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Technologické možnosti chmelení piva
Polanský, Petr
This diploma thesis discusses about technology of beer hopping. The first part describes beer history, beer brewing, hops and hop products. The second part deals with the practical beer brewing using different hop technologies. Seven different beers were brewed using the same dose of the same hops and one using the hop extract. IBU values were determined by calculation and spectrophotometer. A sensory analysis of the resulting beers was also carried out. It has been proven that different beer hopping technologies have shown a positive change in the resulting bitterness of beer. The best taste was the beer brewed with shortened hoping.
Mobile and Web App for Supporting Group Work
Polanský, Petr ; Špaňhel, Jakub (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
This master's thesis describe design and implementation of mobile and web application for supporting group work. Every team member send his work report in specific time period for compare themself with each other. In first part is described analysis and motivation for this application. Next chapters inform about similiar applications, Android platform and used technologies. In design chapter are described screens of mobile application, history of their design and web application design. In the last chapter is described implementation and testing.
Motion Detection in Video
Polanský, Petr ; Sochor, Jakub (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
The objective of this work is evaluate motion detection using Gaussian Mixture Model. When algorithm detects motion, it creates short video capturing this motion and visualizing it properly. Visualization is made by white pixels intensity graph. System is applicable on less busy area when motion is more noticeable. Results of this work shows how surrounding environment and camera position influence detection.
Antioxidanty v čajích
Polanský, Petr
This thesis discusses about antioxidants in teas. In the first part I deal with description of a tea tree and a tea. I closely describe processing of tea leaves, their quality, their composition and impact of the tea on human health. In the second part I describe polyphenols and their laboratory determination. In the next part I deal with practical measurements in total of 12 teas, two mate and two rooibos. I determine total content of polyphenols by a method FCM and by a method UHPLC and the antioxidant capacity by a method TAA. The highest content of polyphenols and the highest antioxidant capacity were measured in the oolongs and the green tea Sencha HBO. The lowest results appeared in both puerh, except the results from the method UHPLC, where they belonged among the best ones. Mate and rooibos with their total content of polyphenols and antioxidant capacity approached for example white or black tea.

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