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History, progress and possibilities of balneology in Czech Republic
The environment of our spa is manifest as a social phenomenon affecting many areas of human being. Thanks to its unique atmosphere, extraordinary reputation and seriousness in the social awareness, the spa does not intervene only in the area of tourism, but it is an integral part of the life of the citizens of spa resorts and spa visitors. The thesis, which mainly speaks about the history of balneology, also focuses on the current opportunities of using spa treatment in the Czech Republic and provides a comparison with world spa medicine. In this thesis I tried emphesize transformation of balneology, from history to present, with historical examples. It also deals with natural healing resources and their use, followed by more detailed elaboration in the stated spa. The areas of my attention ware the origins of the formation and development of three spa towns, which differ from the others by their services provided and the large amount of clients. I focused mainly on the spa Třeboň, Luhačovice and Karlovy Vary. To achieve this, I used the secondary data analysis method. On the basis of the collected data, I have compiled the current knowledge. The work could be used in the clinical practice of physiotherapists for acquiring orientation knowledge about balneotherapy and to serve as a informative material for the wider public who is going to visit the spa.
Regulation of electronic communication market in terms of protection of economic competition
Sedláčková, Monika ; Horáček, Vít (advisor) ; Horáček, Tomáš (referee)
The aim of my thesis is to analyse regulation of electronic communication market with regard to competition law aspects. Electronic communication sector of nowadays globalized world is developing rapidly and represents a precondition for the economic growth. Due to the characteristics of a network industry and the fact that this sector was regulated historically by monopoly firms owned by the state, the purpose of this paper is to identify which difficulties this market has to face through the dualistic regulation. To secure a fair competition with equal conditions for competitors operating electronic communication networks or providing electronic communication services is not an easy task, nevertheless it's essential for the welfare of the consumers. My thesis is composed of six main chapters. In the first one, I provide the definitions of the main terms which are related to this topic. Moreover, I focus on the characteristics of the electronic communication sector and integrate the topic into the historical context. In particular, I describe the beginning of the liberalisation of this sector and provide an outline of the harmonisation process which is represented by the legal provisions adopted by the European Union. Second and the most extensive chapter is dedicated to ex ante regulation which...
Communication with seniors in social institution
Sedláčková, Monika ; Kutnohorská, Jana (advisor) ; Konštacký, Stanislav (referee)
Author: Monika Sedláčková Institution: Ústav sociálního lékařství LF UK v Hradci Králové Oddělení ošetřovatelství Title of the thesis: Komunikace se seniory v sociálním zařízení Supervisior: doc. PhDr. Jana Kutnohorská, CSc. Number of pages: 70 Number of attachments: 5 Year of thesis defence: 2013 Key words: old age, aging, senior, social institutions, communication This bachelor thesis is about communicaton between seniors and medical staff in social institution. The theoretical part adresses the issues of old age, aging, the importance ofmonitoring changes and explains the specifics of nursing care and nursing processes in social care institution. It explains the term communication and the specifcs of how to communicate with the senior population and also points out the specifics and the demanding character of a nurse's work in old people homes and residential social institutions. The empirical part of the work consists of evaluating a quantitative questionnaire assessing how satisfied seniors are with the lines of communication between them and medical personnel within social institution. The representative sample consists of the clients of the care home studied. The results of the research are analysed and interpreted in tables and charts.

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