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Replication strategies of newly discovered giant viruses of amoebas
Blaško, Michal ; Forstová, Jitka (advisor) ; Sýkora, Michal (referee)
Giant viruses are a group of viruses with genome composed of double-stranded DNA molecule. They are characterized by the creation of giant viral particles, the size of which varies between 150-1500 nm. Also, their genomes are huge reaching sizes of up to 2,5 Mbp. The viruses replicate either in the cytoplasm or they exploit for their replication both nucleus and cytoplasm. Therefore, they are called, nucleocytoplasmic large DNA viruses (NCLDVs). During their replication cycle, the giant viruses induce the creation of viral factories, which provide morphogenesis of new virions. The aim of this thesis is to summarise current knowledge of selected representatives of the giant viruses, and to describe their replication strategies. Furthemore, this work aims to discuss discoveries made in relation to this particular group if viruses. Thanks to the discovery of giant viruses, another group of small viruses was identified - the so-called virophages (viruses of viruses). Virophages have the ability to take advantage of the giant virus infecting an amoeba to realize their own replication strategy. In some members of the Mimiviridae family there was described a presence of an genome element providing a unique way of immunoprotection of giant viruses from being infected by the Zamilon virophage. Key words:...
Assessment of fatty acids in processed cheese
Mitra, Michal ; Sýkora, Michal (referee) ; Vítová, Eva (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with determination of fatty acids in samples of processed cheeses made at Tomas Bata University in Zlín. In the theoretical part, lipids and fatty acids are characterized. Subsequently, the issue of production, distribution and composition of natural and processed cheeses is discussed. The conclusion of the theoretical part is focused on the assessment of fatty acids, i.e. their extraction and the determination by gas chromatography. In the experimental part, the fatty acid content of the seven samples of processed cheese was compared on the basis of different temperatures and the time of their production. The ČSN EN ISO 1735 method was used for extraction of fat. The method with methanolic potassium hydroxide solution was used for esterification. The determination of fatty acid methyl esters alone was accomplished by gas chromatography with a flame ionization detector. Based on the comparison with the standards, 17 fatty acids were identified in the samples.
Design of tool magazine for CNC mill
Sýkora, Michal ; Tůma, Zdeněk (referee) ; Tůma, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with automatic tools change on machine-tools. In the thesis, there is a research from the issue of ATC on machine-tools, focused on individual types of tool magazines. Then the necessary construction calculations are made there. Based on the calculations, the disk-type magazine is designed in 3D software. Assembly drawings and production drawings of three components are also part of the bachelor thesis.
Intrinsic transcription termination by multisubunit RNA polymerases
Vojáčková, Jitka ; Sýkora, Michal (advisor) ; Kuthan, Martin (referee)
Transcription is a process of genetic information rewriting from DNA sequence to RNA copy by DNA dependent RNA polymerase. Two mechanisms of transcription termination are known for bacteria: intrinsic transcription termination, independent of any accessory factors, and transcription termination dependent on proten factor called Rho. Intrinsic transcription termination is common mainly for bacteria, yet different, but partially similar forms of intrinsic transcription termination occur also in eukaryotes and archaea. This thesis includes a brief summary of RNA polymerase structure and elongation complex stability, describes individual steps of intrinsic transcription termination mechanism in bacteria including all disscused models and gives examples of intrinsic transcription termination in eukaryotes and archaea and their comparison with bacterial model of intrinsic transcription termination. Key words: RNA polymerase, elongation complex, intrinsic transcription termination, hairpin RNA structures
The Ranking of Shanghai Real Estate Price Determinants
Sýkora, Michal ; Neumaierová, Inka (advisor) ; Machek, Ondřej (referee)
This thesis studies the price determinants of newly developed residential buildings in Shanghai. It introduces the history and present of real estate market in PRC and Shanghai. It further describes the characteristics, trends, and structural problems the market is facing now, as well as possible future development. The empirical research is based on regression analysis using ordinary least squares method (OLS). The data analysis is performed using STATA statistical software in version 14. Statistically significant determinants are ranked according to their impact. The most impactful determinant is monetary supply. Followed by interest rate, SSE index, income and the amount of finished real estate investments. The least significant determinant is the floor space of newly constructed residential buildings in Shanghai.
