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Laboratory Pyrolysis Experiments of Pelleted Digestate (PS) and Extracted Sunflower Scrap (ES).
Pohořelý, Michael ; Skoblia, S. ; Beňo, Z. ; Hartman, Miloslav
In the report, there are results of laboratory pyrolysis analysis of pelleted digestate and extracted sunflower scrap.\n
Utilization of waste from processing of industrial hemp for production of carbonaceous adsorbents.
Šrámek, V. ; Staf, M. ; Pohořelý, Michael ; Beňo, Z.
Utilization of waste biomass for production of carbonaceous adsorbents would be a suitable substitution of comercially available activated carbon. This work focuses on a two step preparation in two separate apparatus of own construction operated at UCT Prague. The first step involves pyrolysis of the hemp hurd at temperature range 450–850 °C and the second step is based on activation of the pyrolysis residue via steam at temperatures 740 and 800 °C. The prepared activated material was examined for key sorption parameters: specific surface are by BET equation, total specific pore volume and pore size distribution. The results were compared to comercially available activated carbon produced also via the steam activation.
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Influence of pyrolysis temperature on the quality of biochar.
Sedmihradská, Anežka ; Pohořelý, Michael ; Skoblia, S. ; Beňo, Z. ; Farták, J.
Biochar is a solid residue from biomass carbonization processes that ca be further used in agriculture. Parameters influencing quality of biochar are pyrolysis temperature, heating rate, residence time, type of the reactor and type of feed biomass. This work addresses the influence of pyrolysis temperature.
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Materiálové a energetické využití suchého stabilizovaného čistírenského kalu.
Pohořelý, Michael
The paper describes the need for change in the way of sewage sludge disposal in the Czech Republic. The main reason for the change is the amendment to the current Czech and European legislation.
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Laboratory Pyrolysis Experiments of Pelleted Sunflower Harvesting Residues and Grain Harvesting Residues.
Pohořelý, Michael ; Skoblia, S. ; Beňo, Z. ; Hartman, Miloslav
In the report there are results of laboratory pyrolysis analysis of pelleted sunflower harvesting residues and grain harvesting residues.
Biochar Preparation in Quality of Activated Carbon via Pyrolysis of Hemp Waste
Šrámek, V. ; Staf, M. ; Pohořelý, Michael
The paper describes the preparation of adsorbents with the properties of activated carbon from biomass waste. Prime feedstock are hemp stems and a referential material is hardwood. The preparation is divided in two phases. The first phase includes pyrolysis in the temperature range 450-850 °C in the horizontal furnace and in the second phase the pyrolysed material is activated with steam and carbon dioxide in a vertical reactor. Finally, biochar was analyzed and relevant properties including BET surface and pore size distribution were determined to appoint suitable operational conditions for the biochar production in quality of activated carbon.\n
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Use of Sodium Bicarbonate for Flue Gas Treatment in Small Scale.
Zach, Boleslav ; Pohořelý, Michael ; Šyc, Michal ; Svoboda, Karel ; Václavková, Šárka ; Moško, Jaroslav ; Brynda, Jiří ; Punčochář, Miroslav
The trend of reduction of landfilling can lead, especially in areas with low population density, to the need to build new waste-to-energy capacities in the form of small units. However, flue gas treatment in small scale has to be sufficiently simple to decrease capital costs and allow the construction of such facilities. For that reason, the possibility of one-step dry flue gas treatment at compromise conditions was investigated as well as the limitation of flue gas composition.\n\n
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Material and Energy Utilization of Stabilized Sewage Sludge by Carbonization Process.
Pohořelý, Michael
The lecture discusses sewage sludge disposal situation in EU. It further focuses on the sludge pyrolysis as an alternative method for the sludge utilization on agricultural soil.
Comparison of Instrumental Techniques for Analysis of Ashes from Biomass.
Farták, J. ; Jiříček, I. ; Pohořelý, Michael
Unburned carbon (UC) in six different combustion residues from solid biofuels has been examined using several methods of analysis, such as Loss On Ignition (LOI) and Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA). Most of the samples came from the heating plants and local heat utilities in the Czech Republic. The amount of unburned carbon in the residues varied widely over an order of magnitude and in several samples accounted for about 7% of the ash mass. Experimental results have shown that LOI overestimated unburned carbon in nearly all samples. Some of these findings can be associated with previously identified thermal decomposition of minerals present in ash. Volatile organic compounds also appear to play a role in the final UC value. Out of TGA methods, first, we used strongly endothermic Boudouard reaction method as an advanced TGA method. However, this reaction was affected by the high potassium content in the samples which could cause incomplete conversion of carbon during Boudouard reaction, because of sintering and formation of the deposits of glass at high temperatures. The second method was a simple TGA method with a controlled atmosphere of nitrogen or air. For ashes, which tend to form a glassy coating and undergo a sintering process, it is not suitable to carry out the measurement at high temperatures, because the Boudouard reaction does not proceed entirely. For these types of samples, it is more appropriate to use TGA methods with a controlled atmosphere of nitrogen or air.
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Laboratory Pyrolysis Experiments of Barley and Wheat Pelletized Straw Samples, Sludge and Biomass Pellet Samples.
Pohořelý, Michael ; Skoblia, S. ; Beňo, Z. ; Hartman, Miloslav
In the report there are results of laboratory pyrolysis analysis of barley and wheat pelletized straw samples and sludge and biomass pellet samples.

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