensive trials with collaborators were carried out. This work is focused on the purge held in media especially. It explains the re-creation of new French press on Resistance press basis, politically mostly left-winged. The field is evenly professionalized - schools arise, the technical equipment is improved, women have been entering the editorial departments. But the shaky political situation, including the threat of the Cold War, results in a crisis of the political press. Journalists react by putting emphasis on truth and facts, and create, within co called new left tendency, platform for emerging democracy. The press of entertainment (sports and women's magazines, e.g.) is also developed as reaction to politics. Radio broadcast and telecast are slowly growing after the Liberation. However military conflicts in colonial areas (Indochina, Algeria, etc.)...
Journalist and his work environment : (case study of Czech publishing house Mafra)
Macků, Lucie ; Jirák, Jan (advisor) ; Sekera, Martin (referee)
Diploma thesis "Journalist and His Work Environment (Case Study of Czech Publishing House Mafra)" deals with the topic how journalists are influenced by their work environment and how is cooperation and rivalry among journalists at publishing house Mafra. I also deal with the topic of media convergence because Mafra was the first publishing house in the Czech Republic which started trend of integrated newsrooms. Research is based on interviews with 19 journalists from all kinds of media which Mafra owns (dailies MF DNES, Lidové noviny, Metro; website; radio Expresradio and Classic FM; television Óčko). Journalist almost do not realize their work environment. They have very weak relation to their employer; they often think only about their pages and own colleagues. Other employees of Mafra are more or less indifferent to them. Journalists consider change of layout or length of their pages as the most important changes which happened in the newsroom. Journalists almost do not cooperate with each other. They think about cooperation only on promotion basis, not on the journalist one. Only exception is daily cooperation between print MF DNES and website Rivalry in Mafra is between print dailies MF DNES and Lidové noviny; in newsrooms between magazine's and news' pages and authors and editors...
The influence of journalism on political communication in the late 19th century : case study Národní Listy daily journal
Tejnická, Zuzana ; Sekera, Martin (advisor) ; Köpplová, Barbara (referee)
The diploma thesis "The influence of journalism on political communication in the late 19th century: case study Národní listy daily journal" deals with the influence of the Národní listy daily journal on the political communication of mladočeská political party in the turn of eighties and nineties of the 19th century. In this period the political competition of mladočeská political party with staročeská political party culminated. The most important moments of this time were represented by the Czech assembly election in 1889 and the empire parliament election in 1891. The aim of this thesis is description of editorial activities and business situation of the Národní listy daily journal in that period which is characterized by strong struggle of those two political parties, crowned by the election success of mladočeská political party in 1891. Moreover, the diploma thesis studies the Národní listy daily journal contribution to the change of political elites, how the editorial board of the Národní listy daily journal has been changed during this period or what was the political rhetoric of the Národní listy daily journal.

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