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Syntax-driven duplicate-code detection
Saksa, Jakub ; Bednárek, David (advisor) ; Kopecký, Michal (referee)
Duplicate code occurs in source files for different reasons. In many cases the motivation for copying the code is laziness of a programmer, or an attempt to use an alien source code. Over the years, multiple methods for detection of the duplicate source code have been developed. Approaches vary in the ways they analyze the code, focusing on different representations of the program. Methods based on the analysis of the syntactic properties of the source code often use abstract syntax trees. By examining the tree representation instead of the textual representation of the code, these methods are able to detect duplicate code that underwent formatting changes as well as changes to the names of identifiers. Duplicate code fragments are discovered by identifying the subtrees of the same shape. After the suspicious parts of the tree are identified, further examination of AST properties determines to what extent the code was copied. In this work we develop a system for duplicate code detection based on AST comparison.
Web-based tool for RNA secondary structure visualization
Saksa, Jakub ; Hoksza, David (advisor) ; Škoda, Petr (referee)
Visualization of RNA secondary structure is an open problem because there does not exist a well- defined description of the layout process. The layout accepted by the community is habitual. The approach implemented by the Traveler tool, developed at Department of Software Engineering MFF UK, is based on using existing structure with known layout as a template for laying out structure with unknown layout. The first version of the program had few issues that made it difficult to use. The goal of the thesis was to improve Traveler so that the tool is more accessible. Improvements include ability to process pseudoknots, intermediate format for images of secondary structures and modification of the layout-creating algorithm. We created a web application that serves as an user interface for Traveler. The application is able to automatically choose a template for the structure too.

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