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Themes for Nature Excursions for Pupils of Grammar Schools in Ústí Region
Peterková, Lenka ; Němcová, Lenka (advisor) ; Říhová, Dagmar (referee)
The objective of this diploma thesis was to create suggestions of biological excursions for the pupils of the second grade of elementary schools in Ústí nad Labem region. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. In the theoretical part, excursion as the organisational form of education with the focus on the specifics of biological excursion including the educational goals and methods, is shortly introduced. In the following part, there is the characteristic of scientific disciplines and particular types of biological excursions. The practical part presents suggestions for three biological excursions. Each of the suggested subjects contains detailed manual for preparation and the process of excursion itself including the final part. Materials including the description of the route, information about the locality, worksheets including answers and additional information to each of the questions are also incorporated. Verification of chosen excursion in practice was conducted in June 2020 with pupils of class 7 of elementary school in Polepy. Keywords Excursion, biology, worksheets, Ústí nad Labem region
Development drawing expression preschool child and its peculiarities
This Bachelor Thesis focuses on development of child´s drawing, specifically on human figure. I will focus on the development of drawing in three different age groups. The theoretical part describes the development of pre-school age children from entering the nursery to the end of its attendance in the pre-school childcare institution. In the practical part I will follow drawing development in groups of ten children from which I gathered some pictures within one year. Specifically graphic type figure. I will complement the practical part with suggestions and proposals for development of children´s human figure drawings of pre-school children.
Creating School Education Programme for Preschool Education.
This bachelor dissertation thesis deals with the matters concerning formation of scholastic educational scheme in pedagogical practice. In the theoretical part I enclose the curricural documents that are the base for regulations from which the schooling educational programmes are created. In this part there are also described the principles that form the schooling educational programmes for pre-school education. The practical part of my dissertation work deals with the actual experiences with formation of scholastic educational syllabus / programmes. Via method of questionnaires and dialogue this thesis is trying to describe the problems that might arise within the above mentioned formation of the programmes. The main aim is also to chart possible requirements for methodical assistance in following studies.
Czech Presidency of the European Union (preparation and implementation)
Peterková, Lenka ; Abrhám, Josef (advisor) ; Druláková, Radka (referee)
Czech Republic presides over the European Union in the first half of 2009. The aim of thesis is characteristic of the Institute and its implications for the Czech Republic. This work provides a comprehensive material on the history and importance of the Presidency. It answers to the questions what it yields, how it is carried out due to his preparation for the organization and content, analyzes and evaluates the course of the Czech Presidency in the first three months of the mandate.
ČR a nový finanční rámec EU 2007-2013
Peterková, Lenka ; Slonková, Vlasta (advisor) ; Joklová, Kateřina (referee)
BP popisuje finanční rámec EU v období 2007-2013 z hlediska implikace pro Českou republiku, s důrazem na vymezení nové podoby regionální politiky, analýzu jejich nástrojů, institucionální zabezpečení pro úspěšné čerpání z fondů EU, strukturu programových dokumentů a rozdělení finančních prostředků mezi jednotlivé operační programy.

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