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Zemědělské závlahy, jejich stav a perspektiva v České republice
Sedláček, Marek
The bachelor thesis deals with Agricultural irrigation, its condition and perspective in the Czech Republic. The first is focused on the history and The present of irrigation on the territory of the Czech Republic, deals with water requirements during the growth of field, garden and special cultures. The thesis contains an overview of the different types of irrigation and technologies that can be used for irrigation. The concept of drought and various types of drought is explained in thesis. The second part Is focused on comparison and assessment of irrigation. Thesis deals with the development of irrigation systems, the development of irrigation technologies, and influence of various economic factors. Subsequently, these influences and factors are used For evaluation of the the irrigation potential in the Czech Republic. The last part of the thesis deals with soil moisture and defines the areas threatened by agronomic drought within the Czech Republic.
Algortihm Optimization Using SIMD Instructions
Sedláček, Marek ; Rydlo, Štěpán (referee) ; Orság, Filip (advisor)
This thesis talks about techniques which can be used to optimize run time of algorithms. For a demonstration of these techniques algorithms from different fields were chosen, namely particle swarm optimization, circle drawing algorithm and image (matrix) rotation algorithm. These algorithms were written in Python 3, C language and assembly language using SIMD instructions. While writing these codes emphases was placed on code efficiency. These practices were in this thesis described and compared, same as the impact on algorithm optimization. Performed tests upheld expected potential of SIMD technology for optimization, but also that this approach cannot be used in all cases. In case of circle drawing the SIMD approach achieved more than ten times better speeds than the serial implementation in C and more than one thousand times better speed than Python 3 implementation. In case of particle swarm optimization the result was opposite -- serial C implementation achieved a better speed than SIMD implementation.
Music Education of Primary School Teachers in the context of school reforms
Šobáňová, Barbora ; Kodejška, Miloš (advisor) ; Sedláček, Marek (referee) ; Slavíková, Marie (referee)
The dissertation introduces the knowledge of the child's ontogenetic development in the early school age and at the beginning of pubescence in connection with a musical development. It also deals with the emotional importance of music in the child's personal development. The following part is devoted to music education at primary schools, their aims, historical context and the current position of music education in the Czech curriculum together with foreign influences. The third chapter focuses on the ongoing structure of music education given in the study programmes for the teaching qualification at the national pedagogical faculties in the Czech Republic. The research part scrutinizes the contemporary situation of music education at primary schools from teachers' point of view and with regards to their undergraduate training. The research concentrates on the experience of teachers who have undergone undergraduate training in the last decade. The aim is also to find out how the situation is perceived by university music lecturers who train future teachers. The questionnaire survey and interviews reveal problems in music education at the elementary schools and also in undergraduate training at pedagogical faculties.
Developing creativity of pupil at the primary school through notation software
Grobár, Martin ; Váňová, Hana (advisor) ; Slavíková, Marie (referee) ; Sedláček, Marek (referee)
In today's fast changing world, global development of information and communication technology significantly affects many fields of human activity including music and education. As a result, questions concerning effective using of modern technology in musical education have become a major topic within the pedagogical community. Presented dissertation thesis examines utilization of notation software as a modern teaching tool. The software was specifically used to further improve musical creativity of pupils at secondary school (grades 6 to 9). The very first part of the thesis focuses on research framework, contemporary musical technologies, and available notation software tools. A special attention was drawn to MuseScore software that was used in the research. Last but not least, this part of the thesis outlines vital facts connected with musical creativity field of knowledge. Second part of the thesis is dedicated to author's research and starts with determination of project scope, goals, and basic working hypothesis. The actual research was carried out in several phases with subsequent real-life verification of acquired results. Main research work included development of experimental musical teaching methodology for children in sixth grade. Here, the notation software was used as a tool for stimulated...
Contamination of persons with radioactive material during the accident of nuclear power station
There is some thematic articles in the work. The questions of human internal and external contamination by the radioactive materials, the questions of safety in power plant service and the effects of ionizing radiation on the human body are described in the first part. There are put brain to analyse the Chernobyl power plant accident and the consequences on the Bellorussian area in the indepent article; we talk about area´s contamination and individual´s exposure (assessorrs, population) by ionizing radiation. The questions of the protective equipments and the emergency plan, which is able to decrease the overall impact of power plant accident, are described in the next part. The sum-mary of the accidents and the consequences minimalization are presented in the last article.
Managing Multiple Car Accidents at D3 Motorway
The current development of transport involves lots of pros, but also lots of cons includ-ing real risks. On one hand, there is a need to transport many people at reduced time and costs and on the other hand there is a risk of incidents. New and modern motorways and I. class roads plus using most updated means of transportation allow us transport more people more quickly, in even more convenient and safe way. Car accidents interventions are considered as routine procedures of the integrated rescue system in domestically as well as worldwide and their coordination is not a big deal for emergency teams. However, complications may occur when performing the intervention on the road with more lanes and with a center dividing strip as well as when there is a higher number of injured or a greater area of intervention, such as in the case of a chain accident. Sections of the integrated rescue systems are trained to handle such extraordinary events and follow new methodology, which is step by step put into practice. Within the process of its application, a major role plays the synergy trainings of the integrated rescue sys-tem, which require the approach to the actual conditions simulation. This thesis was produced to serve the needs of the intervention commander and pro-vides a comprehensive view on the issue of managing interventions where a higher number of casualties and injured occurs and related rescue systems on motorways and I. class roads. The thesis also brings information on new trends in training rescue teams for this type of events. It focuses on South Bohemia, D3 motorway is under construc-tion and on its first part Mezno {--} Tabor, which was opened in December 2007.

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