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Geometrically realistic macro-scale model for multi-scalesimulations of catalytic filters for automotive gasaftertreatment
Hlavatý, Tomáš ; Isoz, Martin ; Plachá, M. ; Šourek, M. ; Kočí, P.
This paper is part of a research focused on simulating (i) the catalytic conversion of environment endangering gases, and (ii) trapping of the particulate matter in automotive exhaust gas aftertreatment. Historically, the catalytic conversion and the filtration of soot particles were performed in independent devices. However, recent trend is to combine the catalytic converter and soot filter into a single device, the catalytic filter. Compared to the standard two-device system, the catalytic filter is more compact and has lower heat losses. Nevertheless, it is highly sensitive to the catalyst distribution. This study extends our recently developed methodology for pore-scale simulations of flow, diffusion and reaction in the coated catalytic filters. The extension consists of enabling data transfer from macro- to pore-scale models by preparing geometrically realistic macro-scale CFD simulations. The simulation geometry is based on XRT scans of real-life catalytic filters. The flow data from the newly developed macro-scale model are mapped as boundary conditions into the pore-scale simulations and used to improve the estimates of the catalytic filter filtration efficiency.
Preparation and application of nanoparticles and nanofibres with natural UV filters
Plachá, Monika ; Matoušková, Petra (referee) ; Márová, Ivana (advisor)
The presented diploma thesis is focused on preparation of nanoparticles and nanofibres with natural UV filters. Liposomes with encapsulated aqueous, ethanol and lipid extracts were prepared. Nanofibers from PHB containing lipid extract were prepared too. As a part of this work, an overview of natural sources with potential effects as UV filters were introduced. Moreover, nanoparticles and nanofibers and methods of their characterization were described. Size, polydisperse index and colloid stability of prepared nanoparticles were characterized via DLS. In experimental part aqueous, ethanol and lipid extracts were prepared from roasted coffee, green coffee and cascara. These extracts were spectrophotometrically characterized for the content of polyphenols, flavonoids, antioxidant activity, tannins and their SPF. Liposomes and liposomes containing PHB with these extracts were prepared and the encapsulation effectivity, short–term and long–term stability as well as SPF of nanoparticles were determined. Nanofibers from PHB containing lipid extracts were prepared via electrospinning and forcespinning methods. Prepared nanofibers were examined via FTIR–ATR. Antioxidant activity, short–term and long–term stability were determined spectrophotometrically. From selected nanoparticles, emulsions and gels were prepared and their SPF was also determined. Three types of emulsions with the best SPF were selected and tested on volunteers. Sedimentation stability of emulsions was tested by analytical centrifuge. Finally, cytotoxicity of selected nanoparticles and nanofibers was tested via MTT assay using human keratinocytes.
Resting energy expenditure during lactation
Plachá, Martina ; Jílek, Petr (referee) ; Hronek, Miloslav (advisor)
Aim: In the past, in Czech Republic, Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) was not known in pregnant or lactating women. The results obtained from our study are intended for clinical use since up until now Resting Energy Expenditure was obtained from internationally published results, and were not a direct measure for Czech women due to differences in terms of nutrition and calories. Objective: The measurements of Resting Energy Expenditure were conducted in 5 different time periods via indirect claorimetry to determine correlations between Resting Energy Expenditure and measured anthropometrical values. Design: There were a total of 24 subjects in the study examined in 5 different time periods. The P0 being at the end of pregnancy, the L1 from birth up to 7 weeks post partum, L2 from the 10th to the 16th week post partum, L3 from the 20th to the 26th week post partum, and L4 from the 34th to the 47th week post partum. The pregnant subjects P0 were used as the comparison with L1 to L4 lactation subjects to observe changes in REE and other anthropometrical measures. The measurement of Resting Energy Expenditure was carried out via indirect calorimetry. The women arrived from their homes after 12 hours of fasting and were at rest 30 minutes before assessment. Results: In our study resting energy...
Intervetion of nursery school for childern after a delay of compulsory school attendance
Plachá, Markéta ; Kucharská, Anna (referee) ; Kropáčková, Jana (advisor)
The aim of this master's thesis is to analyse main causes for one year defferal in compulsory school attendance during the three years following after the author's bachelor's thesis and so to widen this thesis, to analyse stimulating programs suitable for development of weaker points of children whose compulsory school attendance was postponed, and to map ways of intervention and stimulation of these children. Set objectives were achieved. Thesis is formed by two main parts - theoretical and practical. The first one describes current common knowledge about school maturity and readiness and their diagnosis as well as analyses individual stimulation programs using professional sources. The latter one is trying to discover reasons for the compulsory school attendance deferral in selected nursery schools in last three years using questionnaires, interviews and pedagogical documentation. The practical part also tried to uncover how the nursery schools work with the children who have one year deferral and discover nursery teacher s awereness of apt stimulating programs for these children. The results show not only where preschoolers weakest points are, but also inadequacy of our education system. Based on these results the author proposes concrete steps to streamline preschool education, and suggests needed...
