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Důvěryhodnost informací na Internetu
Vlach, Miroslav ; Rosický, Antonín (advisor)
Práce pojednává o problému důvěryhodnosti informací vyskytujících se na Internetu. Cílem je poskytnout čtenáři pohled na vzájemné propojení informací, dat a znalostí. Dále se věnuje Internetu, kde a jakým způsobem se informace čerpají. V neposlední řadě se zabývá problematikou hodnocení a ochrany informací.
The application of Sociocybernetics in Organizational Analysis
Malinová, Ludmila ; Rosický, Antonín (advisor) ; Říhová, Zora (referee)
Diploma thesis focuses on clarifying of sociocybernetics principles and its connection to other sciences. It refers to possible approach to information, knowledge, systems. Further, it appeals to individuals in terms of social system and their values, abstract reality perception, utilization of feedback, autopoiesis (self-organization) and many others. Theoretical frame offers to reader awareness about this topic. Practical part points out possible application of this concept along complex organization analysis. Results of analysis refer to bottlenecks and possible improvements, in terms of sociocybernetics principles and methods.
The Impact of ICT and Social Media on Behavior of People in Information Society
Škrampal, Jiří ; Rosický, Antonín (advisor) ; Pavlíček, Antonín (referee)
Today's information society is changing dramatically along with the evolution of technology, which influences our perception of every aspect related to ICT greatly. New wave of social networks changes not only the nature our perception of the internet, but also the very basics of social interaction. Some of these phenomena were described in Norbert Wiener's definition of information ethics in 1954. Another phenomenon, very actual for researched field, is described in Alienation Theories by sociocybernetics expert R. F. Geyer. The objective of this study is to analyze sociocybernetics and its possible impacts on fileds of sociology and psychology, as well as digestedly compile fragments of interactive media and social networks, which can be directly linked to negative sociological and psychological effects. The study involves the overview, comparison and issues of rating systems as well as their application in countries of EU. The study also involves trends related to ICT and the internet in czech environment. This section is based on combination of results of long-term sociological study created by Doc. PhDr. Petra Saka CSc., and results of own research.
Language and information: Meaning in the Computer Era
Valeš, Miroslav ; Rosický, Antonín (advisor) ; Sigmund, Tomáš (referee)
One of the most significant human instrument is language. On the one hand it makes communication and coordination with another individuals possible and on the other hand its meaning is crucial just within the scope of one person, whereas it acts as outer reality comprehension and handling instrument. This thesis describes the relation between a man and information that are presented in the form of language. Due to the utilization of the most important topics reaching the Cognitive science, Systems science or for instance philosophy, it forms compact framework appropriate for setting more exercisable point of view. Thus the thesis content itself contains topics primarily fundamental to the personal meaning and concretely it reflects essential ideas on the topic of benefits, application and the human dependence on language. The finale is devoted to the evaluation and the creation of conclusions about more suitable approaches in the context of the current, modern era.
Basic registers of public administration focusing on the identification of persons
Baranová, Jana ; Toman, Prokop (advisor) ; Rosický, Antonín (referee)
This thesis is focused on the issue of registers of public administration with a focus on identification of persons. The analysis is compared to the current state of the system registers with the future government of the state, after the introduction of information system of basic registers of 1 July 2012. The theoretical part deals with the history of public registers, important milestones, development and a description of the system and relevant legislation of the Czech Republic. In the practical part of the analysis is done comparison of both conditions in selected life situations. In this part is included description of the functioning of the internal processes of the newly introduced information system of basic registers, his logic, infrastructure and interconnectedness of the elements.
