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Vietnam close by and far away. Children of Vietnamese descent in Czech Republic form the perspective of transnationalism.
Svobodová, Andrea ; Janská, Eva (advisor) ; Baar, Vladimír (referee) ; Šatava, Leoš (referee)
This dissertation is based on a narrative analysis of eighteen life biographies of children of Vietnamese descent in Czech Republic. It shows that these young people lives are embedded in a "transnational social space", which spans between two geographical regions of Vietnam and Czech Republic, and which leaves them exposed to a set of social expectations, cultural values and patterns of human interaction, that are shaped by more than one political, economic and social system. It also describes how these people, through multiple connected social networks and social relationships, transform cultural practices, interpretations, experiences and identities, which deconstructs the idea of integrity between place, identity and culture. Although the primary aim of the work is to analyse how children of Vietnamese operate in transnationalized social and cultural contexts, transnational practices, such as homeland visits, kinship ties and sending remittances are also being explored. In doing so the children of Vietnamese migrants are neither perceived as "existing in vacuum" nor are their identities described as "deterritorialized". The work pays also attention to the question how their lives and identities are shaped on the backdrop of discursive fields and power relationships in particular localities. Key...
Upper Turonian and lower Coniacian calcareous nannoplankton stratigraphy in the borehole V 800 Střeleč, Bohemian Cretaceous Basin
Svobodová, Andrea ; Švábenická, Lilian (advisor) ; Ozdínová, Silvia (referee)
Upper Turonian and Lower Coniacian calcareous nannoplankton stratigraphy in the borehole V 800 Střeleč, Bohemian Cretaceous Basin Number of biostratigraphic studies has been performed within the Upper Cretaceous platform sediments of the NW Europe, however, the problem of Turonian-Coniacan boundary has not yet been satisfactorily resolved using available methods in the field of micropaleontology. The proposed thesis has described the species composition of calcareous nannoplankton assemblages in the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin, across the Upper Turonian- Lower Coniacian interval, focusing on the stratigraphically and paleoecologically important species. Seventy-three taxa of calcareous nannofossils in the studied material have been determined and signifiant species have been discussed (Marthasterites furcatus, Kamptnerius magnificus, Lucianorhabdus sp., Braarudosphaera sp., Nannoconus sp., Watznaueria barnesae, Uniplanarius gothicus, Quadrum gartneri, Thoracosphaera operculata). For purposes of this thesis, a suitable material from the V 800 Střeleč borehole, one of the key cretaceous profil in the Český ráj area, was obtained.
Planktonic ecosystems of the Upper Jurassic and Cretaceous (calcareous nannoplankton, calpionellids)
Svobodová, Andrea ; Holcová, Katarína (advisor) ; Skupien, Petr (referee) ; Oszczypko-Ciowes, Marta (referee)
The presented PhD thesis is compiled as a commentary to four published papers, which deal with planktonic assamblages of the Upper Jurassic and Cretaceous, namely with calcareous nannofossils and calpionellids. The first part of the dissertation thesis describes the main characteristics of the studied fossil groups with focus on their morphology, palaeoecology, evolution and systematics. The chapter of calcareous nannoplankton gives special attention to the biostratigraphicaly important genus Nannoconus Kampter 1931. Next chapters describe the methods of the laboratory processing of the sediments and the geological settings of the studied areas. The thesis is focused on two areas. At first the selected localities in the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin, i.e. Upper Turonian and Upper Coniacian, are described. Generally, the Upper Cretaceous platform sediments of the middle European basins are rich in calcareous nannoplankton. These fossils represent important marker for biostratigraphical and palaeoecological interpretations. The second part describes carbonate rocks of the Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous of the Tethyan area. In this case, calcareous nannoplankton and calpionellids are an essential part of the modern multidisciplinary form of the Jurassic- Cretaceous (J/K) boundary interval research....
The depiction of the gentry in the novels of Zsigmond Móricz
Svobodová, Andrea ; Kolmanová, Simona (advisor) ; Schreierová, Angelika (referee)
In my dissertation I focus on the novels of Zsigmond Móricz that depict a certain social phenomenon known as the gentry. I concentrate on how Zsigmond Móricz portrays the gentry and the members of that class, the heroes of his novels, in the period of crisis of the Dual Monarchy and in the years between the two world wars. I was interested in discovering the view the author takes of the historical context and the reasons for the demise of this social class and associated phenomena, and his view of the gentry's potential for transformation. To obtain an understanding of the topic and the question I am looking at, I first focus on explaining the concept of the gentry and then go on to outline the historical and social context of the period under analysis and the literary context in which Móricz's novels on the gentry emerged. The central part of the study comprises analyses of four of his novels: Kivilágos kivirradtig (Until the Morning Light), Úri muri (The Pleasures of the Gentry), Forró mezők (Incandescent Fields) and Rokonok (Relatives). All four novels were written in the interwar years (1924-1932), the period on which I have chosen to focus in my dissertation. The novels I examine are ones that Hungarian literary history describes as social novels or novels about the gentry, or in other words, novels...
