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Communication Skills of Nurses Working at ICU in Hospital
Schánilcová, Zuzana ; Hejzlarová, Lenka (advisor) ; Černá, Alena (referee)
This dissertation work is concerned with some nurses' problems in communication with a patient at ARD/ICU in hospital. In theoretical part "I try to explain the concept communication", to point at the important position of a nurse in communication with a patient, to outline the basic ways of communication at nursery care and consequently the communication problems between a nurse and a patient, too. At once I try to describe complexly some alternatives of nurses' communication at ICU with a different sort of patients. In last theoretical parts I deal with the concept of basale stimulation and I briefly describe the workplace ARD/ICU, the care of the patient in intensive care and his needs. The experiencial part of dissertation work is concentrated on communication of nurses working at ARD/ICU with a patient with a deficiency of consciousness with secure respiratory tract. For getting data in the research part was chosen the method of quantitative research - the structurial questionnaire. In this part I aimed at finding out the ways of communication using by nurses at patients with a deficiency of consciousness and the patients of fully consciousness with secure respiratory tract and to reveal both the reasons of problems in communication with these sorts of patients.
Multidisciplinar admittance in care of oncological sick and the role of nurse at it
The oncology problems might be considered the most serious health problems in our republic and every second death of adults and children is caused of those diseases. The oncology diagnose can{\crq}t affect only patient{\crq}s health condition (mental and physical) but also his spiritual needs, social and work position. Successful managing those problems and needs of an oncology patient demands then the complex approach to those problems and some multidisciplinar cooperation together. A nurse always takes the position of the same standard with other members of an oncology team, too.The aim of this bachelor{\crq}s work is to determine nurses{\crq} cooperation with other members of the complex oncology team on some patients in the tested oncology departments.Then there had been determined six hypothesis, four of them were confirmed, two of them were not.All data were given by respondents in a survey. The research was made by 135 nurses working in the tested oncology departments.These research results can point us out, that is necessary to improve nurses{\crq} cooperation with other members of an oncology team, mainly with a clinical psychologist and with a spiritual worker.

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2 Schánilcová, Zuzana
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