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Utilization of adaptive CAD systems at virtual model creation of electrical motors
Sedláčková, Petra ; Janda, Marcel (referee) ; Kuchyňková, Hana (advisor)
Thermal analysis of electric machine is one of the key steps in design procedure. Traditionally, thermal calculations are done by analytical method, mostly based on equivalent electrical circuit, where thermal quantities are replaced by equivalent electrical quantities. These methods employ so-called electro thermal analogy. Different approach is to use Finite Element Method, which is the main goal of this thesis. First part of the thesis is devoted to description of CAD system Autodesk Inventor, which is modern parametric CAD for modelling of virtual prototypes. This system is then used for creation of three dimensional model of brushless DC machine. Second part is focused on thermal calculations in Ansys Workbench environment. Model of brushless DC machine created in Inventor is transferred into Ansys Workbench and thermal analysis is carried out.
The new modelling facilities at parametric CAD programme
Sedláčková, Petra ; Janda, Marcel (referee) ; Kuchyňková, Hana (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis describes Autodesk Inventor Professional 2008 and Ansys Workbench. The main aim is familiarization with user interface and working routine in these programs and their cooperation. In part about Autodesk Inventor there is summarized the advantage of parametric modeling against traditional techniques. Also there is described Inventor studio, in which is created an animation of model created in Autodesk Inventor. In the concrete it is animation of model of one phase asynchronous motor with outer rotor. In Ansys Workbench 11.0 there is created transient thermal analysis of one phase asynchronous motor. The aim of this analysis is to try the work in Ansys Workbench from importation of model, from external CAD system, to evaluation of results.
Base sands for manufacture of foundry moulds and cores
Sedláčková, Petra ; Rusín, Karel (referee) ; Cupák, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor thesis describes a summary of sands which are used for foundry molding materials, and includes fields of their utilization. Surface structures of grains as well as their typical chemical and physical parameters are introduced. Czech quartz sands Provodín and Střeleč are described, further also the Slovak sand Šajdíkove Humence, Polish sands Szczakowa a Grudzeń Las, German sands Frechen and Haltern, and the American sand GBM. Out of non-quartz sands, there are listed: chamotte, Molochit, LK Sand from the Sand Team company, ceramic sands CKL and CKI from the Giba company, olivine, dunit (Magnolit), zircon, chromite, magnesite and chrom-magnesite, salt (salt cores). In the summary, there are also listed special sands of the German Hüttenes-Albertus company which are described in detail in Appendix 1. Sands are compared in graphs and tables according to these requirements: thermal expansion, a grain shape and medium grain size, a volume of elutriated parts smaller than 0.9 mm, refractoriness and a point of sintering.
Hodnocení laterality koní
Laterality is the ability of animals to predictably and non-randomly prioritize the right or left side of the body in a variety of activities. The aim of this diploma thesis was to create an overview of existing scientific knowledge concerning the laterality of livestock with a focus on horses. In the next part, the aim was to evaluate the laterality of horses using five tests and then evaluate their results. A total of eight horses of the Czech Warmblood breed were tested by five different laterality tests and 1216 measurements were performed. Testing of horses was performed on a family organic farm, dealing with both animal - horse breeding and plant production. Each horse was tested by three tests evaluating motor laterality (forearm preference test when grazing, galloping and forelimb use preference when getting up from a lying position), one test evaluating sensory laterality (olfactory preference test using one nostril over the other) and foreleg test swirls on the head. Laterality was determined by calculating the laterality index (LI). The results were evaluated using the statistical program Statistics 12 (TIBCO?), chi-square test and correlation analysis. Four horses agreed on most laterality tests. In total, 62,5 % of horses were ambilateral, 25 % left-handed and 12,5 % right-handed. No effect of age (p = 0,549) or sex (p = 0,202) on horse laterality was demonstrated. Motor tests proved to be the most reliable (67 to 100 %). On the contrary, the least reliable was the olfactory test, which showed the highest error rate, specifically 87,5 %. Knowledge of sensory and emotional lateralization can be beneficial in various types of training, training, but also in the normal life of the horse.
Technostress among senior population during COVID-19 pandemic
Sedláčková, Petra ; Šípová, Ivana (advisor) ; Tomášková, Hana (referee)
The goal of this bachelor's thesis is to explore the presence of technostres in the senior population during the covid-19 pandemic. The content of the literature review is the characterisation of the senior population and their specific challenges concerning the pandemic and modern technologies. Next, the term technostress and its nature in the senior population is defined. The relevance of modern technologies during the pandemic is also mentioned. In the research part, the aspect of technostres experienced by senior population, and how those aspects were influenced by the pandemic, are explored. Using thematic analysis, results of the focus groups were analysed. This bachelor's thesis sheds light on technostress in the senior population, which is usually overlooked in this regard, moreover in the context of pandemic. Results of this analysis can be used to make the adaptation to modern technologies easier for the elderly.
