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High-growth firms in Czechia: geographical and sectoral specifics
Sachl, Jan ; Květoň, Viktor (advisor) ; Kostić, Miroslav (referee)
High-growth firms in Czechia: geographical and sectoral specifics Abstract This theses focuses on high-growth firms in Czechia, defined as firms with a predetermined year-on-year increase in turnover between years 2012 and 2015. First part is about putting high-growth firms to the context of selected theories of regional development and it also discuss factors of the firm's growth. Further the high-growth firms are analyzed with an emphasis on spatial, sectoral and other specifics. A part focused on revealing specific factors of business growth uwing qualitative methods is also included. The analysis shows that high- growth firms in Czechia are concentrated to metropolitan areas, and whole one third of them are based in Prague. High growth firms are concentrated to the manufacturing and retail and wholesale sectors. The work has suggested that individual companies may have different growth factors and and there is no one specific strategy for a successful firm growth. Keywords: High-growth firms, gazelles, economic geography, small and medium-sized enterprises
Office development in Prague between years 2006-2015
Sachl, Jan ; Matoušek, Roman (advisor) ; Přidalová, Ivana (referee)
Office development in Prague between years 2006-2015 Abstract The thesis analyses the office development in Prague between years 2006 and 2015 as one of the processes that contributes to the transformation of urban spatial structure during transformation period. For the purpose of analysis the database of newly constructed offices was created, based on data by companies monitoring the real estate market. Based on the result of completed offices analysis was reported period divided into three phases: the peak of the office development before the crisis, a period of decline due to the global economic crisis and the current period of office development recovery. The new office development is concentrated in a few key areas. These areas are presented in detail and set in context of morphological zones of Prague and confronted with the development goals of Prague, expressed in the strategic plan. Keywords: urban geography, offices, post-socialist city, city transformation
Poměry rozsahu deformací jako kritérium fingovaných nehod
Šachl, Jindřich Jan ; Šachl, Jindřich ; Frydrýn, Michal
Ratio of EES values on vehicles after accident is usually put into context of their masses. The EES ratio can be expressed by the conversion of EES values among particular vehicles. This commonly used equation is not valid generally, because it is based on assumptions which are not complied with all types of collisions. But, is this fact well known to all experts? Many of them substitute their „own variables“ into the common equation as it is generally valid, and then, if the EES ratio does not match the “general” equation - it must be (according to their opinion) the fake accident. Unfortunately the conclusion is not usually true.

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