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Corporate Social Responsibility with Focus on Environmental Issues
Andrová, Lucie ; Pešek, Ondřej (advisor) ; Plášková, Alena (referee)
This thesis focuses on the social responsibility of corporations the Corporate Social Responsibility (further on referred to as CSR) with emphasis on the responsibility of corporations towards the environment, an issue widely discussed in the modern world. The theoretical section clarifies the concept and main principles of social responsibility and it describes the environmental pillar of CSR. The practical section presents data from a qualitative research which consisted of interviewing representatives of corporations who successfully practise the concept of CSR. The goal of the qualitative research was to establish guidelines for corporations who are beginning to implement the environmental strategy of CSR. A consequent quantitative research was carried out in the form of a public questionnaire aimed at obtaining information on the public opinion on environmental issues, on the extent of public involvement in protecting the environment and on the preference of the consumer in purchasing environmentally considerate products. Analysis of the acquired data proved that implementing the environmental pillar of CSR may lead to higher sales, the reasons being a strong public support of the importance of environmental protection and the call of the public on corporations for an environmentally considerate behavior.
Application of National Award ČR for CSR in selected organization
Zelinka, Jan ; Plášková, Alena (advisor) ; Hykš, Ondřej (referee)
Purpose of this paper is to analyze and evaluate selected organization for the Czech National Award in CSR. Data report for analyzing was completed in cooperation with management of the organization. Further data analysis was carried out according to the evaluation form, respecting Committed to Sustainability model. It resulted into feedback report, which provides steps of how to improve CSR for future evaluation of economic sustainability, enviromnent and social responsibility. Thesis is finished by point evaluation and overall conclusion.
Data analysis in the chosen company
Jun, Jakub ; Plášková, Alena (advisor) ; Martínez, Felipe (referee)
The main focus of this thesis is on data gathering process in the chosen company. The main goal of the thesis is to map the process of data gathering, analyse the current situation and suggest improvements based on revealed problems. The thesis is divided into two parts. The first part focuses on the theoretical foundation of data gathering. There are mentions of the basics of quality management and parts of the ISO 9001:2015 which can be applied to data gathering systems, process and the tools for its mapping and the methods of data gathering. There is a part which focuses on FMEA method, which is used for the analysis of the current state of the process. The second part introduces chosen company. There are used a few tools to map the process with the focus on spots where the data are gathered. According to the FMEA method and its process, there is an analysis of the current system. The attention is paid to the problematic parts of the process of data gathering. Then there can be found few propositions how to make the data gathering process in the company better.
Risk analysis in context of ISO 9001 standard in a chosen company
Mendová, Jitka ; Plášková, Alena (advisor) ; Růžičková, Kateřina (referee)
The main goal of this Master´s Thesis is to analyze the risks of quality management in manufacturing branch of BTL zdravotnická technika, a.s. The introduction part is summarization of important terms from the field of management quality, risk management and metrology. Analysis of the current risk management is a part of the practical part of this Master´s Thesis. The key part of this Thesis is identification of risks in the metrology field and their analysis. For the analysis was used FMEA methodology. The outcome is a register of risk which is valuable for this Thesis as well as for the company. Suggestion for improvements for the critical risks are introduces at the end of this Thesis.
Application of the C2S Model in Selected Bank in Relation to it’s CSR
Vrbová, Tereza ; Plášková, Alena (advisor) ; Hyks, Ondřej (referee)
This diploma thesis concentrates on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability in the ČSOB group. The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the level of CSR activities in the ČSOB group by creating the Podkladová zpráva Národní ceny ČR za CSR and its subsequent evaluation using the Committed to Sustainability model. The theoretical part of the thesis describes the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, together with a description of the main principles and benefits, the standards applicable in evaluating CSR activities and, last but not least, ways of reporting on CSR activities. In the practical part, the theory described in the first part is applied on the ČSOB group. Podkladová zpráva is created and subsequently evaluated. This Podkladová zpráva gives a true picture of the state of CSR activities in the ČSOB group. The strengths and weaknesses and areas for improvement are defined at the end of the work based on this evaluation.