Impact of internet on education
Sedláček, David ; Sigmund, Tomáš (advisor) ; Rosický, Antonín (referee)
The content of this work is to warn on issues of internet impact in education. Usage of information in this process plays a crucial role. At the beginning, work deals with the analysis of basic concepts in close relation to the Internet and information society. The concept of education is logically relevant and connected with a tendency to its measurability. Several aspects are also discussed such as digital divide or informational and computer literacy and how these aspects affect use of the Internet. At the same time space is devoted to the electronic communication or electronic education as key elements with a great degree of influence in the internet environment. The last section describes the view of both sides in the process of acquiring knowledge - students and teachers. Including a survey, matched with a summary of the work and accompanied by recommendations, which direction should the education takes effort.
The role of tacit knowledge in decision support systems
Drábek, Josef ; Rosický, Antonín (advisor) ; Heller, Petr (referee)
The thesis defines the basic concepts of data, information and knowledge for which monitors the mutual ties. It uses them to define the dynamic process of knowledge that will further clarify the use of cognitive aspects of work with knowledge of the individual, group or organization. It follows the knowledge management processes that attach to the creation and knowledge transfer opportunities. An important part of this work is to assess the role of knowledge in information systems. In particular, it deals with the role tacit knowledge in decision support systems. For each types of systems observes their ability to work with knowledge and information, the suitability of the type of solved problems and their flexibility. Finally, considering the possibilities of further developments in relation to solving complex dynamic problems.
Credibility of information in state institutions
Dubrovin, Aliaksandr ; Rosický, Antonín (advisor) ; Toman, Prokop (referee)
This work describes the problem of information credibility in state institutions with the help of using various methods (deduction, induction and synthesis). Work describes mainly theory but also some existing approaches in real work of this institutions. The work describes the problem beginning from collecting information, verifying information and information sources, related credibility, concepts, typologies and so on. Then, it describes the phenomenon of misinformation (or disinformation) and clarifies if this phenomenon is a part of real daily work of certain state institutions. Then in work is described the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and their approach to information (typology of information, resources, verifying information, actors which collect information). In addition, work presents such institution as the Office for Foreign Relations and Information, which is also a state institution and is a leading supplier of information to the MFA. Understanding the issue of such a sensitive topic in such closed institutions is based on publicly published sources. In work are also described methodologies of verifying information and procedures of risk management used in the situation of obtaining false information. At the same time, work contains a few of author's solutions for some parts of the work.
Comparison of fundamental information concepts and its consequences
Valový, Marcel ; Rosický, Antonín (advisor) ; Brixí, Radim (referee)
As for now, there exists no universal theory for understanding information. Therefore, in Information Society the term Information is often led to being misenterpreted and in contrary, things which are not an information are often interpreted as one. In consequences, threats opposed by use of Information technologies cannot be foreseen. This thesis, in its four theoretically oriented chapters, thoroughly describes the nature of information, not only its physical essentiality, but also its applicated state in human mind and societies, and puts it in contrast with that, what is not information. In fifth and ending chapter the thesis addresses consequences that emerge from the information of human into the Information Society and threats of totalitarian substance connected to the concept of Global mind, whose transformation into reality, despite us not recognizing it, has begun.
Wiki systems as a knowledge management tool
Pavlíček, Antonín ; Rosický, Antonín (advisor) ; Mikulecký, Peter (referee) ; Skrbek, Jan (referee)
This thesis concentrates on wiki systems as an ICT tool of knowledge management. Thesis is divided into two general parts - the first deals with the theoretical concepts such as: data, information, knowledge or community. Doctoral thesis reflects the way in which these terms are understood in different scientific disciplines, especially knowledge management. The second part deals with wiki systems, which are viewed not just in general and theoretical level, but they are also approached practically. The work provides an analysis of possible uses of wiki as a tool for knowledge management in the organization. At the end of the work there are published case studies of specific wiki system implementations (both local and from abroad) to illustrate the work's conclusions. The work has confirmed that the wiki system can be successfully used as a tool of knowledge management. The output of the work on the theoretical level is author's "circular model of know-ledge"; while on the practical level the output is determination of suitable areas for dep-loyment of wiki systems in the organization. In the end author quotes a number of case studies (both foreign and local) wiki systems implementation.

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