Characterization of some natural substances with antimycotic effect
Plachá, Monika ; Hlaváček, Viliam (referee) ; Márová, Ivana (advisor)
The introduced bachelor thesis is focused on investigation of the effects of natural substances with potential antimycotic effects and characterization of their constituents. As a part of this work, an overview of mycosis, antimycotics and constituents of natural substances were introduced. Moreover, antifungal susceptibility and genus Candida were described. In the end of the theoretical part the liposomes and their characterization were described. In the experimental part general characteristics of some natural substances and antimycotic test were analyzed. Aqueous, ethanol, methanol and DMSO extracts were tested on yeast strain Candida glabrata. Aqueous extract of the cloves, cloves oil and their combination were encapsulated into liposomes. The encapsulation effectivity, long-term stability and their antifungal activity were determined too. Characterization of liposomes was identified by DLS. Finally, application of liposomes to a preparation of pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations were presented.
The effect of an early Reflex locomotion therapy according prof. Vojta in children with postpartum paresis of Brachial plexus and its social influence from the view of parents
PLACHÁ, Milena
The thesis topic is "The influence of the early therapy by reflex locomotion according to Vojta on children with brachial plexus palsy postpartum and its social impact from the perspective of their parents."The brachial plexus (BP) consists of nerve bundles based on radicular segments C5-Th1. Innervate muscles girdle blades, shoulder, arm and hand. When BP is damaged the mobility may be impaired (paresis to plegia of muscles), sensation (hypoesthesia to anesthesia, paresthesia, pain) and vegetative symptoms can appear (discoloration and skin temperature changes, changes in hair, nail brittleness). Types of BP palsy are classified according to clinical and anatomic course. Paresis of upper type (Erb-Duchene) is the most common and has the best prognosis, clinically manifest by the adduction and internal rotation of the upper limb, the elbow in extension, the wrist in flexion,the limb is poor, the gripping reflex present. During the paralysis of the lower type (Déjerine-Klumpke) the wrist flexion is not possible and the hand grip is poor or absent, and when there is a disruption of the cervical sympathetic the Horner's syndrome appears. An isolated paresis of the secondary trunk with disabilities muscles innervated n. Radialis is rare. During the complete lesion BP the whole limb is plegic with anesthesia all dermatomes excluding the inner arm. The complete lesion BP has the worst prognosis. BP perinatal injury arises in connection with childbirth. Despite the knowledge of risk factors we fail to prevent these injuries. With all children with postnatal paresis BP the initiation of conservative treatment is indicated, some children require neurosurgery. With some children a residual limb dysfunction remains after the treatment. Among the consequences we include permanent residual paresis, postural abnormalities, limb bone deformities, contractures of joints, shortened arm. Delays in mental development and cognitive impairment are related to motor disorders. The early and quality diagnosis and the immediate initiation of therapy is the prerequisite for successful treatment. The therapy should prevent the development of pathological patterns of movement and evoke and restore optimum momentum. The main aim is the restoration of innervation and hand function and the second one is the elbow flexion and the third is the arm abduction. Vojta method of reflex locomotion is one of the methods used for conservative treatment of peripheral paresis. In therapy, congenital partial patterns of forward movement global models, which is reflective crawling and reflective rotation, are activated. These patterns are inborn but with children with locomotor disorders these are blocked. By repeated targeted activation we can achieve the correct fixation of the correct models and thus enable their use in spontaneous motor fluctuations and pathological compensatory movements are displaced. Reflex locomotion favorably influences other functions such as posture and its management, neurological status, the development of mental and autonomic functions, and oculomotoric and disproportionate growth. The goal of the treatment is to reduce the disability degree and to minimize the future disability and handicap. Improving the quality of the child´s life leads to improvement of the life quality for the entire family. The theoretical part is devoted to BP palsy therapy and reflex locomotion according to Vojta. First, the function of peripheral nervous system is characterised, the other part is devoted to BP injury - mechanisms of injury, diagnosis, treatment options, BP perinatal injuries and rehabilitation of patients with spinal BP. The chapter dealing with Vojta describes the basic principles of Vojta method - reflexive crawling and reflexive rotation. The final chapter deals with the birth of a handicapped child, the need to support families and individuals affected especially in the psychological and sociological levels.
