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Financial analysis of non-profit organizations in a competitive environment
Masis, Mykola ; Potluka, Oto (advisor) ; Špička, Jindřich (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to answer the question which factors influence the growth of financial capacities of non-profit organizations. To do this, I will use the methods of financial analysis and will also identify qualitative factors which, in my opinion, can influence the competitiveness of the nursery. My resources will be annual reports and co-operation with nursery managers. For the final determination of the factors that affect, I will use the questionnaire survey of parents.
The Activity of Small Municipalities in Rural Development Programme
Volková, Jitka ; Perlín, Radim (advisor) ; Potluka, Oto (referee)
This thesis is concerned with the activity of small municipalities in the field of grants (subsidies) in Rural Development Programme (RDP) for the Czech Republic. The aim of this thesis is to analyze territorial differentiation in relation to financial assistance (support) from RDP for small municipalities and to discover, if factors of population dimension, social capital and time availability of small municipality to the nearest regional centre influence the activity of small municipality in this programme. Territorial differentiation of the activity of small villages is carried out at the regional level and at the district level for the most active regions to identify causes of activity at the lower orders level. Theoretical part of thesis deals with approaches to rural development, specifics of the Czech countryside with the emphasis on problems of small villages and politics of rural development in context of European Union. Practical part of thesis explores defined aim and tries to accept or reject defined hypotheses with the aid of different analyses. Powered by TCPDF (
Investment Decision Making of State and Local Governments
Kula, David ; Fotr, Jiří (advisor) ; Ochrana, František (referee) ; Potluka, Oto (referee)
The topic of this dissertation thesis is collection, analysis and evaluation of information about investment decisions making within public administration bodies. The investment decision making is examined in relation to allocation of public funds on investment activities and projects. The main goal of this thesis is to analyze and evaluate the current status of the investment decision making within the public sector. Subsequently the goal is to offer new or updated knowledge related to these issues, and bring recommendations to improve the investment decision making of public administration bodies. At first, there are described current knowledge in the field of investment decision making. This is followed by an analysis of assessment methods used for evaluation and selection of investment projects. The work is completed by recommendations for investment decisions making in the form of a normative model. The model should increase benefits of public investment expenses for society. There are used data obtained through a questionnaire survey of 430 subsidized firms, 169 state organizational units and state funds and 130 cities, boroughs and counties. Another important source of information was secondary data of selected ministries and agencies, legislation and literature.
Studie proveditelnosti projektu - Summer SPEAK! Project of AIESEC Praha
Babica, Martin ; Potluka, Oto (advisor) ; Fanta, Petr (referee)
The purpose of this thesis is to find out whether the Summer SPEAK! project targeted on high school pupils is feasible or not. The first part of the thesis describes the organizer of Summer SPEAK! project - AIESEC Praha - and its motivation to organize the Summer SPEAK! project. What feasibility study is and how it is prepared is stated in the second part of this thesis. The third part of this thesis is the feasibility study itself, which through tools of market research, questionnaire survey, analysis of internal data of AIESEC and budgeting finds out whether Summer SPEAK! project is feasible or not. The conclusions of this thesis provide the recommendations for the Director of Cultural Projects of AIESEC Praha who will be making the go or no-go decision for Summer SPEAK! project targeted on high school pupils.
Analysis of the functioning of the structures of the collaborating institutions
Boháčková, Lenka ; Martínez, Felipe (advisor) ; Potluka, Oto (referee)
This thesis analyzes the functioning of the structures of the collaborating institutions within the European grant funds. The cooperation of different institutions is usually not easy and has unique characteristics. The aim of this thesis is to identify factors influencing cooperation, and propose an optimal methodology for institutional cooperation, resulting from the qualitative analysis of the functioning of the cooperation of selected cooperation projects.
The analysis of the transformation of the funding of the structural policiy 2014-2020 in the context of actual problems of european integration: the impact of the economic crisis, the vision and targets of the Europe 2020 strategy, globalization and competitiveness of the EU
Hanušová, Barbora ; Pělucha, Martin (advisor) ; Potluka, Oto (referee)
The final thesis focuses on the transformation of the financing of the European Union structural policy between two programming periods 2007-2013 and 2014-2020. The first part presents the theoretical basis of analysed subject, and shows the development of the concept of economic and social cohesion, together with the experts' proposals to reform its financing. The second part contains the characteristics of problems and challenges of the European integration. The third part then in their context and based on the comparison of the multiannual financial framework 2007-2013 and 2014-2020 identifies and assesses the major changes regarding the European Union structural policy. Even if the interests and priorities of the Czech Republic are not always in line with the changes, the Czech Republic must respect them and implement them not only in their programming documents. Whether the changes are suitable for the Czech Republic, is reviewed in the last part of the thesis.
Analysis of financing of the non-profit sector in the Czech Republic
Fialová, Karolína ; Potluka, Oto (advisor) ; Špaček, Martin (referee)
This thesis focuses the financing of non-governmental organizations. The main part is devoted to financial sources which can use Czech non-profit organizations (NGOs). Fundraising is how NGOs get financial and non-financial support. The practical part consists of an analysis of financial sources and survey among NGOs. The aim is to analyze selected changes that influence non-profit organizations and their fundraising activities. An economic crisis had a significant impact on non-profit organizations. It has slightly changed the structure of financial resources. Although there was an increase in own revenues, government grants are still the dominant source. Importance of European funds also grows. The new Civil Code which came into force on 1 January, 2014 can strengthen individual and corporate donations.
Feasibility study of the real project financed from Structural Funds
Ledlová, Kristýna ; Potluka, Oto (advisor) ; Kula, David (referee)
Subject of the Bachelor's Thesis is creating the feasibility study of the real project financed from Structural Funds. The theoretical part concerns project management and the structure of the feasibility study, which includes the various subchapters. The practical part describes the feasibility study of the project Kindergarten in Raková. To compare project financing with difference in public and other sources of financing is calculated with public and private kindergarten in a financial plan. The Bachelor's Thesis analyzes the socio-economic beneficials and the risk impact on the progress of implementation phase and working phase of the project. The aim is to determine if the examined project is able to exist for sustainable period of the suggested perspective options.
The effectiveness of subsidies to reduce the energy intensity of enterprises
Navrátilová, Lucia ; Potluka, Oto (advisor) ; Sobotka, Ladislav (referee)
The thesis is devoted to assessing the effectiveness of subsidies spent on improving energy efficiency in the business sector. It analyzes the use of energy resources, international development in energy consumption and legislation focused on energy efficiency. Further, it analyzes two possibilities of obtaining funds for measures improving energy efficiency, subsidies and bank loans. There are given characteristics of the subsidy program Eco-Energy from the Operational program Enterprise and Innovation 2007 - 2013. In the practical part, the effectiveness of subsidies from this program is assessed by comparison of the supported and unsupported companies.

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