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Foucault's Philosophy of Freedom
Petříček, Jan ; Čapek, Jakub (advisor) ; Švec, Ondřej (referee)
In this thesis, we interrogate the possibility of freedom presupposed by the project of philosophical critique developed by late Foucault, which aims both at analysis of historical a priori conditions and at disruption of our present a priori. The first chapter shows that this critical project can be traced back to Foucault's early works. Moreover, Foucault tackled the problem of freedom in every phase of his work and he kept proposing the same solution, namely, that the spaces of freedom are opened up by ruptures emerging within the system governing a given period. Next, different concepts of freedom present in Foucault's texts are distinguished. On this basis, it is possible to restate the question of critic's freedom, which we now define as the problem of articulation between the ontological freedom, the reflective freedom and the freedom of transformation. The second chapter is devoted to Foucault's archaeological period. First, we show how the conception presented in The Order of the Things leads to aporias regarding the question of freedom. Next, we describe the theoretical transformations carried out in The Archaeology of Knowledge and examine whether Foucault succeeded in eliminating the earlier difficulties. However, this later solution also turns out to be unsatisfactory, because it falls...
Půdní prostředí v kotlíkové obnově lesa: charakter vodního režimu a formy minerálního dusíku
Petříček, Jan
This master thesis is a part of solved project called Natural regeneration dynamic under ecological conditions of gaps on example of School Enterprise Křtiny. In territory Habrůvka, forest district Borky, were created gaps in following forest stand types: beech (BK), mixed (MIX) and spruce (SM). Measurement took place on area of size 0,04 ha called small (S) and large (B) with size 0,1 ha. With concentration on locations: centre (C), mature stand (P), border east (T/E) and border west (T/W). It was measured moisture in all big gap locations (B). Continuous measurement was under way during all the year. From the obtained data was evaluated soil moisture and then compared with soil hydrolimits: wilting point (BV), point of decreased availability (BSD), point of decreased availability of water (LB) and capillary maximum capacity (MKK). Altogether, it was found that location centre (C) contains the highest soil moisture value. This thesis is focused on evaluation of NO3 -, NH4 +, C/N, Cox and mineral nitrogen. It was found out that spruce forest stand type (SM) has the highest concentration of NO3 -, NH4 +, C/N, Cox and mineral nitrogen. On the contrast, it has the lowest C/N ratio. Forest stand type beech (BK) had the lowest NO3 - value, C/N ratio and Cox. When evaluating of location, it was found that mixed forest type (MIX) and beech forest type (BK) are observed values higher on location centre (C). Spruce forest stand type (SM) had no as accurate values as those previous ones. In comparison between the big gap (B) and the small gap (S), there was found lower C/N ratio in the small gaps (S). Cox values were balanced. Mineral nitrogen showed higher values in beech big forest stand type (BK/B) and mixed big forest stand type (MIX/B). On the contrary, spruce forest stand type (SM) had higher values in the small gaps. Evaluation of NO3 - showed that the lowest values were in the beech big forest stand type (BK/B) with a significant difference toward to the spruce big forest stand type (SM/B). By comparing of size and location on a gap, there was found a higher concentration of mineral nitrogen, Cox and NH4 + in all the centers (C) of big gab (B). Total result values were often higher in centre (C). In NO3 - evaluation in the spruce forest stand type (SM) there were found higher values in the mature stand (P) in implementation of both small gap (S) and big gap (B). The data obtained are often very similar and thus can not be clearly and easily evaluated.
Spinoza's Concept of the Individual
Petříček, Jan ; Palkoska, Jan (advisor) ; Švec, Ondřej (referee)
The aim of the proposed thesis is a partial reconstruction of Spinoza's theory of the individual. This theory can be found in Spinoza's Ethics and consists of three components: namely, Spinoza's doctrines of singular essences, of physical individuals and of conatus. In this thesis, we focus on the doctrine of conatus; however, since the three conceptions are tightly connected, the doctrines of physical individuals and of singular essences will be briefly touched upon as well. The starting point of our thesis is the following problem: Spinoza simultaneously uses multiple terms to designate conatus - and those terms seem, at least at the first sight, to have very different meanings. Specifically speaking, Spinoza identifies conatus with "power of acting", "force of existing" and "actual essence". First, we present a brief explanation of meanings of those terms and subsequently we attempt to reconcile them. In order to be able to do so, we expound Spinoza's doctrine of essences in more detail; afterwards we show that the aforementioned terms can indeed be reconciled if conatus is understood as force by which an essence produces its necessary properties. In the next step, however, we discover that this conception of conatus is not yet wholly adequate, because it disregards the fact that an essence can...
Změny forem přijatelného půdního dusíku jako reakce na vznik kalamitní holiny v bukových porostech
Petříček, Jan
In this bachelor thesis were evaluated changes of acceptable soil nitrogen. Selected locality was the calamity clearcut area caused by wind gale Antonín in 2010. The aim was to determine how the soil nitrogen is converted in calamity area. The study area was divided into areas in mother stand, edges, and non-intervention of the planting area. The location of the samples were taken for the analysis of ammonium and nitrate forms of nitrogen. It has been found that deforestation has an influence on the conversion of nitrate to ammonium form, which predominates at non-intervention locations, edge and planting area. In addition, there was mineralization of humus layers and subsequent overgrown weeds at these locations. On the contrary, in the mother stands there was accumulation of humus and prevailing higher levels of ammonium form of nitrogen.

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