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Methodology of Long-Term Monitoring of Subjective Quality of Working Life in the Czech Republic
Vinopal, Jiří ; Pospíšilová, Kristýna
Methodology for the implementation of the subjective quality of working life indicator for long-term monitoring of the quality of working life in the Czech Republic. It includes a description of the theoretical and methodological bases, the development process, the methodological and technical rules for conducting the questionnaire investigation and data management, the rules for implementing the results into web applications and their use.\nThe 2020 update, based on empirical verification, specifies the possibility and rules for the transition of the data collection from the existing f2f (PAPI) to on-line (CAWI), respectively CATI or mixed mode data collection.
Analysis of structure and origin of multiple sex chromosomes in \kur{Leptidea} wood white butterflies
Previous studies have shown a dynamic karyotype evolution and the presence of complex sex chromosome systems with 3-4 W chromosomes and 3-6 Z chromosomes in Leptidea wood white butterflies. To dissect the evolutionary history of multiple Z chromosomes of Leptidea species, we used identified and selected bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) clones containing orthologous genes of Bombyx mori chromosome Z and 17, isolated them from the available BAC library and used them as probes for physical mapping by BAC-FISH, first in L. juvernica, then in the closely related L. sinapis. In both Leptidea species, the majority of BAC clones corresponding to the linkage group Z of the B. mori reference genome hybridized to one chromosome of the complicated sex chromosome multivalent. Thus, we named it as Z1 chromosome. Location of all Z-derived BAC clones was identical in both species suggesting a conserved synteny and gene order between L. juvernica and L. sinapis Z1 chromosome. Moreover, our findings indicate that the Z1 chromosome is probably the ancestral Z chromosome in the genus Leptidea. Results of BAC-FISH mapping with clones corresponding to the linkage group 17 of the B. mori reference genome revealed the fusion/translocation event between an ancestral Z chromosome and the chromosome corresponding to B. mori chromosome 17 and supported a previous hypothesis about the role of chromosomal rearrangements in the formation of multiple sex chromosomes in Leptidea butterflies.
Projekt posílení ekologických funkcí retenční nádrže Zamilovaný hájek v k.ú. Brno - Řečkovice
Pospíšilová, Kristýna
This diploma thesis consists of two parts; a theoretical overview and practical presentation of the project aimed at facilitating the enhancement of ecological functions of the "Zamilovaný hájek" retention basin.
Possibility of linking inventory models with logistics method JIT
Pospíšilová, Kristýna ; Kuncová, Martina (advisor) ; Jablonský, Josef (referee)
This thesis deals with the interconnection of inventory models and logistic control methods. The purpose of the thesis is to apply inventory models for the production company and its subsequent connection with the selected logistic method. Based on the data, future demand is estimated. For items that are described by a probability distribution, they explain how likely the values will be at the certain interval. Demand for items whose consumption values are of a random nature is estimated using the exponential balancing method. Stochastic models are selected for inventory optimization if monthly consumption data is described by a probable distribution. For other items, deterministic models are selected at approximate annual demand. For these items, aggregation of orders is then considered. In addition, for all models, variable delivery costs are taken into an account. Finally, a possible link to the chosen logistic method JIT is described. The calculations are executed in MS Excel. At the end of the thesis there are recommendations for the company.
Marketing communication
Pospíšilová, Kristýna ; Štůsek, Jaromír (advisor) ; Ladislav , Ladislav (referee)
The main aim of this diploma thesis is an analysis of marketing communications. At first it is focused on marketing communication tools: product, promotion, distribution and pricing. Thenext part describes marketing communication tools, such as: advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, direct marketing and sponsorship. In the literature review are also mentioned new trends in marketing communications. On work is then focused on the characteristics of company analysis elements of the marketing and communication mix. An assessment of the marketing communication is made based on observations and interviews in GMS Wholesale Ltd. Proposed potential recommendations in conclusion were achieved by data research and internal study of the company GMS Wholesale Ltd.
Využití vybraných komerčních hnojiv ve výživě okrasných rostlin
Pospíšilová, Kristýna
Cultivation of ornamental plants has a very long tradition. The first mention about use of plants for ornamental purposes originate from ancient Egypt around 1500 B.C.. The ancient Egyptians deliberately used the plants for the beautification of their tombs. Since then plants grown for ornamental purposes go through long development and breeding. Even today, the growers are still trying to reach new more resistant varieties, new colors and flower shapes of leaves or whole plants by plant breeding. With the growing of ornamental plants is related their nutrition. Without the proper nutrition the ornamental plants won't be able to grow and bloom beautifully. The subject of this bachelor thesis was compare effects of commercially available fertilizers to increase growth of their lenght and the overall appearance of plants of the genus Pelargonium. Bachelor thesis is divided into two parts. The first part is a literature review, which introduces readers to the plants of genus Pelargonium and issues regardings plant nutrition. The second part is experimental and describes the experiment. In one year pot experiment are used four variants of fertilization. As test fertilizers were selected: Kristalon, Cererit, Biom Florastim + Biome LH univerzal and OBM. It was also used unfertilized variant, for better comparison of the results. The best results were achieved with fertilizer Kristalon. This fertilizer is designed especially for nutrition of geraniums. It contains a balanced amount of all important elements for growth and flowering plants. Fertilizers Cererit and OBM had similar results. Plants fertilized by these fertilizers were at first sight vital and richly flowered. The last variant fertilized by BIOM Florastim had the worst results. The fertilizer BIOM Florastim contains a very small amount of nutrients. Because of this fact plants were short and less blooming.

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