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The role of gut microbiome and autoimmune mechanisms in patients with anorexia nervosa
Kovářová, Tereza ; Procházková, Petra (advisor) ; Hrdý, Jiří (referee)
In addition to gastroenterological diseases, changes in the composition and diversity of the gut microbiota have been also described in several neurological and psychiatric diseases, including eating disorders. My intention in this work is to clarify whether changes in the composition of the intestinal microbiota may be involved in the development of anorexia nervosa (AN) and whether there is a correlation between these changes and possible immunopathological reactions in patients with anorexia nervosa. The study included 30 acute patients (disease duration up to 3 years), 30 patients with a chronic course of the disease (duration longer than 7 years), and 30 healthy controls. The research included analysis of the gut microbiome using high-throughput sequencing (HTS) and determination of serum levels of autoantibodies against selected neuropeptides regulating food intake (by ELISA). Furthermore, serum levels of biomarkers of microbial translocation through the intestinal barrier, intestinal cell damage, and inflammation were detected by ELISA. The levels of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines were measured using Luminex instrument. We also introduced an experimental ABA (activity-based anorexia) mouse model, which may contribute significantly to further investigating mechanisms of anorexia...
Development of Asaia genus in sand flies and its impact on Leishmania transmission
Stejskalová, Markéta ; Jančářová, Magdaléna (advisor) ; Procházková, Petra (referee)
The composition of the microbiome of insect vectors plays an irreplaceable role in the spread of human pathogens. Current knowledge of the interrelationships between phlebo- tomes, bacteria, and pathogens is quite limited. This thesis focuses on bacterias Asaia sp., which can be localized in a phlebotome microbiome. Both investigated species, Asaia siamensis and Asaia krungthepensis, can colo- nize the gut of Phlebotomus duboscqi, and, in addition, both transstadial transmission between larval stages and contaminative transmission to the next generation has been proved. Considering the superinfection of Ph. duboscqi with Asaia sp. and Leishmania major, the influence of bacteria on the development of leishmania infection has also been demonstrated. Results can have significant epidemiological implications and should be further investigated. Keywords: Phlebotomus, superinfection, Asaia siamensis, Asaia krungthepensis, Leishma- nia major, microbiome 1
Ecotoxicological evaluation of biochar via organism Folsomia candida
Marcinko, Juraj ; Procházková, Petra (referee) ; Zlámalová Gargošová, Helena (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis was to ecotoxicologically evaluate selected biochar samples and to assess, using a test organism, the possible long-term and short-term effects on soil invertebrates. One of the possible uses of biomass is to convert it into biochar with subsequent application to soil. Soil fauna may be affected after biochar application, therefore ecotoxicological tests in a contact arrangement were chosen. Folsomia candida was used as the test organism. Short-term effects were recorded through escape tests, specifically low abundance of organisms in samples (I) and (T). Significant preference of organisms was observed for sample (O). Samples (I) and (T) had a further impact on the survival of organisms and on the quality of reproduction, where in some cases this caused a resolute impact. Sample (O), at different concentration levels, had no effect on the test organisms. The results of these tests approximate how soil invertebrates could be affected after biochar application.
Marketing research of ASICS brand image
Procházková, Petra ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Višněvský, Andrej (referee)
Title: Marketing research of ASICS brand image Objectives: The objective of the inquiry is to identify the image of the ASICS brand by view of Czech consumers of products associated with running. The aim is to find out how is ASICS brand perceived by runners, what is brand awareness among Czech consumers of running products, knowledge of the brand and experience with ASICS brand. Then, to make suggestion that could improve ASICS brand image in the Czech market. Methods: The marketing research used in this survey is in the form of an electronic questionnaire. It is quantitative structured marketing research. Results: The inquiry results show that the awareness of ASICS brand is highest among brands specialized in running. However, ASICS is third, following Adidas and Nike. ASICS brand is associated with words like shoes, running, quality, comfort, sport and technology. 87% of respondents know ASICS brand. ASICS is perceived as a credible, successful, and important on market with running equipment; modern, and favorite. In the front of view of product is brand founded as a brand, offering new technology product with good-looking design, high quality product and purely sporty product. However, on the Czech market ASICS has weak propagation. Only 13% could connect ASICS with some athlete, team or sport...
