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Accompanying patients in hospitals
Zemanová, Radka ; Zimmermannová, Marie (advisor) ; Prokeš, Josef (referee)
The thesis "Counselling the Sick in Hospital" deals with the issue of hospital chaplaincy in the Czech Republic. The theoretical part defines key terms (illness, accompaniment, hospital chaplain), describes the challenges of the sick, addresses the question of their value and the meaning of life during illness, and describes the stages of coping with illness. The theological excursion deals with love from a biblical perspective and concludes with a chapter on the meaning of suffering. The empirical part consists of an analysis of articles on hospital chaplaincy, primarily interviews with chaplains. The topics from the interviews were sorted by frequency into chapters (introducing the service, prejudices, death, covid, etc.), in which chaplains express their opinions from various perspectives, which complement each other, and from which a media image of chaplaincy in the Czech Republic can be assembled. The results of their testimonies are summarized in the conclusion of the thesis.
The Dying Church; Searching for the interpretative key to the position of Christianity in postmodern Europe
Prokeš, Josef ; Petráček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Bouma, David (referee) ; Kaplánek, Michal (referee)
The Dying Church, Josef Prokeš Abstract The Dying Church Searching for the interpretative key to the position of Christianity in postmodern Europe The main subject of this thesis concerns the search for the way in which the Church in the Czech Republic should live in order to fulfil its mission, that is to bear witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Czech theologian and Franciscan Zdeněk Bonaventura Bouše was chosen as the starting point, especially his texts on the Church. His texts are read according to the interpretive key, which was chosen to be the verse in the Gospel of John where Jesus declares that he is the Way, the Truth and the Life. In the first chapter, this scripture (John 14:6) is discussed and applied to the Church. This leads to a characterization of the Church that is on the way, striving for truthfulness and is full of real life. It is according to this key that Bouché's texts are read and interpreted in the second chapter. The main part of the work is the chapter three. Here the three dimensions of the Church (on the way, striving for truthfulness and full of life) are discussed in specific terms in relation to the situation of the Church in the Czech Republic. Keywords The Church, searching for the way, truthfulness, life, form of living, form of the Church, Practical theology
Synodality - how walk together in daily life of the czech church?
Jirsa, Matěj ; Prokeš, Josef (advisor) ; Tichý, Radek (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to answer the question of 'how the Czech Church in its everyday life should respond to the call on synodality, which Pope Francis asks of the Church'. More specifically, the thesis deals with the so-called synodal lifestyle. It aims to define this style, to theologically ground it and to formulate its basic building blocks. On the basis of qualitative research, it then wants to provide impulses for pastoral theology to help this style take root in the life of the Czech Church where it is needed. The thesis is divided into five chapters. The first chapter introduces the subjects of the theological debate on synodality, with an emphasis on recent Church documents and the teachings of Pope Francis. The second chapter introduces the main theological premises underlying the building blocks of the synodal lifestyle, which will later be presented in chapter three. Chapter four focuses on the qualitative research conducted in the form of a reflection on home spiritual retreat as presented and analysed. The highlight of the thesis is chapter five, in which, impulses for pastoral theology are formulated by synthesizing the analysis of the qualitative research and the basic building blocks of synodality.
Funeral Rites: Liturgical Texts and Priestly Practice
Burian, Petr ; Tichý, Radek (advisor) ; Prokeš, Josef (referee)
Every culture encompasses funeral rites. These funeral rites are influenced by modern society, but primarily are determined by cultural elements and customs of previous generations. This also applies for Christian funerals, which builds on the rich tradition of the Church, draws from the deposit of faith all the while maintains a careful approach to the unique customs of every culture. The purpose of the thesis: Order of Christian Funerals: liturgical texts and the practise of the priests is to analyse the practise of the catholic priests while leading a funeral service and to compare the actual state with general instructions of the liturgical book Order of Christian Funerals. The reader will firstly be introduced into the history of Christian funerals till today's practise after the Second Vatican Council. The thesis will then continue with detailed presentation of the Czech editions of the liturgical book Order of Christian Funerals. In the following part I will present the method of conducted interviews, and then will introduce the respondents. The main part of the thesis will be dedicated to analysis of the interviews, there I will evaluate different views of experience of the priests and then will explore their opinion on Order of Christian Funerals with the purpose to determine if the...