World Views and Interpretive Communities in the Literary Field of Czechoslovakia in the 1930s
Borovička, Lukáš ; Janáček, Pavel (advisor) ; Sýkora, Michal (referee) ; Holý, Jiří (referee)
The goals of the present dissertation are twofold: 1) to bring back into the literary thought the notion of "world view", which has been largely discredited due to its abusage in the context of official Marxism during the socialist era, and 2) to affirm the usefulness of the notion of "world view" in the literary practice. The thesis is structured so as to meet the goals: the first chapter presents several probes of the usage of the phrase "world view" and definition discussions related to it. In this framework, the "scientific world view" from the socialist era is then confronted with a range of other definitions of the notion, such as F. X. Šalda's "view of life and world". In the second chapter, I present my approach to this notion, aimed at serving the purposes of current literary research. Firstly, I distinguish the notion of "world view" from the notions of "mentality" and "ideology", and secondly, following the research of The Worldviews Group (Brussels) I propose my own definition of world view. Since the Group does not deal with actual interpretations of literary texts, I make use for the intended purpose of an updated and slightly modified concept of Terry Eagleton, originally published within the monograph Criticism and Ideology (1976). What is essential is foremost to differ between a)...
Artificial phospholipid membranes - methods of prepatation, properties and their usage
Hryzáková, Klára ; Fišer, Radovan (advisor) ; Sýkora, Michal (referee)
The heterogeneity of biological membranes has led to development of a wide spectrum of simplified model systems whose composition, size and shape can be adapted to the requirements. There are two different approaches of making artificial phospholipid bilayers. One of them is based on creating bilayers in aqueous phase. This includes Black lipid membranes, Supported phospholipid bilayers, bilayers from water/air interface and liposomes. In the second approach bilayers are created in a bulk of organic phase by Droplet interface bilayer method. Each type of artificial bilayer has its experimental advantages that have been used to study many problems ranging from behaviour of single phospholipids and proteins to membrane fusion. Artificial lipid membranes are perfect tool for electrical characterisation of bilayers and embedded membrane proteins. This work is a complete review of most useful techniques of model membrane preparation. Key words: membrane, lipid, phospholipid bilayer, liposome, black lipid membrane, supported lipid bilayer, droplet interface bilayer
Effect of restriction factors on replication of hepatitis B virus
Kunteová, Kateřina ; Hirsch, Ivan (advisor) ; Sýkora, Michal (referee)
Specific aim of this bibliographic research is to elucidate the effects of cellular restriction factors on HBV replication. The work will specially analyze the role of the innate and natural immunity and to compare the effect of analogical or identical restriction factors on HBV and HIV-1 replication. Because of the central role of cccDNA for virus persistence in human organism, the work will study the effects of restriction factors on its possible destruction and eradication and a possible HBV cure. The research will also be focused on the effect of restriction factors during acute, chronic and occult infection. Powered by TCPDF (
Artificial phospholipid membranes - method of prepatation, properties and their usage
Hryzáková, Klára ; Fišer, Radovan (advisor) ; Sýkora, Michal (referee)
Heterogenita biologických membrán vedla ke vzniku širokého spektra zjednodušených modelových systémů, jejichž uspořádání, velikost a tvar se dají přizpůsobovat různým aktuálním požadavkům. Existují dva rozdílné přístupy k vytváření umělých fosfolipidových membrán. První z nich je založen na vzniku membrán ve vodném prostředí. Do této skupiny patří černé lipidické membrány, dvojvrstvy na pevném podkladu, dvojvrstvy vzniklé z monovrstev na rozhraní vody a vzduchu a liposomy. Ve druhém případě vznikají dvojvrstevné membrány v množství organické fáze metodou dvojvrstev na kapičkovém rozhraní. Každý typ umělých membrán má své experimentální výhody a nevýhody, což se používá ke studiu různých problémů sahajících od chování jednotlivých fosfolipidů a proteinů až po fúze membrán. Umělé fosfolipidové membrány jsou vhodným nástrojem pro elektrickou charakterizaci dvojvrstev a nebo membránových proteinů. Tato práce je ucelený přehled nejpoužívanějších metod vhodných pro vznik umělých fosfolipidových membrán. Klíčová slova: membrána, lipid, fosfolipidová dvojvrstva, liposom, černá lipidová membrána, dvojvrstvy na pevném podkladu, dvojvrstva na kapičkovém rozhraní Abstract The heterogeneity of biological membranes has led to development of a wide spectrum of simplified model systems whose composition, size and...

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