Spondylus ornaments in the neolithikum in the Czech Republic
Sedláčková, Petra ; Popelka, Miroslav (advisor) ; Dobeš, Miroslav (referee)
Měkkýši a jejich schránky měli a doposud hrají v životě člověka velice důležitou úlohu. V této práci se budu zabývat především mlži rodu Spondylus, z jejichž lastur byly v neolitu, resp. v kultuře s lineární keramikou, vyráběny šperky, které byly pro jejich nositelé zajisté velice důležité. Jelikož se zejména ve střední Evropě jednalo o nepříliš snadno dostupný materiál, mohli z něj vyrobené ozdoby nosit jen vybraní jedinci v tehdejší společnosti. Pro své majitele však nesloužily pouze jako symboly společenského postavení, ale pravděpodobně byly používány také jako talismany a amulety. Cílem této práce bylo sehnat a prostudovat veškerou dostupnou literaturu k problematice spondylových šperků, pokusit se určit původ suroviny a jejího šíření do dalších částí Evropy, popsat hlavní skupiny ozdob a snažit se zhodnotit jejich význam pro tehdejší společnost. Další nedílnou součástí předkládané práce bude shromáždění všech doposud publikovaných nálezů na území České republiky.
The End of Latin-American Socialism: Security Aspects of the Venezuelan Crisis
Sedláčková, Petra ; Střítecký, Vít (advisor) ; Svitková, Katarína (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the relation between the socialism of the 21st century as an ideology (or revolutionary theory) and human security concept applied on case of Venezuela, with regards to the regional context of Latin America. First, it presents both theoretical terms in deeper contexts; in case of Latin-American socialism deals with theoretical background in the work of Heinz Dieterich, advisor of Hugo Chávez and compares to the perspective of Russian professor Alexander Buzgalin, it also deals with regional perspective of indigenous socialism. In case of concept of human security, the thesis offers an insight into its genesis in United Nations, gives voice to some critical approaches and presents models that are further used. Both theoretical terms are applied in the analytical chapters of the thesis on case of the Bolivarian Republic. In case of socialism, the author analyses its impact on the 1999 constitution and deals with implementation on the example of communal councils; in case of human security concept, she choses three models that are tested to evaluate the current situation in the country. The author also considers the relation between a crisis or a threat to human security and migration as possible indicator of a current state. On the example of Venezuela, the author evaluates the...
Comparison of some spectral and temporal characteristics of German fricatives [x] and [ç] and Czech fricative [x] and their reflection in perception
Sedláčková, Petra ; Machač, Pavel (advisor) ; Skarnitzl, Radek (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to analyze some of the acoustic characteristics of German fricatives [x] and [ ] and Czech fricative [x]. These sounds will be described and compared partly on the basis of spectral qualities of their noise, expressed by the so-called spectral moments (see chap. 3), and partly on the basis of their temporal characteristics. We assume to find a co-articulatory influence of the preceding vowel on the spectral characteristics of a fricative. We further assume that potential differences in values of the spectral moments, which can be, to a certain extent, considered an acoustic correlation of the place of articulation, can demonstrate a slightly different place of articulation of Czech and German velar fricatives. Using a perception test, we will attempt to explore a possible relation of German "Ich-laut" in the speech of German students of Czech to spectral mean values. The spectral moment measurements along with the perception test results may be found useful in teaching German as a second language for improving one's pronunciation. In practise, it can lead to an improvement in accepting a foreign speaker as an efficient user of the language.
Perception of segregation in Sokolov
Boudová, Michaela ; Temelová, Jana (advisor) ; Sedláčková, Petra (referee)
Perception of segregation in Sokolov The work deals with segregation of the Romany minority in the town of Sokolov. The aim of the work is to discover how segregation and the problems connected are perceived in the town. Three major groups: the town representatives and non- governmental organizations, the population of the segregated areas and the population of the neighbouring areas have been examined in order to reveal how segregation is perceived. The main contribution of the work is in that it provides a more detailed insight into the problem and also the analysis of the situation in Romany areas in Sokolov as well as the relations, problems and conflicts between the Romany community and the majority society. Conflicts do not arise only between the Romanie and the majority society, but also withing the Romany community. Even the mutual coexistence of the Romanies is not without problems. The town representatives and non-governmental organizations become aware of the problems arising in connection with the segregated areas and of the necessity to find a solution. However, their approach to tackle the problems differ significantly. Key words: perception- segregation - relations, problems and conflicts - Romanies
Survey of knowledge and attitudes of secondary school students at selected secondary schools towards family planning
Sedláčková, Petra ; Vachková, Eva (advisor) ; Matulová, Jana (referee)
Author: Petra Sedláčková Institution: Institute of Social Medicine, Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové, Charles University Department of Nursing Title: Survey of Knowledge and Attitudes of Secondary School Students at Selected Secondary Schools Towards Family Plannings Supervisor: Mgr. Eva Vachková, Ph.D. Number of pages: 104 Number of appendices: 6 Year of defense: 2020 Keywords: family plannning, contraception, adolescence, gender, education This bachelor's thesis deals with the secondary school youths' awareness of contraception and attitudes towards planned parenthood. The thesis points to a lack of supply of information on venereal and sexually transmitted diseases and insufficient information on contraception. In the theoretical part the terms planned parenthood, contraception and overview of contraceptive methods, adolescence, gender, and also the topic of education were clarified. In the empirical part we compared knowledge of contraception and family planning among students of a secondary school of nursing, a secondary technical school, and a gymnasium. We investigated what kind of contraception is preferred by students and their attitude towards family planning. The first source and level of information regarding sex education and contraception were investigated as well. The method...

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