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The education of nurses in an intensive care in the Czech Republic
Jilečková, Zuzana ; Prošková, Eva (advisor) ; Laholová, Jitka (referee)
This study deals with the issues related to the further education of nurses working in intensive care in Czech republic. The theoretical part describes the possibilities of the nurses education in intensive care as in the past as in present. The means how is the education of nurses regulated and how the regulation is influenced is also provided. The aim of the empirical part is ascertain the level of nurses education working in intensive care, their approach to lifelong learning. What is the motivation to undergo further studies. And how do they look at the opportunities of education in intensive care. Questionary was made to find answers to the above stated questions. The method of the qualitative research was applied. The results of the questionary are stated in tables and graphs.
Children nutrition in hospitals - the specific needs and real ensuring
Málková, Petra ; Prošková, Eva (advisor) ; Szitanyi, Peter (referee)
A topic of bachelor thesis is "Children nutrition in hospitals - the specific needs and real ensuring". The thesis is divided into two parts. The first part is theoretical and the second is practical. The theoretical part is main unit of this thesis. It's divided into five points. First point is about man needs and especially about child needs. In the next chapters of this thesis are mentioned basic principles of child nutrition followed by hospitalization and its impact on child's psyche. The next chapter contains a list of essential nutrients which man needs for his daily life (proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, etc.). In the next chapters are mentioned the food pyramid and the decalogue of child nutrition. The penultimate chapter is about the anthropometric parameters like body weight, stature or measurement of skinfold thickness. These parameters are important indicator of child nutritional status. The fifth and last chapter is devoted to pathophysiology of child nutrition. These are a disease that threaten the child development. These include obesity, diabetes mellitus, celiac disease, etc. The theoretical part is complemented by practical part. The practical part is based on qualitative research. It was processed on the basis of interviews with hospitalized children, their observation and...
Employment of foreigners in the medical facilities
Atanasova, Albena ; Prošková, Eva (advisor) ; Přibylová, Kateřina (referee)
The subject of this diploma thesis is to characterize the requirements on legal stay of foreign employees in the Czech Republic, their employment and recognition of their qualification. Topics found in the literature and associated to international migration of employees in medical facilities, topics associated to their legal stay in the Czech Republic, rules of employing them and rules of recognition of their qualification are described in theoretical part of my diploma thesis. The main goal of the practical part is to find out what is the state in 2 medical facilities which took part in my research. And to compare them from the perspective of their quality, according to the structure of all professions and work adjustment of foreign employees. Also to find out if and eventually why the legal regulations are contravened. Keywords: stay of foreigners, employment of foreigners, recognition of qualification, medical facilities, hospital staff.
Motivation of nurses in intensive care
Kovandová, Martina ; Prošková, Eva (advisor) ; Vaňková, Milena (referee)
AND KEY WORDS The thesis is focused on the motivation of nurses working in intensive care and presents theoretical and empirici part. The aim of the theoretical part is to define the concept of motivation from the perspective of psychology. Among other things, it includes motivation of employees to perform a quality work and last but not least, motivation and job satisfaction of nurses in health care. The work will also include examples of research on thist topic. Practical part inculdes quantitative research which is in form of questionnaire. This research is compared to other researches with focus on the motivational elements of nursing. In conclusion, the data are analyzed statisticaly and evaluated in the final discussion. Keywords: motivation, lack of motivation, management, job satisfaction, nurse.
Remuneration of nurses in intensive care
Fejfarová, Markéta ; Prošková, Eva (advisor) ; Koňaříková, Tereza (referee)
The Thesis is concerned with the topic of remuneration of nurses working in intensive care especially 1 am focusing on the problem with salary grade for nurses. fhe aim of theses was to find out if the nurses are corecth registered in corect salary grade and also to find out nurses opinion about this issue. Theoretical part of this thesis is focused on financing of hospitals in C'/ech Republic and remuneration of health workers. The last section is focused on organising of nurses and rescue worker to salary grades. The empirical part of the present thesis deals with real facts of remuneration, the corect registration in salary grade, (blowing the low. including the knowlegment of corect registration and motivation of nurses and employes. All date from practical part were collected on the base of questionnaire. As a part of the work are also diagrams and tables.
Informing a Patient during Medical Treatment
Dufková, Pavla ; Prošková, Eva (advisor) ; Valášek, Daniel (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of providing foreknowledge to a patient being provided with health care and nursing. The theoretical part is focused on the description of the patient's lawful right to be provided with information on his health condition in connection with health care, on written informed consent, health documentation as a file with personal information, and the obligatory confidentiality of the medical staff. In the practical part, methods of qualitative and quantitative research for data acquisition were used to obtain data to find out which information nurses provide during their practice, and whether the information corresponds to their competences. Further, the research was aimed at obtaining data on the process of signing the written informed consent, determination of nurses' theoretical knowledge, detection of possible data leak during nurse reporting, nurses' acquaintance with the rules of the obligatory confidentiality of the medical staff, and finding out if nurses are interested in providing patients with information.
Readiness of healt care providers to mass disasters
Opltová, Kateřina ; Prošková, Eva (advisor) ; Hošťálková, Monika (referee)
Reception of a large number of the injured to a medical facility as a result of a mass disaster or a catastrophe puts high demands on health care. Such situations can not be dealt with the mere improvisation; it is necessary to create unified organizational procedures defining the composition of medical teams and their activities during the multiple reception of the injured to a medical facility. The theoretical part of this thesis provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of emergency preparedness in healthcare facilities. In the empirical part, I analyzed the readiness of health facilities for a mass disaster in the capital city of Prague. A structured interview with open questions was chosen as a method of data collection. Based on the survey, I concluded that the readiness of health facilities in the capital city of Prague differs. I recommend setting up a phone line while receiving patients as a result of a mass disaster in order to improve the situation in Prague. The sole purpose of such a line would be reporting emergencies. I also recommend health care facilities participate actively in exercises within the integrated rescue system and clearly identify and determine facilities where the reception of the injured takes place if a mass disaster occurs. Keywords: mass disaster,...
Workplace violence in healthcare facilities
Vašíčková, Lenka ; Prošková, Eva (advisor) ; Hynek, Karel (referee)
This thesis of theoretical-experimental character deals with violence in healthcare facilities, first of all at the anaesthesiology and resuscitation departments and intensive care departments. A theoretical part of the thesis describes types of violence, factors leasing to the violent behaviour and this consequences. Further there are mentioned the possibilities of prevention violence in working place. A research part contains an analysis of a questionnaire survey. It was aimed especially at real state in selected departments, types of aggressors and frequency of occurrence attacks.

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