The perception of the National Quality Award of the Czech Republic
Pánková, Barbora ; Plášková, Alena (advisor) ; Koten, Petr (referee)
The objective of this diploma thesis is to map the opinions of organisations and the public on the value and benefits of the National Quality Award of the Czech Republic based on the realised survey. The results of this survey are used to reason the suggestions to improve the importance of the prize and its perception in the society. Apart from the general quality conception, the theoretical part of the thesis also includes the presentation of the EFQM Excellence Model principle that represents a base for the National Quality Award of the Czech Republic. The particular programmes of this prize are also presented - the ones the organisations may apply for. The practical part contains the analyses and data evaluations from the questionnaires that were answered by organisations as well as the respondents from the public. The practical part also includes the review of the quality prizes awarded abroad.
Corporate social responsibility in the specific marketplace
Kadlecová, Lucie ; Mejdrech, Vlastimil (advisor) ; Plášková, Alena (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the topic of corporate social responsibility. The key terms related to the topic are explained in the first part of the thesis. The second part focuses on the corporate social responsibility of selected companies in the cosmetic market. The aim of this thesis is to analyse and subsequently compare the activities related to corporate social responsibility between Lush company and Dove brand. The research which was conducted through questionnaire forms another part of the thesis. The aim of this research was to explore awareness and perception of the concept of corporate social responsibility among general public.
Social responsibility of Kaufland Česká republika
Schubertová, Sabina ; Plášková, Alena (advisor) ; Martinov, Martin (referee)
The aim of my thesis is to describe and evaluate the current situation of CSR in company Kaufland Česká republika v.o.s. and propose improvements based on internal analysis and on questionnaire survey with employees and customers. In the theoretical part of my thesis is explained the concept of CSR, development and current situation of social responsibility and benefits of implementation CSR into the strategy of a company. In my thesis is also described, how is CSR analysis in the company done, and how to implement CSR into the strategy of a company. In the practical part of my thesis is mentioned history and current situation of Kaufland Česká republika v.o.s., and also its CSR activities. In this part is also described internal analysis of CSR and results of questionnaire survey with customers and employees. In the colclusion are suggested solutions of realised deficits.
Sustainable development in multinational companies
Genttnerová, Kateřina ; Plášková, Alena (advisor) ; Hubková, Veronika (referee)
The main objective of this thesis is an evaluation of activities in multinational companies which lead to sustainable development. Furthermore, an analysis which aims to find out if these activities contribute to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) drawn up and approved by all member states of the United Nations in 2015. The theoretical part of the thesis introduces history starting with the industrial revolution and present situation in a globalized world. It explains specifics of apparel industry and sport apparel industry. It also presents individual SDGs, their meaning and the importance of all subjects being involved in their achieving, including private companies. The thesis evaluates how the three biggest multinational companies from sports apparel industry perceive the topic of sustainable development. These are adidas AG, NIKE, Inc. and Puma SE. In the analytical part, it evaluates their current and planned practices contributing to sustainable development, it compares them with the topics of SDGs and proposes measures that would help to successfully achieve them. The analysis shows that these three companies have already been engaging in the topic of sustainability. They take the SDGs into account but do not fully implement them in their business models yet. The company which has the most activities connected to sustainable development is adidas. Most of the activities these companies have are connected to the following goals: Responsible consumption and production, Clean water and sanitation and Partnership for the goals. There are several specific areas in the sports apparel industry that could be greatly improved. They are presented at the end of the thesis.
Assumptions development and success of selected carsharing company
Zamrazil, Václav ; Plášková, Alena (advisor) ; Martínez, Felipe (referee)
The thesis is focused on carsharing. Firstly, the concept of carsharing is defined , followed by specifications of different types of this business, as well as its developments and both customer and social advantages . The thesis also evaluates the developments of Czech carsharing market with main focus on the leading company on the Czech carsharing market. Regarding the history of carsharing in the developed market economies, the thesis has been evaluating strengths and weaknesses of the respective company. The thesis also tries to make the comparison of the price competitiveness of the leading Czech company compared to its direct and indirect competitors. Recommendations of the steps how to develop this particular company and how to strengthen its market position are subject to the final part of the thesis.

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