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Ecological Protests in Teplice in November 1989: Causes of Public Activis
Menclová, Vendula ; Gjuričová, Adéla (advisor) ; Rádková, Adéla (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on the ecological protests that took place between 11th and 13th November in Teplice in November 1989 and their temporal and regional context. The Teplice demonstrations represent an exceptional phenomenon in the pre-November development of Czechoslovakia. It was the first ever manifestation of the dissatisfaction of the population of the then North Bohemian Region with the ecological situation, especially air pollution, with the concealment of information about the state of the environment and thus with the regime itself. On the basis of a comparative analysis of archival sources, the press and interviews with witnesses, the thesis attempts to formulate the causes and factors that spurred the civic activity that eventually grew into the November strikes in Teplice, even though the persistent atmospheric pollution affected the entire North Bohemian region, especially in the 1980 s.
Representation of Women in Czech Politics
Mráz, Tomáš ; Bíba, Jan (advisor) ; Rádková, Adéla (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of low representation of women in political institutions in the Czech Republic. It examines this still topical problem primarily by confronting it with theories of representation, which are the main part of the thesis. In the first part, it focuses on the standard model of political representation, and tries to show several concepts that specifically focus on the states of low representation of population groups. The focus here will be on the different notions of descriptive and substantive representation, the existence of shared group perspectives and interests, and the possible division between the politics of presence and the politics of ideas. The second part will introduce the constructivist turn as a possible alternative to the standard model of political representation. It will draw here primarily on the concept of the representative claim, the closer introduction of which will attempt to expose the shortcomings of existing thinking about political representation. In the conclusion, the findings presented in the theoretical part will be confronted and connected with each other using the concrete example of the non-profit organization Forum 50%, which is dedicated to the representation of women in Czech politics. As a result, the thesis aims to...
The Czechoslovak Way to the Communist coup
Kostková, Aneta ; Doubek, Vratislav (advisor) ; Rádková, Adéla (referee)
TITLE: The Czechoslovak Way to the Communist coup AUTHOR: Aneta Kostková DEPARTMENT: Institute of Political Science SUPERVISOR: prof. Vratislav Doubek, Ph. D. The diploma thesis The Czechoslovak Way to the Communist coup will be focused on the evaluation of the causes and parameters of the strong position of the Communist Party in the political development of the Third Republic during the years 1945-1948 with regard to its ties to the Soviet Union. Based on the evaluation of materials from exiled political centers in London and Moscow, I will assess the progress of the Communists in the context of key events of 1945-1948, especially events with a direct link to the then Eastern Ally, such as the resignation of Carpathian Ruthenia, signing international agreements planned economy (establishment of a "biennial"). The basic task will be not only to assess the role of communist politicians in the process of Sovietization of Czechoslovakia. Policy and the way it was presented to the public, but also the degree of dependence of the rise of the Communist Party on support from Moscow. Key words: Moscow exile, London exile, Communist Party, Transition

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