The Impact of Laudato's Encyclical letter on the Life and Pastoral Care of the Chemin Neuf Community
Ješutová, Blanka ; Prokeš, Josef (advisor) ; Zimmermannová, Marie (referee)
The diploma thesis examines the influence of the Laudato si' encyclical on the life and pastoral care of the Chemin Neuf Community. The thesis consists of three chapters. In the initial part of the content, the encyclical is studied as for its structure, fundamental topics and principles (three of them are further analysed in Chapter 3). In the second chapter, the Chemin Neuf Community is introduced. This part of the thesis deals not only with the historical context of the Community formation, but also with its spirituality, vocation and emphasis on ministration. The author also offers a diachronic view on the Community's response to different social and environmental topics communicated in Laudato si' both before and after the encyclical was published. Chapter 3 gives an analysis of certain selected principles contained in the encyclical with special impact on the life and pastoral care of the Chemin Neuf Community. Specifically, it describes the influence of these principles on the Community's work for Christian unity, parish ministration and formation of novices.
Word of God in the Pastoral Care of the Sick
Brejla, Pavel ; Tichý, Radek (advisor) ; Prokeš, Josef (referee)
The aim of this bacherol's thesis is to map God's Word in pastoral care of the sick. And getting these questions to be answered: By which methods is the God's Word utilized in the pastoral care of the sick? In an introduction of this thesis I will look into the usage of the Word of God in a pastoral care, defining the Word of God's source, its main effect on the pastoral care and the difference between The Spoken Word of God and The Incarnated Word. In addition, the thesis will focused on the Spoken Word - in the Testament and how to work with it. It determines a dissimilarity of the Word of God's impact on a everyday life and in a disease. In the second preparatory chapter I will deal with the pastoral care defined by a pastoral conversation and its principles. I will also describe theological aspects of illness, an overview on death and sickness seeing with eyes of Faith. In an analytical chapter I will examine literature sources related to exact topics later to be thoroughly analyzed. In the final synthetic analyse I will emphasize particular crucial topics. A methodology of work: by an analytical-critical method I will analyse effective pastoral care of the sick noticed in literature sources. It will also classify individual segments to be further Keywords: the word of God, the sacramenta, a...
Pastoral care of persons with physical disabilities - theory and application
Walter, Pavel ; Bartůšková, Ludmila (advisor) ; Prokeš, Josef (referee)
The diploma thesis strives to map and analyze the pastoral care of people with disabilities in the Czech Republic, both theoretically and practically. The theoretical scope of the topic uses primarily scientific literature from the field of neurology, psychology and sociology. In this theoretical part, it does not ignore the social policy of the state, which should help these people. Great emphasis is also placed on biblical and ecclesiastical teachings. Professional literature from the field of special pedagogy and pastoral theology is used as well for analysing the practical aspects of the topic, but mainly it draws from the practical experience of respondents to the questionnaire created in the framework of this thesis. The first two chapters describe physical disabilities from the perspective of neurology and psychology. The third chapter analyses theoretically attitude of society and the state to this issue. The fourth and fifth chapters deal with the question of disability in terms of Bible and church documents. The next chapter maps the social activities and services of charities in the Czech Republic which are provided to people with physical and other types of disabilities. The seventh chapter analyses the practical approach and communication of these people, both by the majority of...
Evangelization in some recent Movements
Špaňhel, Jan ; Opatrný, Aleš (advisor) ; Prokeš, Josef (referee)
Evangelization in some recent Movements Abstract The aim of work Evangelization in some recent Movements is to map the lives of selected movements with a broad scope in relation to their evangelistic activities in society. The work is further focused on the introduction of the methods of evangelization in individual movements. It will bring the specifics of evangelization according to the nature of each movement, their comparison with each other, but also a comparison with the concept and idea of evangelization of the last popes, especially Paul VI, John Paul II and Francis. Following these comparisons, this work describes the evangelization in our society, its nature and the need of evangelization for society in our country. Keywords evangelization - pastoral work - recent Church Movements - Work of Mary - Chemin Neuf Community - Community of the Beatitudes - Community Emmanuel

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