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Shell shape variability in selected members of family Geoemydidae
Protiva, Tomáš ; Rehák, Ivan (advisor) ; Šmíd, Jiří (referee) ; Široký, Pavel. (referee)
Turtles always fascinated men primarily by morphology, unique embryogenesis and later also by uncertain phylogenetic position. As this group exists for 200 Mya, with taxon Odontochelys and Proganochelys identified as the first ancestors, recently they are endangered by habitat destruction and hunting for meat. The worst situation is in Asia, with China as the most important consumer of turtle meat and other products. Captive breeding programs may be the only chance for lot of almost extinct species. Proper taxonomic and geographical determination is crucial for correct management of rescue programs. Shell shape variability studied by geometric morphometric method and supported by genetics is the right tool for this task. My thesis is focused on verification of the use of geometric morphometric method for selected species of family Geoemydidae. This family has centre of distribution in Asia and many of its species are endangered by so called Asian Turtle Crisis. We found unusual high occurrence of supernumerary vertebral scute in Morenia petersi. Shape of the carapace and plastron is not affected by presence of this extra scute. There are no significant differences between turtles with additional scute and turtles with normal five vertebral layouts. Scute pattern with supernumerary vertebral scute...
Protiva, Tomáš ; Pour, Jan (advisor) ; Pilař, Luboš (referee)
The diploma thesis reacts on the interest of the Czech foreign ministry IT department to get an overview of ITIL 2 and COBIT 4.1 world-wide acknowledged IS/IT management best practice libraries. Both libraries are put in the framework of IT Governance theory and practice. COBIT is presented as world ITG standard, meaning the alignment of organization's strategic goals and IT goals. It is focused on organizations, where the shift of IT perception towards a strategic partnership with the business is driven by top-down board initiative. On the other hand, the ITIL core texts Service Support and Service Delivery are treated as a standard of IT service management, suitable as a framework to establish processes within the foreign ministry's IT department. Three alternative implementations of the two libraries are shown, in a situation of non-existent process management and information architecture. Moreover, the IT Governance initiative has a bottom-up character. The first variant connects ITIL and COBIT process models to the goals and projects outlaid in the 2008-2010 IT Strategy draft (IT BSC was used in the strategy to set up goals). The COBIT processes are aligned to the IT BSC domains and projects; further on, more detailed ITIL tools are assigned to the COBIT processes using the toolbox [IT GOVERNANCE INSTITUTE; OFFICE OF GOVERNMENT COMMERCE. Aligning COBIT, ITIL and ISO 17799 for Business Benefit]. As the projects formulated in the IT Strategy don't focus on the fundaments of process management, a stepwise approach to document the current processes using the ITIL: Service Support and Service Delivery framework is suggested. The second variant came into reality in mid 2008: COBIT has been used without success to estimate users' preferences. The reasons of the failure are discussed. Czech translation of COBIT 4.1 maturity models by the author intended to use as one of the tools in the opinion poll is attached as Annex 2. The last variant is not directly aligned to the problems of foreign ministry's IT/IS, but it is the most pragmatic guide to the implementation of the libraries. As an external help desk has been already launched, I suggest the establishment of ITIL Incident Management and Problem Management processes, supported with a CMDB configuration database.

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