The Martyrdom of Rajhrad - Edition and Language Analysis
Žampachová, Karolína ; Martínek, František (advisor) ; Svobodová, Andrea (referee)
This bachelor thesis introduces an edition of the Old Czech literary work known as Umučení rajhradské (The Martyrdom of Rajhrad), which has its origin in a prosaic Latin sermon. The first part of our thesis includes i. a. works brief characteristic from its literary historical viewpoint and emphasises also the form and context of the first publication of manuscripts edition by Adolf Patera. Our edition, which includes both the transliterated and transcribed version of the text, can be found in the next part of our thesis, followed by information related to the editorial process. The last part presents the language analysis in which we focus on characteristic phenomena on all levels of the text, especially the ones relevant in terms of works manuscript dating.
Artificial inteligence and its application in the coccolith determination
Voženílková, Kristýna ; Holcová, Katarína (advisor) ; Svobodová, Andrea (referee)
Automatic determination of objects using neural networks has been applied in many fields of study, however, this approach has only rarely been used in paleontology. The goal of this bachelor thesis is to evaluate a method of automatic determination of coccoliths using neural networks. This method has been proposed by the Cogniware company. Cyclicargolithus floridanus and Cyclicargolithus abisectus have been chosen for the testing of the neural network. So far, the network has been trained to determine only C. floridanus, and managed to recognize the typical speciman of this species with 99% accuracy. This thesis provides a basic overview of the coccolith group and neural networks. It also describes the method used to prepare data for the neural network. Key words: calcareous nannoplankton, Reticulofenestra, morfology, artificial intelligence, neural network
Integration of women with international protection in the context of the State Integration Program and the creation of home
Moutouk, Miriam ; Janská, Eva (advisor) ; Svobodová, Andrea (referee)
The aim of my thesis is to analyze an integration process of women with international protection. The emphasis is placed on women and their migratory experiences. I believe that the role of gender in migration and integration studies is still neglected even though women often experience very specific situations as a result of the gender roles assigned to them by patriarchal societies. I monitor the integration of women with international protection within the context of services provided by the State Integration Program. I am interested in how specific services impact research participants and their daily lives in a new environment. The trajectory of the integration process is examined from the decision to migrate, through leaving the home country, acculturative stress, first contact with Czech society, to present and future visions. One of the tools of the State Integration Program is the assistance provided in the area of housing. I pay particular attention to housing, as I consider the loss of home, the search and reformation of a new one to be key aspects affecting the integration process. The qualitative research interviews resulted in the finding that the State Integration Program does not take into account the individual needs of migrant women with traumatic experiences, mothers, wives and...
Ethiopian migration to Czechia: gender and integration aspect
Lasáková, Martina ; Janská, Eva (advisor) ; Svobodová, Andrea (referee)
The thesis examines the integration and gender aspect of Ethiopian migration to the Czech Republic. The emphasis is particularly put on the integration of Ethiopians in individual dimensions of integration and gender based differences of men and women within the migration process. For this purpose was used the qualitative research, namely structured interviews with open questions. The main aim is finding, if the Ethiopians are sufficiently integrated in the Czech Republic and if differences, which are allocated to them from the point of view of gender, influence their behaviour within migration process. Finally, two aspects are connected and it is possible to see if the Ethiopian men or Ethiopian women are more integrated within czech society. Keywords: Ethiopia, gender, integration, migration
Jehožto královstvo královstvie věčné jest. To the difference of neuter with sufix -stvie a -stvo in Old Czech
Svobodová, Andrea
The paper deals with nouns derivated with suffixes -stvo and -stvie and is focused on their relationship and frequency in Old Czech especially. The aim of the research is to map the roots of semantic differentiation of these originally semantically and functionally synonymous suffixes, based on the genre different text material of the 14th and 15th centuries.
Rediscovered Lviv Manuscript of Prayers and Legends
Svobodová, Andrea
Old Czech “Lviv Manuscript of Prayers and Legends”, originally stored in Lvov University Library and considered as lost since Wold War II, has been recently found in the collection of the National Library in Warsaw. The digital transcription of the entire text will be published in the series of the corpus “Vokabulář webový” administered by the Department of Language Development of the Institute of the Czech Language of the AS CR.

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