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Prostate Cancer Diagnostic Algorithm
Sedláčková, Hana ; Hora, Milan (advisor) ; Baxa, Jan (referee) ; Záleský, Miroslav (referee)
Prostate cancer diagnostic algorithm Aim: The aim of the study is to implement the latest scientific knowledge in the diagnosis of prostate cancer (PC). We focused on tumor markers, imaging methods, prostate biopsy methodology and we created a diagnostic algorithm based on a review of current literature in combination with our own experience. Material and methods: The algorithm is divided into several branches, which have been individually subjected to clinical studies. Due to the low sensitivity and specificity of PSA, prostate health index (PHI) was added to the first line of patient stratification. 787 patients were primarily examined and these subsequently underwent radical prostatectomy. PHI levels were compared with definitive staging and grading. Cut-off values for PC detection and high-risk stratification, including locally advanced PC were determined. Next, 320 patients underwent prostate biopsy followed by radical prostatectomy. The cohort was further divided into two subgroups, patients with GS = 6 and patients with GS > 6. The ability of PHI to distinguish between insignificant and significant prostate cancer was evaluated. In a multicentric study with 395 patients, PHI with additional markers (tPSA, PSAD) and multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging of prostate (mpMRI) was assessed....
Ascpects of Variation of Prepositions na and v(e) in Present-Day Czech
Sedláčková, Hana ; Chromý, Jan (advisor) ; Adam, Robert (referee)
The present thesis deals with the variation of prepositions na and v(e) in the contemporary Czech. On the basis of the previous literature it follows the distribution of these prepositions and their morpho-syntactical relations. The attention is focused on the description of linguistic collocations based on corpus-analysis of several nouns. Furthemore, the hypothesis for using the prepositions are outlined. The results of the analysis are used for the last part of the thesis - the sociolinguistic research. The aim of this thesis is to describe the distribution of the prepositions and point out some differences on some representative examples.
Problems of values of children and teenagers in 21st century
Sedláčková, Hana ; Lorenzová, Jitka (referee) ; Koťa, Jaroslav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis disserts with values in the society, mostly between children and teenagers. With the importance of role-models, either real or portrayed. With role-models in the medialized society and with the influences of digitalised areas of living on the socialisation process of children and adults. But also with the beginnings and forms of Ethics education in Czech Republic. Nonetheless it gives you a look on the education of Ethics in the M.Curie Elementary School in Prague via the research unit.
Rekonstrukce taburetu s područkami na historické kostře soudobou čalounickou technologií
Sedláčková, Hana
Bachelor thesis deals with upholstered seating furniture, namely with materials for manufacturing of upholstery furniture and development of upholstery. It also includes historical evolution of upholstery tabourets and low seats. With the knowledge from the theorethical part, there are drawn graphic design sets of material composition needed for upholstery historical frame of tabouret and costs of purchased materials are calculated. After the evaluation of every proposal, the reconstruction of historical frame and upholstery of tabouret were done.
Evaluation of Innovation Impact on Apple Inc. Successful Performance
Sedláčková, Hana ; Smrčka, Luboš (advisor) ; Oplestil, Vojtěch (referee)
The main objective of this thesis is to study the impact of Apple Inc. innovation activities on its successful performance. Specification of this goal implies the existence of a direct relationship between the development of company's net sales and the development of its market value. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part where the theoretical part is focused on the issues of invention and innovation, the innovation process and, last but not least, the link between innovation, strategic management and marketing. The theoretical part also defines the understanding of the term "successful performance of the company" in accordance with the main objective of this thesis. The practical part is focused on the application of gathered knowledge. It aims to assess the impact of innovation activities on the development of Apple Inc. net sales and to analyze the competitive position of its major product categories in the context of individual markets. Furthermore, the practical part is focused on Apple Inc. market capitalization, as a defined indicator of the company's success, its historical position and comparison with major competitors in the technology industry. Applying the method of linear regression analysis, the final section of the thesis evaluates the existence of the relationship described above and provides a possible product innovation charter of Apple Inc.
Use of Structural Funds in Small-sized and Middle-sized Enterprises
Sedláčková, Hana ; Kačín, Radovan (advisor) ; Ševčík, Ivo (referee)
The bachelor thesis is focusing on the possibilities how to use Strucutural Funds for the development and modernization of the small- and middle-sized enterprises. The thesis is considering projects as a tool of the strategic management, which is described by the principles and methods in the first part. The second part is concentrating on a specific project and is comparing two subsidy programs in the Czech Republic.

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