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Impacts of rehabilitation of sewer network on sewer hydraulics
Petrová, Diana ; Prax, Petr (referee) ; Raclavský, Jaroslav (advisor)
This diploma thesis focuses on the assessment of the technical condition of selected parts (2 branches) of the sewer network in Znojmo. First, an assessment and classification of the occurring defects was carried out based on the supplied camera recordings according to the coding system of the ČSN EN 13 508-2+A1 standard. Then, each section was classified according to its faultiness and the resulting technical condition into individual categories according to the methodology of TNV 75 6905 (draft) and remediation was proposed. The remediation in the first part A concerned sections falling into categories 2 and 3, where remediation was proposed by lining that hardens in place using a UV emitter. For the second part of the network (B), lining cured by UV radiation was also proposed for sections falling into category 2, and for sections in category 4, a complete replacement of the existing pipes with new ones was proposed due to their destruction and static insufficiency. An economic evaluation was prepared for such a remedition proposal. In the next part, an assessment was made to determine whether the proposed remediton measures do not have an adverse impact on the overall hydraulics of the network. This assessment was carried out in the SWMM program, from which it was found that the remediation does not have such a significant and drastic impact on the hydraulics of the network and its application (lining and replacement of pipes) should have almost no effect. This work includes individual appendices - Evaluation of the camera survey of selected sections of the sewer network according to ČSN EN 13 508-2+A1, Evaluation of the technical condition of selected sections according to TNV 75 6905, Situation evaluation of the technical condition of the sewer network - part A, Situation evaluation of the technical condition of the sewer network part B, Calculation of flow rates depending on the filling height for the original state before and after relief and CD with a camera survey of selected sections of the network.
Love in Huxley's Brave New World and Island
Petrová, Diana ; Markus, Radvan (advisor) ; Veselá, Pavla (referee)
Utopia and dystopia are terms that often occur together. Utopia usually refers to a perfect or at least improved society in which all people are happy; dystopia, on the other hand, commonly represents a somehow perverse, undesirable society. The term "utopia" is older, appearing for the first time in Thomas More's book Utopia (1516), although the concept itself existed long before it got its name. "Dystopia" is a much younger term, which was used for the first time in John Stuart Mill's parliamentary speech in 1868. The term "utopia" consists of two Old Greek words that translate as "no place." The meaning of this term directly illustrates the utopian ambiguous nature - while utopia represents a much better world than the present one, at the same time it also points to the improbability of such world. It is typical of utopias that they are sustained by certain rules slightly restricting one's freedom, which could potentially be regarded as direct proof of the impossibility of a complete utopia. Dystopia is then to some extent based on this ambiguity of utopia. The main characteristic of dystopia is its undesirability stemming from the repressive laws that ensure the obedience of the population. Aldous Huxley's most famous novel, Brave New World (1932), is traditionally considered a dystopia and...
Construction and technical condition of the sewer network
Petrová, Diana ; Malaník,, Stanislav (referee) ; Raclavský, Jaroslav (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with assessing construction and technical condition of a selected section of the sewer system in Znojmo. The first part of the thesis deals with the issue of surveys, cleaning, sewage watertightness tests and a description of methodologies for evaluating the construction and technical condition. In the second part of the thesis classification of occurring failures from camera records is compiled according to coding system from ČSN EN 13508-2. Subsequently, the sections were evaluated according to the two methodologies, first according to TNV 75 6905 (design) and then according to the German standard ATV-M 149. Based on the results, an overall evaluation of the construction and technical condition of the sections was performed and a possible remediation was proposed. The thesis includes individual annexes classification of failures according to ČSN EN 13508 2, evaluation of construction and technical status according to TNV 75 6905 (design) and according to ATV-M 149, three drawings (situation of current state, situation of evaluation of construction and technical condition according to methodology TNV 75 6905 and according to ATV-M 149).

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