Abuse of illegal drugs by student of University of South Bohemia
PLACHÁ, Markéta
The thesis research the frequency of illegal drugs use by student sof Univerzity of South Bohemia in the Czech Budějovice. In the theoretical part are characterized by drugs, illegal drugs and the effects of drug use on health, describes the emergence of drug addiction and its types and developmental stages of drug use. Furthermore, illegal drugs are divided into categories according to their effects and further described. The main aim of the practical part is the analysis of illegal drug use by students of the University of South Bohemia. On the basis of a questionnaire compiled data was found and it was statistically analyzed by the method, compares and conclusions were drawn. Over the past year have used an illegal drug 37.83% of respondents, that 2.91% of the respondents use illegal drugs daily. Earlier experience with illegal drugs has 18.78% of students of the University of South Bohemia. Past experience with drugs is more common in women, while use in the last year is much more common in men. The most commonly used substances are cannabinoids, as well as hallucinogens, opiates and finally stimulanci.
Influence of the reflexive locomotion according Vojta to children with Down´s syndrome.
PLACHÁ, Milena
The topic of the thesis is "Effects of reflex locomotion according to Vojta for children with Down?s syndrome" from the perspective of parents. Down?s syndrome (DS) is a congenital syndrome which is caused by the presence of a third copy of chromosome 21. A common feature for children with DS is a mild to moderate mental retardation. A very common feature of children with DS is muscular hypotonia and the relaxation of ligaments and tendons. This is the cause of posture disorder, slow motor development accompanied by the emergence of abnormal patterns of movement. Method that may be used in physical therapy for these children is the Vojta reflex locomotion method. In this therapy, we use partial patterns of global models of reflexive forward movement - reflex creeping and reflex rolling. In the treatment of children with abnormal motor function, we activate normal patterns of movement which can be then used in volitional motor skills. Reflex also positively affects other functions, such as fine motor skills in the orofacial region, peristalsis, respiration, urinary bladder muscle and development of the mental function. If the therapy results in an improvement of motor skills, then the life quality of the child and its family is improved too and there are better conditions for the social and vocational integration of the child. The theoretical part describes the characteristics of DS and the Vojta method of reflex therapy. First specified is DS, its history, classification of different types of DS and its heredity. The following describes the possibilities of diagnosis, symptoms and health problems of children and adults with DS. Last but not least should be mentioned the possibilities of education of children with DS and forms of support to families for a child with DS. In the chapters dealing with the Vojta reflex locomotion method, there is also the briefly mentioned personality Vaclav Vojta, who developed this therapy. It further describes the diagnostic possibilities of motor disabilities of children, two basic principles in Vojta reflex locomotion ? reflex creeping and reflex rolling and their possible use within the therapy. This theoretical part is followed by a research part. The research represents a qualitative narrative interview method. This method uses the recording and subsequent transcription of the interview in which the interviewee describes his life story. When processing, the interview is firstly literally converted into a written form and subsequently analyzed. Individual interviews are presented in stages. The first stage describes the situation in the family before the childbirth. The second stage describes the situation in the family after finding out about the diagnoses of DS. The third stage describes the current situation within the family, development of the child. The fourth stage focuses on planning for the future. The fifth stage is super analysis. In interviews, I search for patterns that are common to all narrations. Parents of five preschool aged children with DS, who undergo the therapy of Vojta reflex locomotion in the Vojta centre in Ceske Budejovice, were included in this research. Interviews were held with all the mothers, two fathers did not participate in the research. From the analysis of all five narrations, it was clear that the influence of the Vojta reflex locomotion method was positive with those children involved in the research. Parents noticed an improvement in body posture, improved motor skills of the tongue and also speech in older children. They consider the contribution of the Vojta reflex locomotion methods positive, both in the areas of motor skills and in the psychosocial area. For all the children involved in the research, this therapy is still being used.
Analysis of the availability of controlled physical activity for children with hearing and visual disability in the South region (distance, intensity of carriage, providing escorts, assistants and financial performance - discounts).
PLACHÁ, Markéta
Currently, there is a rapid increase in obese people and children, therefore it is necessary to incorporate into the lifestyle of each individual movement. It is important that children from infancy accustomed to regular exercise regimen, which provides among other things, controlled physical activity. These activities but does just before the onset of obesity, but they have other beneficial effects on physical, mental, spiritual and social components of health. They should therefore be an integral part of life not only children but also adults. For children with hearing and visual disability are equally good effect on health, such as children intact. Experience but there is still more deepened. Among other things, is to exercise the other senses, orientation in space, communication, and socialization occurs. All this has a major impact on mental and spiritual area of a child with hearing and visual disability. Bachelor thesis examines the supply and availability of programs managed by the appropriate physical activities for children with disability, possible discounts and other advantages and in the South region. The aim is to obtain a comprehensive inventory of equipment involved in managed mobility activities for children with hearing and visual disability in the South region. This information was collected using content analysis of online and literary sources and managed free unstructured interview. The method of survey of our own design I found interest in children with hearing and visual disability of controlled physical activity among children and the integration of an intact, information and views on offer controlled physical activity in the South region of parents of children with hearing and visual disability. I also examined by this method the interest of parents of healthy children in the integration of children with visual disability and servants in society.

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