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Koncept CSR podniku INDUS spol. s r. o. se spádovostí pro kraj Vysočina
Sedláková, Lucie
Sedláková, L. CSR Concept of the company INDUS, limited liability company with the catchment for the Vysočina region. Diploma thesis: Brno: Mendel University in Br-no, 2019. In this Diploma thesis there will be examined the actual situation of utilization of the CSR concept, it's efficiency and there will also be proposed concrete measures for improving the situation of employees of the company in terms of using CSR social pillar. The result of this dissertation based on the qualitative and quantitati-ve research will be the summary of the actual situation and also the summary of company plans for the utilization of this concept and then the design part taking into account needs and the strongest motives of the INDUS employees. Within the competition, the analysis of the industry will be prepared to compare the compa-ny's situation on the market of private security agencies.
Working morality and ethical issues at workplaces
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to find out which ethical problems are most often encountered by employees of large manufacturing companies and how these ethical problems affect their work and personal life. The theoretical part will deal with defining ethical problems and explaining basic terminology. The practical part will be realized in the form of quantitative research, which will be based on an anonymous questionnaire survey. Respondents will be employees of large manufacturing companies in the South Bohemian Region. The conclusion of the thesis will be devoted to the concrete story of the victim of unethical behavior and also suggestions to solve this problems.
Tourism in rural space - Case study of the Havlíčkova Borová village
This thesis deals with tourism in the rural area, which can be divided into various forms and kinds. Main object of this work is to chart region of Havlíčkův Brod as a tourist destination and to analyze situation in detail by form of a case study in the municipality of Havlíčkova Borová. In the theoretic part there is explanation of terms from professional literature concerning provincial tourism, kinds and forms in rural area. There is following characteristics of Region Vysočina and region of Havlíčkův Brod. In practical part there is description of selected municipality, then practical part rates its potential for activities of provincial tourism and compares data acquired by questionnaire survey. On basis of this research there were opinions and attitudes of local people found out and consequently there was rated if tourism in this municipality is used well.
The analysis of DNA isolated from different types of probiotic products using real-time PCR and HRM analysis
Sedláková, Lucie ; Rittich, Bohuslav (referee) ; Trachtová, Štěpánka (advisor)
The aim of this diploma thesis was to introduce real-time PCR with high-resolution melting analysis for Bifidobacterium species. Currently a small number of publication, dealing with identification of Bifidobacterium species using high-resolution melting analysis, is available. According to publications dealing with identification of lactic acid bacteria were selected primers P1V1 and P2V1, LAC1 and LAC2, LsppUPF and LsppUPR, V3F and V3R, V6F and V6R. Using this primers bacterial DNA was amplified by real-time PCR with high-resolution melting analysis. After evaluation of the measured results efficiency of selected primers was verified on DNA izolated from complex sample of probiotic product. After further optimisation real-time PCR with high-resolution melting analysis could be suitable using selected primers for Bifidobacterium species.
Organic farming in the Czech Republic (geographic analysis)
The aim of this thesis is processing ÚZEI data for organic agricultural production in individual regions of the Czech Republic in the form of maps and graphs that provide a basic overview of the territorial deployment of crop and livestock production of organic farming. For crop production are given the following information: sown area in the conversion period and in the full organic mode, organic production and the average yield. Data of livestock in organic farming provide information about the numerical status of the individual categories of livestock. Part of the thesis is also devoted to the realization of crop and livestock organic products on the market in 2012. The thesis is part of the project Gaju 019/2013 / S.
Rizika internacionalizačního procesu MSP při vstupu na čínský trh
Sedláková, Lucie
The aim of the diploma thesis is to identify the key risk factors in the process of internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises, thus the process of penetrating into the Chinese market. The thesis includes analysis of the current state in the Chinese market, complemented by a survey. Based on the results of the research, key risks and barriers influencing Czech SMEs in entering the Chinese market were identified. Also measures to these risks and the typical barriers were proposed to help businesses eliminate them.
Natural sources of apian pasture and biocide agents
In this bachelor´s work I am trying to emphasize importance of bee´s grazing. A bee is an inseparable and indispensable part of countryside. In the first part there is an outline of economical and ecological significance of "Apis mellifera". Further I deal with description and introduction of pollen and its importance in nutrition of bees, pollen wimples, honey-giving plants, nectar and nectar-giving plants and also honeydew and its producers. Then I write about indicators of quality of bee´s grazing. In the next chapters there is description of sources of bee´s grazing during all the year according to phenological calendary. The second part is dedicated to poisoning of bees and how it is possible to protect bees.

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