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Natural and Synthetic Components of Nucleic Acids as Reactive Sites for DNA Modification by Osmium Tetroxide Complexes
Havran, Luděk ; Špaček, Jan ; Rozkosna, Jana ; Fojta, Miroslav
Natural DNA electroactivity find wide use in electrochemical analysis of its interactions and damage. For some applications is useful applied redox active tag to improve specificity of the analysis. One from utilized labels in this field are complexes of osmium tetroxide with nitrogen ligands (Os, L), which produce with DNA electroactive covalent adducts. Prime reaction site for Os, L is C=C double bond in pyrimidine nucleobases. If is 2,2'-bipyridine used as ligand, reaction is specific for single strand DNA. In this contribution will be presented results of electrochemical analysis of Os, bipy adducts with different ODN containing chemically modified purine bases.

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