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The phenomenon of the Franciscan monastery in the medieval society.
Svobodová, Jana ; Bláhová, Marie (advisor) ; Hlaváček, Petr (referee) ; Blechová, Lenka (referee)
The dissertation presents an edition of the medieval Latin chronicle of Eberhard Ablauff de Rheno. It is a previously unprocessed source. The chronicle is part of the Cheb Codex from the provenance of the Franciscans of the Bohemian-Moravian-Silesian vicariate. Today it is stored in the National Library. The Ablauff Chronicle records events concerning the Franciscans from 1451 to 1528, when Ablauff probably died. The chronicle is set in the broader context of late medieval Franciscan historiography produced in the Central European geographical area. The dissertation includes a codicological and paleographical analysis of the chronicle. On the basis of the editorially accessible text of the Ablauff Chronicle, it has been possible to discuss in a separate chapter the figure of the chronicler Eberhard Ablauff de Rheno, whose life can be imagined from inscriptions in his copied and written texts or from notes in the books he read. The edition of the Chronicle is supplemented by an overview of the Franciscan friars mentioned in the so-called Registrum fratrum. The edited chronicle can serve as a basic source for the religious and ecclesiastical history of our territory. Ablauff captured the continuity of the development of the Bohemian-Moravian-Silesian vicariate, where provincial chapters were...
Leisure activities at selected schools in České Budějovice between 1900 and 1950
The diploma thesis on the topic of leisure activities at selected schools in the region of České Budějovice in the years 1900-1950 describes all available information about leisure activities at schools in the town of České Budějovice in the period 1900-1950. The work deals with the changes in the educational system regarding the socio-political situation and also deals with interesting events, celebrations, anniversaries and other interesting things related to school development and leisure activities. The broader topic of the thesis includes an introduction to the issue, terminological definition of leisure and leisure activities, an approach to the historical milestones of the period, a description of the city of České Budějovice in a historical, social, religious context. The main chapter of this diploma thesis is based on the study of relevant sources. It describes the leisure activities which often developed either from the school's focus or on the activities of associations currently active in České Budějovice at selected schools in České Budějovice in the period 1900-1950.
Possibilities to monitor the effect of increased consumption of vegetables and omega-3 fatty acid food sources to the level of dairy oxidants and omega-3 fatty acids in the blood plasma of consumers.
The aim of the work is to obtain specific data on the consumption of food sources of omega-3 fatty acids and food antioxidants in pupils from 6-15 years of primary school fed in a selected school canteen. In this respect, an analysis of the food consumed in the school canteen was therefore performed, from data reported monthly by the canteen in so-called consumer baskets. In addition, monitoring was performed on the effect of a defined supplement with omega-3 fatty acids at the level of their levels in blood plasma and blood cells. Furthermore, monitoring was performed by gas chromatography. The obtained results were processed tabularly, graphically and evaluated with the help of statistical methods.
Foundations of Marie Margaret Countess of Waldstein
Svobodová, Jana ; Zlatohlávek, Martin (advisor) ; Pučalík, Marek (referee)
RESUMÉ MARIE MARKETA OF WALDSTEIN'S FOUNDATIONS This bachelor's work represents Marie Marketa, Countess of Waldstein, as the founder of sacral objects in her estates, and presents an overview of buildings with an explanation of their origin in the given locality. Bachelor's thesis is part of research on Waldstejn's patronage in northern Bohemia prepared for the exhibition of this important aristocratic family in the Museum of the Bohemian Paradise in Turnov. During my research, I did mapping of individual sites and I described them. From my point of view the work in the field was important, this means acquisition of photographs of individual churches and gathering additional information on the creation of buildings. Most reference period was the years 1724-1729, when the Countess of Waldstein was truly generous in promoting the arts, when the favorable financial situation help her. Thanks to this situation newly built or restored religious buildings on Waldstein's estates were built. Such as decanal church of St. James in Mnichovo Hradiště, St. Nicholas in Turnov, and St. Vojtěch in Kruh near Doksy, St. Wenceslas in Boseň and the chapel of St. John of Nepomuk at Waldstein, St. Stapin in Klokočka. The aim set for this work I managed to meet, even though I remained in this work due to my research even more...
Svobodová, Jana ; Sokolová, Věra (advisor) ; Kiczková, Zuzana (referee)
The aim of my diploma work is to find, how are concrete periods and events reflected in a life of concrete women, how were her acts influenced by gender norms and stereotypes of the society, and how much felt this woman limited by them. As a method was chosen the oral history, that enables working with the life stories of people of all kinds of social status and experiences. Its based on biografical life stories, that are analized and interpreted by the research. In the case of my narrator was chosen my grandma, born in the 1922 in agricultural society. This caused that her life experiences dont correspond with the picture of her period, that we know from the historiographical mainstream production, accenting the city middle classes. Therefore it is - by usány the oral history and the analytical category gender - possible to make an original wiev at the events and period of the twentieth century in the way lived by concrete women. This wiev, often marginalizing political events accented by mainstream history, and accenting everyday life influenced by the gender system more, is the vivid proof how much different can be the apprehention of the life according to the context and the concrete life experiences.
History of Skydiving - accuracy landing
Svobodová, Jana ; Dvorský, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Fiala, Miloš (referee)
Title: History of skydiving - precision landing Objectives of work: The aim of this work is to map complexly and integraly the history of skydiving with a focus on racing discipline of precision landing. Due to insufficient number of relevant compact resources and web sites, so the work becomes the first file that holds the issue in a comprehensive manner and develop a unified overview of the analysis problem. Method: This is a theoretical work, the kernel of the work will be at tracing specialized publications and websites, collecting information, filtering the relevant data in their comprehensive use. Results: Objective of thesis was largely achieved. It turned out that the topic is very broad to draw up a detailed summery of the entire history of the research question. The topic was therefore processed generally and is more like a preview than a perfect description. Intended overview was given. Key words: Skydiving, parachute, competitive discipline, precision landing, history.
The Premises of Successful Cooperation between Coach and Athlete in athletics
Svobodová, Jana ; Vindušková, Jitka (advisor) ; Kaplan, Aleš (referee)
Title: The Premises of Successful Cooperation between Coach and Athlete in athletics Objectives: The aim of this thesis is to determine the precondition for successful cooperation between coach and athlete. Methods: Literature research was chosen as a method of this thesis while printed, as well as electronic resources were used. Results: The given objectives and tasks of the thesis were successfully met. While working out the literature research, we came to the conclusion that the basic premise for successful cooperation between the coach and athletes is effective communication. We determined conditions that are necessary for successful communication in the specific environment of athletics. There are objectives set by athlete and coach, choice of suitable coach, development of communication skills, and athlete's perception of his coach's authority. Keywords: communication, coaching, sports training, personality

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