Transsexualism - Human Relations with a View to Partner Relation
Procházková, Petra ; Klimešová, Anna (advisor) ; Milfait, René (referee)
This essay is about transsexualism. You can read about history of this word and its definition. There is part about diagnosis, treatment and about work with people, who have problems with their gender identification. You can learn about other words, which related with transsexualism and you can get know something about medical care or about facts, which related to this theme. There are parts about social, juridical and spiritual views, which can be very interesting. The important part is about human relations. There is part about family, friends or about relations in institutions (school, employment). Another part attends to relationship between partners. One of these partners has problem with transsexualism. The last part of this essay is based on two conversations, which were done with people, who have problem with their gender identification. You can get know about their opinions of relationship between partners. Powered by TCPDF (
Sex Education and Christianing Focused on Czech Republic
Procházková, Petra ; Hošek, Pavel (advisor) ; Bargár, Pavol (referee)
UNIVERZITA KARLOVA V PRAZE EVANGELICKÁ TEOLOGICKÁ FAKULTA Sexuální výchova a křesťanství se zaměřením na ČR DIPLOMOVÁ PRÁCE Autor: Petra Procházková Katedra: Katedra religionistiky Vedoucí práce: Doc. Pavel Hošek, ThD. Studijní program: Teologie Studijní obor: Humanitární a pastorační práce Rok vydání: 2012 This work deals with sex education, and Christianity in the Czech Republic. The first chapters are focused on basic concepts that are related to sex education, sex education definition, the concept of sex education, its levels, principles and objectives. The introduction of sex education is a description of its historical context. The second half is devoted to Christian churches view on sexual education, Christian values, Christian principles and the principles of sex education, the specific forms and documents of the Church, who by this subject. The last part is focused on comparing the Christian concept of sex education with the opinion of experts of different professions, whose gaze is focused mainly on sex educaion in educational institutions.
Evaluation of the efficiency of root treatment plants via ecotoxicity tests
Konečná, Kateřina ; Procházková, Petra (referee) ; Zlámalová Gargošová, Helena (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the evaluation of the efficiency of root treatment plants using appropriately selected ecotoxicity tests. For these purposes, ecotoxicological tests in an aquatic arrangement were used, specifically with the planktonic organism Thamnocephalus platyurus and the plant Lemna minor. The evaluation was performed at a municipal root treatment plant, which treats water for 955 equivalent inhabitants. The results of tests with T. platyurus confirmed that the root treatment plant sufficiently relieves acute toxicity of water. LC50 values were determined for two samples, 213.71 ml / l for the inflow and 388.20 ml / l for the settling tank. At the outflow, these values could no longer be determined due to the low ecotoxicological effect of the water thus treated. For tests with L. minor, IC50 values were also calculated for the first two samples. For Sample No. 1, the IC50 value was calculated to be 311.25 ml / l, for Sample No. 2 to 963.35 ml / l. However, on the basis of tests of direct toxicity of waters with L. minor, it is possible to confirm even in the case of this organism, a good cleansing effect of this root treatment plant.
The Use of Hluchov Floodplain Forest and Houšťka Park Forest in Tuition of Natural History and Biology
Procházková, Petra ; Skýbová, Jana (advisor) ; Hanel, Lubomír (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the use of the localities Houšťka Forest Park and Hluchov Floodplain Forest in the teaching of natural history at the 2nd level of primary schools, biology at the lower levels of grammar schools and at vocational secondary schools. Part of the theoretical part is a description of natural conditions and history of the site, the division into habitats and their characteristics. Furthermore, an inventory and description of plant species, including a list of zoological taxa, was performed for the needs of teachers. The questionnaire survey among teachers was focused on the use of localities during regular lessons, or compulsory optional subjects focused on natural history. The time required for the worksheets was based on the results of this survey. The didactic part includes the issue of interdisciplinary relationships, enumeration and description of forms and methods used in the teaching of science and biology. The main part of this part of the thesis are worksheets, which are in addition to consolidating knowledge of natural sciences and biology focused on the application of knowledge from other subjects such as mathematics, physics. After completing the worksheet, the individual exercises were corrected. In the qualitative research, on the basis of a questionnaire...
Pastoral care of people with intellectual disability. Example of anthroposophy approach
Procházková, Petra ; Martinek, Michael (advisor) ; Křížová, Eva (referee)
Pastoral care of people with intellectual disability is a quite new discipline in czech discourse. The aim of this bachelor work is to introduce, how pastoral care of people with intellectual disability looks like and how it function. Resource of the pastoral care is in gospel. It pursues growth of human being in level of bio-psycho-socio-spiritual, and so on. The "Theology of disability" is resource for pastoral care too. "Theology of disability" tries about inclusion of people with intellectual disability and disability in general. Tries about incluison into society and community. That all through Christian's values and love. Techniques of pastoral care are in general to sing a songs, some predicitons, to read biblical texts, prayers and support in growth of human being and to deal with difficult life circumstances. Pastoral care of people with intellectual disability provides the same fundamental human rights, which have people without disabilities too. With emphesizing Christianity and anthroposophy. It provides for them to meet with themselves, and to gain their dreams, wishes, needs and face to their anxiety and fears too. That all through different techniques.

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